Due to the fact that on the 25th. As the countdown to the start of the 2020-21 student basketball season continues on 11 November, an ESPN.com panel of experts is preparing forecasts for all the top leagues in the country. After watching the Great East, the American Athletic Conference and the best big averages in the country, we move on to the Big 12, where we see Baylor and Kansas in a very well staffed league, especially at the top.

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Major 12 2020-21 Supernatural

Player of the year

Medal winner calf: Marcus Garrett, Kansas
Borzello: Jared Butler, Baylor
Gasaway: Oscar Chibwe, West Virginia
Lunardi: Jared Butler, Baylor.

Beginning of the year

Medallion: Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma
Boroncello: Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma Gasaway: Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma
Lunardi: Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma.

The Big 12 of 2020-21 Writer Round Table

Five members of the Big 12 are in the top 20 of the pre-season rankings. These five teams (Baylor, Kansas, Texas, West Virginia) belong to the first four lines of our latest brectology. Can we say with certainty that the Big 12 is the best competition in the country? Of the five teams mentioned above, which one are you most concerned about?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Scott Drew (left) of Baylorand Bill Self of Kansas have teams hoping for a national title in 2020-21. Jay Biggerstaff/U.S.A. Sports today.

Jeff Borzello, University Basketball Specialist: Hey, hey, hey, hey, calm down. I still consider the Big Ten to be the best competition in the country. It has three top 10 teams in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, the top 15 teams in Michigan and several top 20 30 teams in Ohio, Indiana, Rutgers and Michigan. But the Big 12 really have the best team in the two Baylor conferences, and it’s foolish to pretend that Kansas isn’t going to be a national factor. It’s close, but I’ll take the big ten for now.

I chose Texas as the bottom of the league table for these five teams, and the Longhorns probably weren’t the NCAA team last season, so I’m really worried about them. But my biggest question is about crime in West Virginia. It was terrible for the long distances last season, especially when the climbers left from 13 to 18 hours to finish February. In those seven games, they scored no more than 0.95 points for possession, with 62 points in six of them. In those seven games they scored 27 out of 119 points (22,7%). It would be the… but I think Miles McBride and the beautiful Jalen Bridges will give it a boost as a freshman.

Myron Medcalfe, senior university basketball writer: I’ll stick with the book-by-book evaluation. The Big 12 are also number one in Ken Pomeroy’s pre-season rankings. When a team in the lower half of the league can be number one in the NBA draft, you have a good chance to build a strong group. My job in the Big Ten is to make sure that when you get to the middle of the field in Purduja, Minnesota, there can be a big landing. But I think the state of Kansas might be the only bad team in the Big 12. Note in the margin : Given that all regional games were played thanks to KOVID-19, I would like to see the challenge for the Big 12, because nothing will be normal this season.

Texas is probably the right answer for most members of this group, but what about West Virginia? The mountaineers will return to the same patchwork of defensive force, and they will devour the offensive rebounders. But the lack of an offensive catalyst can cause additional problems. In periods 1 to 6 of the previous season, the UVV scored more than 60 points in only one of those defeats. AVU scored 26,4% from the 3-point line in last season’s league game. I just wonder if it would be more trouble if he couldn’t do a lot of damage from the bow.

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John Gasaway, University Basketball Writer: The big ten don’t talk fast. In the same pre-season top 25 you mentioned, the three Big Ten teams are in the top seven of the country, and that doesn’t even include a triple defender for the regular season champion in Michigan. Again, it is quite possible that the Big 12 produces more than one NCAA No. 1 seed. (ELEC would almost certainly do so in 2020.) In short, these two conferences will help to promote national rights to create over 2020-21.

What worries me most is Texas, a centuries-old mystery of basketball: If your team wasn’t so great last year, and now you’ve literally got everybody back, is that okay? The last time we saw the Longhorns, they were 22 years old when they lost their home in Oklahoma. Last season, the Big 12 UT have overcome with reserve seats, and the Shak Smart guys were absolutely crushed by their rivals in the negotiations on the extent of the strikes.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN Brackettologist: In the Big 12 and Big 10 there are five teams on the first four lines of the brectology, but in the Big 12 it happens with fewer participants. However, I would take the Big Ten as the best pre-season conference label because of its depth. Let’s put it this way: Tenth best Big Ten team on our roster – Minnesota is probably the team in the NCAA tournament, while the tenth best Big Ten team (Kansas) is almost certainly not the team in the NCAA tournament.

And count me among those who worry… …or at least being questioned… Texas. In five years, the Longhorns have only played two NCAA tournaments under Shaka Smart, lost twice in the first round and won a total of 21 games. Until the Longhorns make a real breakthrough, it’s only fair to give them an asterisk in terms of expectations.

Kansas has returned to its traditional position in last season’s conference, and even the strength of Baylor at the beginning of the season will not prevent some observers consider Jayhoks as a winner for the time being. But does this CG team have enough strength to win the national title? With which of Bill Self’s former teams can this team be most easily compared?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Can David McCormack take a step forward for a Kansas team that has lost exceptional talent? Rob Ferguson U.S.A. Sports

Boroncello: I think the national championship would be a high goal for this team. Jeyhawks lost many of the favorites to win last season’s national championship, including all-American Devon Dotson and Udoka Azubuika. It’s a big hit on both sides of the floor. Markus Garrett is an elite defender, but now he has to take more responsibility as moderator. David McCormack was a hard worker downstairs, but now he has to replace Azubuik. What about the points system? Bill Self will have to rely on Bryce Thompson and Grant Foster rookies.

As far as the composition of the register is concerned, I think 2012-2013 could be an interesting comparison. Self had to replace Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson and needed an immediate offensive attack by newcomer Ben McLemore. But this team started at 7:1 p.m. I think the band might have a few more pains this year.

Degassing: CG’s current side, which has just lost top scorer Devon Dotson and the great man who dominates Udoka Azubuika, reminds me of Bill Self’s 2014-2015 season. Those Hawks just lost Andrew Wiggins and Joel Ambide. At the time, Kansas fans were surprised: Where do the dots come from? What’s in the paint now? Fortunately for him he discovered two basic elements, namely a Frank Mason III in the second year and of course the ubiquitous Perry Ellis.

CU won another Big 12 title that year and finished a number 2 set in the NCAA tournament (although the Hawks lost to the state of Wichita in the 32nd round). The crowning of the conference this season will be no small thing, but I’m still waiting for Marcus Garrett, Ochai Agbaji and David McCormack, 1.6-foot junior, to make another very important effort. It’s a Kansas habit.

Lunardi: It’s more than a habit. Under Bill Self Kansas he would have harvested his ninth seed in 17 years in March. In the remaining eight years he has produced three No 2 seeds, two No 3 seeds and three No 4 seeds. The average is 1.9, which I think is one of the greatest achievements of the 64-command era.

Of course, to the great sadness of the hunting box fans, only one of those 17 teams won the national championship. And the next song seems too young and inexperienced to come in second place. I expect Kansas to get better this season and fight for another Big 12 title, but it won’t get past the level of the Sweet 16.

This is just a guess, but experience seems to play a more important role than ever in an inconsistent type of season.

Medal winner calf: I think we should start with a national landscape where no programme seems to be able to cross the field. Also KOWID-19. Continuity can be a problem for anyone. If that’s the case, I think Kansas can play his part in the conversation. You’ll miss Devon Dotson, and you won’t be able to replace Udoka Azubuieke. But Markus Garrett is the same universal player who, as a two-sided player, can help Kansas win great games. And we can’t keep saying that this is a year for David McCormack, now or ever, it seems. They need young people like Bryce Thompson to interfere early. But the great concern in Lawrence must be related to the potentially limited crowd in Allen Fieldhouse and the possibility that CU will lose its real advantage in the court of the house. However, they will not be the only ones in this situation.

Maybe it’s like the 2008-09 season, a year after Bill Self’s title? This team reached the Sweet 16 level as a family of 3 through the efforts of Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich when the freshman version of Tyshawn Taylor and the Morris twins learned the basics (neither had a double-digit average).

Which team in the lower half of the Bundesliga prognosis is not discussed enough? Which player in this group, not called Cade Cunningham, would you rather see at the top in 2020-21?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Austin Reeves and Oklahoma are undervalued in 2020-21? Jay Biggerstaff/U.S.A. Sports today.

Lunardi: I’m looking at State of Iowa, maybe because Shaver Bolton’s been in the news lately. I’m also generally fascinated by the bottom half of the Big 12 because every year some teams seem to find a way to stay in NCAA fighting, no matter how many games they lose. Are hurricanes really that good? Probably not. Are they good enough to overestimate the best teams in the league? Probably. In other words, my working theory is this: the less power struggles they have, the smaller their field is. Unlike most bracketologists.

Degassing: Oklahoma has almost the same comeback experience as the hip cyborgs of Baylor and West Virginia, and the athletes were probably about to host the NCAA tournament in 2020. And from the perspective of the players who were not mentioned as the number one choice in the 2021 design, Bolton is the first option for the State of Iowa on the offensive now that Tyrese Halyburton has disappeared. Bolton plans to carry out more than 3-point tests and improve its overall performance. Keep an eye on Junior.

Medal winner calf: Oklahoma seems to be the right answer here, thanks in part to Lon Kruger, one of the most consistent coaches in the country. Since Trey Young became a professional, Kruger has won 20 and 19 games respectively and has positioned his teams for the NCAA tournament. With moving figures at the top of the league and youngsters in Kansas, Texas and other programs to build on this season, the team undoubtedly sleeps with veterans Brady Manek, who was new to Young in 2017-18, and Austin Reeves (the Sooners made 79 percent of their free throws with a pair on the ground last season). In addition, there is a coach in Oklahoma who participated in an NCAA tournament with five programs. Only Tubby Smith can do that. These are the places where Krüger usually wins.

I’d like to speak to Greg Brown. Shaki Smart had this NBA pipeline with big shots through Austin. But given the hype surrounding his future, Mr Brown is perhaps the most important candidate he has ever hired. If Brown continues to make a name for itself, Texas and Smart can have an exciting season.

Boroncello: I think we are going to miss Oklahoma this season, and that is of course partly thanks to the arrival of Cade Cunningham in Speed. But last season, the Athletes were the NCAA tournament team, and they brought the preseason selection of the first team from all leagues to Austin Rives and the selection of the third team from all Big 12 leagues to Brady Manek last season. They have also just received a message that Umoja Gibson, a talented attacker from North Texas, has been denied a contract.

The Reavers need more attention at the national level. Last season he finished with 41 points, six of which in the final against TSU, and during the campaign he scored 20 points or more on seven occasions. Without Christian Doolittle, bailiffs can also play an important role in credit cases.

Anonymous buses to Big 12

Jeff Borzello told the Big 12 coaches what they expect from the competition in 2020-21.

Udoka Azubuike] was probably the least protected player in the last five years of university basketball. When that guy fell down, it was really hard for you to beat Kansas. To catch and end his presence on the edge like he did, and he’s wise. Last year he kept the fence, mainly because he was the best defense team in the country. It’s a great loss to them. They still have McCormack, Mitch Lightfoot is back, so they won’t lack experience, but what Doc brought – they would be the favourites [in 2020] to win all this.

Baylor changed his playing style last season. They were going to replace one man with four guards instead of playing on the field. They have adapted their style to the staff. I think they can do it again. There’s no substitute for experience, and they definitely have players. Mark Vital is one of the most underestimated players in the country because he influences the aimless game. He dominates the game on both sides.

Jared Butler is a big player, a big player. He wasn’t afraid of the moment. In situations of high pressure, you knew the ball would be in his hands, and he still found a way to make the game.

I think [Cade Cunningham] will do great things. Because of the way he controls the game, his team can shoot high percentages every time. They can’t speed it up. The way he can manage and choose his place on the website is beyond his age. He’ll be a great player, a great professional when the time comes. My expectations, I think he’ll live up to them. Boynton will make him succeed.

Cade will hold the ball in his hands, so he will use it with a lot of advantage, he will play. He’s tall, talented. But he doesn’t shoot very well, so it depends on how the teams protect the other players around him. Will there be a support cast around him so he can use his elite skills? It’ll be the biggest thing for him. Will the teams just pack the paint? McGriff, Waters, Ziagwa. If they had a leader like Cade, who played with them for the last three years, they would be very, very good. But those guys are all gone.

Texas won five games in a row and played their best basketball when their roles were determined. Royce Hamma had a role and he played it well. Brock Cunningham had a part, and he played it well. They scored Andrew Jones, Matt Coleman and Courtney Raimey. You didn’t have to worry about making everyone happy. It was the role of the boys that enabled them to achieve the success they had until the end of last year.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Can Shaka Smart Royce Hammer Jr. and other Texas actors have Shaka buy custom roles? Scott Yachts U.S.A. Sports

Shaking will make it difficult to feed those mouths. If you’ve got Greg Brown, it’s hard not to. He will therefore replace someone from the starting team who played a lot last year. His talent has never been a problem, he will know how to deal with these different personalities, find time for each of them and make them happy. They have to accept their role. If they do, they’ll win a lot of races.

West Virginia couldn’t get away with it, that was obvious. Their resentment was second strikes, bribes, whether it was Oscar [Chibwe], [Derek] Culver, [Germaine] Hayley. Actually, it was just a cannonball. The teams that succeeded against them were the ones who could fight him with shots from the other side. As long as West Virginia [Miles] puts McBride in a healthier and more important role, they will be much better off. He’s a good talent, he can record. And that’s what they need. The order’s outside. They have a garden outside the house. All you need are the boys in the yard to play.

The loss of [David] Moretti will be a great loss to [Texas Technology]. Ramsey was the first round talent, but Moretti was a very good glue to go with everything. And at the end of the game, you want to hold the ball in his hands because he wanted to take 90% of his free kicks. It’s the other man who’s accepted his role. Beard and Texas Tech will be in a similar boat in Texas. You have many talents. Do guys need 15 minutes a night somewhere else around 25-30? Kyler Edwards and [Nimari] Burnett and [Terrence] Shannon and McClung. Can all these guys play together? That’s what Beard needs to understand. He is a very good coach, he is going to make them understand that they will be successful if they do it in a certain way. But that’s easier said than done.

The competition’s so good, somebody’s going under the radar. Oklahoma creates a mismatch problem. Without [Christian] Doolittle it might have been different, but it was one of the toughest staff competitions of the year.

Gibson was a great man for Oklahoma, to get straight to the point. It opens so many things. For the past two years, they’ve failed to fire the bullet from the periphery. Their advantage was that Doolittle and [Brady] Mannek both played as insiders. If you now add Gibson to Austin Reeves and Brady Manek, you get a pretty solid backyard with a really good man at the top.


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