Philadelphia — After picking a quarterback before Sunday’s start against the New Orleans Saints over Carson Wenz, Philadelphia Eagles, coach Doug Pederson faces a tie with his mentor Andy Reid.

After the defeat of Donovan McNabb in November 2008, Orlov coach Reid lost in the second half of the 12th round. Week against the franchise team’s quarterback, the Baltimore Crows in favor of Kevin Kolb, after McNabb beat 8 at 18 by 59 yards with a few interceptions in the first two quarters.

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You’re an inch and maybe even a mile away, Reid said in 2008, justifying your decision.

That’s what happened.

Reed turned right Thursday night at McNabb, where they faced the Arizona Cardinals, and McNabb played as he was shot from a gun, scoring four touchdowns and 69 percent of his passes for a decisive 48-20 win for the Eagles. In the last five games of the regular season, he threw nine TD’s at a peak and helped the Eagles to score a goal for the NFC title later in the game.

Ventz won’t get that chance. At least for now. Pederson’s pain will begin at week 14, according to ESPN sources, after the rookie hit the spark at week 13 after losing to Green Bay Packers.

It is the correct movement of the eagle (3-8-1) in this case, even if it deviates from the tried and tested reed tactic.

McNabb’s was more like a mini-slide: He played well in the first half of the 2008 season before he was in a series of bad luck and all he had to do was shake himself out of that phase. Wenz’s problems are more serious. There is currently a sample of 12 games that indicates that the veteran quarterback is broken, from his mechanics to his vision and decision making. These are not the kind of problems that can be solved in a week. The best scenario is that it is recorded throughout the season.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Jalen Hurts was this season’s replacement quarterback for Carson Wentz for 12 games for the Eagles. Mitchell Leff/Getty Pictures

McNabb participated in five Pro Cups and led the team to four NFC Championship games and the Super Bowl. It would have been impossible for Reed to sell in the locker room that a sophomore Colba player who fought hard in the second half of that game in Baltimore (10 of 23, 73 yards, 2 INT) gave the Eagles the best chance to win ahead.

In 2020, the opposite seems to be the case. Wentz is not in this league and Hurts is a rookie, but given the wind that filled the sails of the team when Hurts was added to the roster on Sunday, and the feeling that this team survived most of the season, can Pederson look his team in the eye and say that Wentz gives him the best chance against the Saints?

Probably not. That’s why Hurts is the right choice here and now.

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In the long run it should still be the show of Wienz, because the Eagles are financially linked to it. McNabb withdrew from the bank and stated that his trust had not been damaged.

It’s no different than basketball or baseball. If you’re a little crazy, keep shooting. That’s my point of view too, McNabb said at the time.

It remains to be seen whether Mr Ventz will react in this way or whether his confidence will be further shaken by his long absence from the beginning. The relationship with the organisation must also be taken into account. While McNabb responded well on the field, the bank asked questions about his long-term position in the team. He played only one season in Philadelphia, after which he was sold to Washington on Easter Sunday 2010.

This decision about Wentz Hurt involves long-term risks, but it was the right decision in the interest of the Eagles 2020 and the people who go to the fields every week. It’s not the coach’s job to look too far.

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