Regardless of whether skinny jeans are fashionable or not, Generation Z and Millennials are currently fighting over Eminem. Young listeners are calling for the rapper to be dropped because of his violent lyrics.

Even if the rapper was around before Generation Z was conceived (between 1997 and 2012), it’s too late for them to find his lyrics in Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie collaboration, and frankly, they need his head. You know how he rants about how when his allegorical girlfriend in the song wants to break up with him, he burns her? To know: When she tries to leave again, I tie her to the bed and set the house on fire.

Eminem fans support him against Genesis Z.

You better believe it. A battle now seems to be brewing between the two groups (along with the Millennials, or Generation Y, conceived between 1980 and 1996) that has reached a critical stage after one of TikTok’s customers shared and compiled a guilty sentence: In fact, let’s get rid of it. The message was supported by many people, with one sharing a video and saying: No wonder I’m toxic, I grew up with this song. There is now talk of a falling out between the two, but not all millennials are defending the controversial rapper like the one who took over Twitter: Millennials who grew up listening to (and enjoying) Eminem – I can safely say he should have been dropped a long time ago. His music was full of violent sexism and homophobia.

Generation Z doesn’t realize that Eminem thrives on cancellations

– AzrailesAime (@AzrailesAime) 2. March 2021

Anyway, many millennials showed up to fight for Slim Shady, albeit with the help of their fans, or should we say Stan, who split the hug into two generations and demanded that they sing the rapper’s songs in school, and it ended up working out well.

I’m waiting for Eminem to fry the entire generation of Z for trying to cancel it

– Luna (@Megg__McMuffin) 1. March 2021

Meanwhile, while we debate the merits of these cancellations, Eminem continues to collect these royalties every time someone uses the track….. In fact, this isn’t the first time Eminem has been cut down for his dangerous lyrics (he’s been called out for homophobic remarks and misanthropic lyrics in the past, with each storm giving him more opportunities to speak out), which began in 1999 when he rapped on his Slim Shady LP that he’d killed his wife and asked his young girlfriend to help him fix her body. Much of her 2020 Music to Kill collection included the track Unaccommodating, which references the Manchester Arena attack in which 22 people were executed during Ariana Grande’s 2017 concert. He raps: I think I’m going to be screaming bombs during the game like I’m at an Ariana Grande concert. After some serious analysis behind the line, Eminem shared a statement saying the guilty words were misunderstood.

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