Los Angeles Dodger’s third baseman Justin Turner tested positive on COVID-19 and won a World Series 6 game at Arlington, Texas on Tuesday-evening with a 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed a positive result after the match by telling Fox: It’s a bittersweet night for us.

Turner was 0-3 after two fouls before leaving the game and entering the eighth set. The team gave him no reason to leave when he did.

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Thank you all for your help! Turner tweeted after the game. I’m fine, no symptoms. I just went through every emotion imaginable. I can’t believe I couldn’t be there to party with my boys! I am so proud of this team and incredibly happy in Los Angeles #WorldSeriesChamps.

The Superior League baseball teams are isolated in bubbles on neutral ground after travelling across the country for 60 games during the shortened season. Turner is the first player since Coronavirus started partying in the playoffs.

Veteran Infilder was not with his teammates right away, as they celebrated their first franchise world championship title since 1988. But the 35-year-old returned to the field with his wife about an hour after the game and was photographed with his World Series trophy. He kissed his former teammate Clayton Kershaw and sat on the team photo in the front and in the middle, next to manager Dave Roberts, occasionally dropping the mask he wore during the holiday.

Sources told Jeff Passan of ESPN that Turner was asked to isolate himself after a positive test, but no one stopped him from celebrating.

Sources reported to Mr. Passan that the MLB COVID-19 test lab in the second run reported that Mr. Turner’s test was missing on Monday. It is not clear why the test results arrived after the start of the game, as this usually happens in advance. The samples taken Tuesday arrived at the laboratory, and according to the sources, Turner was sent immediately to the laboratory. When she tested positive, the union called the Dodgers and told them to take Turner out.

Edwin Rios replaced him on the field.

We learned during the game that Justin tested positive and he was immediately isolated to prevent further spread, Manfred said.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Justin Turner was eliminated from Game 6 after proving he had passed the KOVID 19 test, but then joined his teammates to celebrate victory in the World Series. Kevin Jairaj U.S.A. Sports today.

When the Dodgers return to the hotel Tuesday night, everyone will have a quick PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, Passan said.

Mookie Betts defended her teammate when he was asked to send Turner back to the Dodgers for a team photo.

He’s part of the team, Betts said. Forget it. He’s part of the team. We’re not excluding him from everything.

Andrew Freedman, president of the Dodgers baseball club, said he didn’t see a picture of Turner next to Crazy Roberts and the rest of the Dodgers in the team photo.

When people are around him without masks, it’s not a good look at all, Friedman said, adding that upcoming PCR tests will lead the team will be important.

It is now important to test all results negative… to make sure we don’t give it to other people, Freedman said.

Turner is a late player who has rebuilt the game with a riot. With 12 home runs in the off-season, he is at the height of his career in Los Angeles, including a couple in the series where he hit a .364 and played in the Star Defense.

This is an intestinal extraction, said World Series MVP Corey Seeger. You’re hurting me. I can’t imagine how he feels. If I could trade with him now, I would, because this man deserves more than anyone to be photographed with this trophy, party with us, so that his family can be there and enjoy this moment that has been taken away from him, and that is wrong. I don’t like it.

Mr. Kershaw said: I’m sure today is very difficult and we all sympathize with him, but I hope he can find comfort in the fact that we’re not here without him. He’s been our man for a long time. He’s done so many incredible things for this organization. Every year, in low season, he was a rock in the surf for us.

Information from the Associated Press has been used in this report.

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