You have a crush on someone. Unfortunately, they like someone else. Luckily, you have the option to make them like you instead. It’s more beneficial for you if they already like someone else. If you start being friends and take the proper steps from there, your crush’s attention will be diverted away from them and onto you in no time. If you love and he loves you and your best friend, give a party to him and give him things like cupcakes, snacks, and new things.

Find out what your crush likes about that other girl.

This part is essential and possible only if you are your crush’s friend. Mention the person you like in a conversation and see what they say. Please don’t settle for answers about her physical attraction. There must be more to her than they are attracted to, and you must find out what those traits are.

 Use what you’ve learned.

Even if you were friends, you should have known your crush’s likes and dislikes about girls and in general. Use these things to your benefit. Show them that both of you have similar interests in hobbies or activities. Also, show them that you have the personality traits that they are attracted to

Interact with your crush.

Make your conversations flirtatious and smile often. Lean on him more when you talk, keep laughing while he tells jokes, and create a connection. You can touch the shoulder of the person you love when you laugh, take their hand to take them somewhere. Remember always to make eye contact. It is essential to meet them as much as possible in public places to increase your chances of success and make your bond strong.

 Stay close to them.

Don’t lose the friendship you have created. It shows him that you appreciate your crush as a person. When they realize you’re attracted to them, it will help make the image of you as “the whole package.” People want to be with someone they are friends with and are attracted to.

Tell your crush their worth.

Even if you don’t want to speak ill of their current crush, you can start to make them forget about this relationship by talking about your crush. Tell them they are the complete package and deserve the best. Tell them not to settle down and chase someone they are friends with because the relationship will be stronger if that connection already exists.

 Have fun.

While you’re still in the “friend zone,” it’s the perfect time to show the person you love your playful side. Everyone loves a girl who laughs at their jokes. They are intrigued by girls who aren’t always serious about everything.

Don’t change who you are.

Although you want to adopt the personality traits that attract your crush, you don’t want to change you completely. Please find a way to blend the qualities he likes with yours. In this way, the relationship has a long-term chance.

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