Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez faking it for publicity? That’s the question many are asking in light of an article in the upcoming issue of Life & Style magazine from the 12th. April 2o21. The couple celebrated their engagement on the 9th. March 2019 to the public and for over two years, fans have been waiting for the pair to walk down the aisle. Many now believe that they never will and that any sign that the pair are a couple is actually a trap for the cameras. Rumors of Alex’s cheating have flooded social media, and Madison LeCroy of Southern Charm is the woman at the center of the scandal.

While the rumors were swirling, it was announced that J-Lo and A-Rod had broken up, but just as quickly as the news spread, photos surfaced of Jennifer and Alex together in the Dominican Republic. The couple was photographed kissing in the Dominican Republic and everyone thought the couple was fine and back together, but now people aren’t so sure.

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Jennifer Lopez is an amazing woman who is still at the top of her game. She is 51 years old and continues to garner criticism, praise and accolades for her talents. She’s really versatile, and most people don’t understand why Alex Rodriguez cheated on her in the first place. Also, many people have said that if Alex was unfaithful this early and before their marriage, Jennifer would be better off without him. But some wonder if she doesn’t feel the same way and just wants to keep up appearances that all is well in her private life as she prepares for the release of her new film Wedding Shotgun.

A source spoke out about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s public display of affection in the Dominican Republic, saying the following.

Who are they trying to fool now? Her makeup lessons are completely staged if you ask me. When no one is looking, they become quieter.

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You can check out the report below, which also includes a video of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez kissing in the Dominican Republic.

EXCEPTIONS: Shall we kiss and make up? Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez put an end to breakup rumors with a very passionate performance in the Dominican Republic

– dee (@Dorrie027) 17. March 2021

The source slammed the couple’s plans and thinks it’s all an act.

She wants everyone to believe that they are still the perfect couple, but in reality she feels humiliated and has trouble forgiving Alex.

What’s your opinion? Has Jennifer Lopez really forgiven Alex Rodriguez or is she just faking it for publicity? Will you be watching Shotgun Weddings when it premieres?

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