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Week 17 of the NFL is scheduled with some great games. Our NFL Nation reporters give us the keys to each game, a bold prediction for each game and the final score.

In addition, ESPN Stats & Information provides statistics for each match and an overview of current playoff scenarios, while the Football Power Index (FPI) crushes the figures with a match score (on a scale from 1 to 100) and a match forecast. Kyle Soppe from ESPN Fantasy and Dave Bierman from ESPN Chalk also hand out useful nuggets. Here you’ll find everything you need to prepare for a weekend of NFL football games.

Week 17 continues, with many games with implications for the playoffs.

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http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730562_964_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730569_545_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 73.7 | Span : TUBERCULOSIS -7 (50)

What to look for: The Falcons led the Bucs 17-0 at halftime two weeks ago and were the only team this season to keep the Chiefs within 20 points last week. But they couldn’t finish the games. Meanwhile, the Pirates hope to set up four quarter finals for their first post-season since 2007. And make no mistake, they want to make the playoffs. If they succeed, it will be their fourth victory in a row. — Jenna Lane.

2 Connected

Bold prophecy: Buc’s receiver Mike Evans had 110 yards against Atlanta two weeks ago and 181 yards against Detroit last week. But the Falcons held him at 55 yards on Sunday. However, quarterback Tom Brady will pass for 300 yards and miss his third straight game, scoring the first such event since week 2-4 of 2017. — John Keim.

Figure it out urgently: Brady has already scored 36 touchdowns of passes this season and could become the first player with 40 TD’s of passes this season at the age of 40 or older. His Atlanta counterpart, Matt Ryan, scored 24 touchdowns per pass this season, marking the ninth time in his career to reach the 25 touchdowns.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Buccaneers have already conquered a place in the playoffs and have been eliminated from the competition for the NFC south. So, what are they playing? With a victory over Atlanta or a defeat against the Rams, Tampa Bay gets the first place wild card, which gives the IPF a chance of 83.6%. That would give the Bucs a wild game with the winner of the dreaded NFC East. The Falcons have been eliminated from the playoffs and are expected to finish third in the NFL Draft. You have a 76.2% chance of finishing at least in the top five.

Injuries: Falcons | Gingerbread

What you need to know for a fantasy: In week 12, the Falcons welcome Calvin Ridley, who ranks fourth in the scorecards for fantasy and leads the league with 575 receiving yards. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: Each of the last five meetings between these two groups, and eight of the last nine meetings, exceeded the total number of points. More information can be found here.

Keim’s choice: Buccaneers 30, Falcons 23
The choice of Wool : Buccaneers 31, Falcons 21
FPI Forecast : Tuberculosis – 74.3% (average 8.7 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: Are the Falcons closer to a competitor than their 4-11 record? … Even at 4-11 hours, the Falcons will test the Bucs where they fought. … Before the Bucs go into the playoffs, Evans has a story to tell.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431050_180_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431050_842_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png

Assessment of conformity : 67.8 | Hope: BEEF -4.5 (47.5)

What to look for: The accounts, which are now CFAs No. 2 or No. 3 seeds, have a difficult decision to make: Should they rest and risk a loss for Miami so that a division rival can reach the post-season? Or do they run the risk of being injured, not getting to the start and trying to consolidate their lead on the field, at least in the first two laps? Whether the Bill’s stars play or not will have a significant impact on the result. — Marcel Louis-Jacques

Bold prophecy: The cornerback of The Dolphins, Xavien Howard, will start his tenth career. Interception of the year, becoming the first quarterback in 13 years to receive double digits (Antonio Cromartie, 2007). Howard shouldn’t be a surprise, but his overall frequency will be. Buffalo QB Josh Allen is out to fire the Dolphins (17 touchdowns for three interceptions). But the Miami defense is conditioned to face the Bills, although it is not clear whether Allen or Matt Barkley will take the most representatives of a team that has already won the division. — Cameron Wolfe

Figure it out urgently: Miami leads the NFL in points scored in defense (18.8 points per game) after the last one in 2019 (30.9). According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the only team in the history of the NFL to go from worst to best in defense of goal is the Houston Oilers 1966-67 in the AFL, which went from 28.3 points per game to 14.2.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Dolphins can earn a play-off spot by winning or losing against the Ravens, Browns or Colts. According to the REIT, they have an 80.8% chance of qualifying for the play-offs. The accounts have allowed AFC East to make its mark, but cannot complete the conference. Buffalo were able to secure second place with a victory over Miami or a loss over Pittsburgh.

Injuries: Dolphins | Accounts

What you need to know for a fantasy: Buffalo receiver Stephon Diggs has scored 96.3 fantasy points in the past three weeks, crystallising the position by 17.4 points. If he could score 130 receiving yards for the fourth straight game, he would be the fourth player to have such a series of receiving yards in the last decade (Odell Beckham Jr. and Calvin Johnson). See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: Miami has a 15-5 record against the spread (ATS) in the last 20 games as an outsider, including four in a row as a cover. And that’s 15-9 ATS as an outsider under coach Brian Flores. More information can be found here.

Wolfe’s choice: Dolphins 23, Accounts 20
Louis-Jacques Choice : Dolphins 17, Accounts 14
FPI Forecast : BSF, 69.7% (up 6.9 points on average)

The juxtaposition should be read: Fitzpatrick, Tagovailoa, and the art of mentoring… Bills range from underdog to big dog in the CFA as the world’s largest football countries the … Dolphin coach Flores defends his decision to Tagovailoa as … The accounts give fans permission to attend a playoff match.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Game


Louis Riddick explains how Ryan Fitzpatrick missed this weekend’s match with a positive COVID-19 test for Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730567_343_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/NFL-Power-Rankings-Week-10.png

Assessment of conformity : 57.8 | Hope: CLE -10.5 (42)

What to look for: How will Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph react when he returns to the slam dunk, where Myles Garrett’s defensive team and the Browns await Cleveland’s inevitable victory? Nevertheless, the Browns may still have problems with COWID-19 on their list. — Jake Trotter

Bold prophecy: Rudolph can start the game, but Joshua Dobbs will finish it. The Steelers equip Ben Roethlisberger and give his replacements a chance to play. The Steelers know what they have in Rudolph after last season, and he will have at least half to show. But they also have to give Dobbs some reps to see what they’ve got in their #3. — Brooke Pryor.

Figure it out urgently: In the last four weeks, the Steelers have taken last place in terms of offensive effectiveness, with 19.5 (on a scale of 0-100). They have 37.4% without a first loss in the big leagues this season.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Browns have a 57.6% chance of making the playoffs and can win or lose in Indianapolis. There is also a scenario they would go through if the Ravens, Colts and Dolphins won but the Titans lost. The Steelers won the AFC North, but didn’t lead the conference – they were able to secure second place with a victory and a loss for Buffalo. Steelworkers have a 16.4% chance of being the second seed of the AFC.

Injuries: Steelworkers

What you need to know for a fantasy: Pittsburgh’s Diontae Johnson is in the top 15 recipients in five of his last seven games, but can he keep Rudolph in the middle? The next time Rudolph throws in a game for 255 yards or three touchdowns will be the first, so be careful if you trust the Steelers this weekend. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: This season, Cleveland is ranked 2-9 TTY in conference and 0-5 TTY in division. The Browns’ quarterback, Baker Mayfield, is an 11-21-1 ATS in conference games throughout his career, including 6-10 ATS in league games. More information can be found here.

Pryor’s choice: Browns 20, Steelworkers 17
Trotter : Browns 24, Steelers 23
FPI Forecast : PIT, 55.4% (with an average of 1.9 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: Wait, what did Tomlin say? Deciphering the (many) Steelers’ training slogans…. Chubb, Hunt takes the glorious Browns back from the days of Mack, Byner… The Steelers’ Roethlisberger and Rudolph will sit down, Rudolph will start against Browns… Flip phones, friends, and the early days of LeBron: It’s been 18 years since the Browns in the play-offs…. in the play-offs. How Roethlisberger’s half-time announcement allowed the Steelers to have fun again… It’s been 25 years since the Browns broke Cleveland’s heart and went to Baltimore… The Browns ended the procedure for the second day in a row.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1605014711_775_NFL-Power-Rankings-Week-10.png

Assessment of conformity : 65.3 | Distribution : BAL -13 (44)

What to look for: While Baltimore needs a win to secure a play-off spot, Cincinnati is looking to play the pampering sport and end the season on a three-win streak for the first time since 2015. But the Ravens’ No1’s hasty attack is a major reason why visitors are considered the big favourites against Cincinnati. — Ben Baby


– Expert advice
NFL – PickCenter | ESPN Chalk
More NFL coverage .

Bold prophecy: Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will be the first quarterback in NFL history to cover more than 1,000 yards in two seasons. Jackson needs 92 yards for Sunday. In the first three games with the Bengal he ran an average of 112 meters, and in week five he only ran twice (for a career – 3 meters) against the Bengal. — Jamison Hensley

Figure it out urgently: Tee Higgins is 92 meters away from A.J. Green (2011) and Cris Collinsworth (1981), the only Bengali recruits that land at 1000 meters altitude.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Ravens can earn a play-off spot with a win or loss for the Browns of Colts. FPI loves these reviews and gives them a 90.6% chance of success in the off-season. However, the Bengalis are more interested in the design position. They should have a choice of number 5, and FPI has a 73.3% chance of staying in the top 5 on Sunday night.

Injuries: Raven | Bengal

What you need to know for a fantasy: There’s Lamar! Over the past three weeks, Jackson has earned an average of 40.4% more points per fantasy game than he did in the season leading up to week 14. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: The Ravens were favored by a double-digit score in the regular season after winning five straight games, 41-0. It is the only franchise that is undefeated in games like this. More information can be found here.

Hensley’s choice: Raven 31, Bengals 10Children’s Choice: Raven 30, Bengal 14
FPI prediction: BAL, 74.1% (average 8.6 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Kings of the cold: In December, the Ravens became the most dominant team in the NFL… A good finish behind the attack, just what the Bengalis need in 2021….. A dominant racing game? A pass? The Ravens’ greatest strength is their concentration…

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730570_957_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431052_184_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png

Conformity assessment: 29,0 | Deviation : NE -3 (39.5)

What to look for: Does the phone work on the patriots’ side? After Coach Bill Belichick fired him from the Bills in frustration in week 16, communication could be at the forefront in a final that makes no sense other than the draft position. — Mike Travel

Bold prophecy: Jets quarterback Sam Darnold, who hasn’t played against the Patriots since the infamous Ghost Game of 2019, will look for his first career win against the Patriots in what could be his last game with the Jets. In Darnold’s two starts against the Patriots (four interceptions), the Jets 71-3 were passed. — Rich Cimini

Figure it out urgently: The Patriots have eight touchdowns and 14 interceptions this season. They scored less than 10 TD passes in the season: in 1970, when they scored seven touchdowns and 28 rushes.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Jets have secured peak #2 in the airflow, but the Patriots can still slide up or down in the airflow. Right now they’re in 15th place. Choose to survive, with a 0.7% chance of getting in the top 10.

Injuries: Jets | Patriots

What you need to know for a fantasy: New York recipient Jamison Crowder came through last week (29.3 fantasy points) and saved you with a score in the first game with New England. But keep in mind that he was only aiming for 10.5% of the courses in this game, his second lowest race of the season. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: The Patriots have won each of their last nine games, but they are only 5-4 ATS in those games. More information can be found here.

Chimini’s choice: Jets 17, Patriots 16 flight: Jets 20, Patriots 17
FPI Prediction: NE, 73.1% (with an average of 8.2 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Gase blames himself for the terrible crime of the Jets, he says: It’s for me… Belichick remains a pillar to be added to the Patriots team…. Let’s be honest: Jets Gase should have fired Williams earlier…. Newton deflates the Patriots after a loss: It’s very frustrating when you know what you’re capable of…. The Gore Jets’ enter week 17 with an uncertain future.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Game


Mina Kimes says even Tom Brady wouldn’t have led the Patriots to the playoffs this season.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431048_182_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431051_946_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png

ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 26.5 | Distribution : MIN -7 (53.5)

What to look for: Wrong! Week 17 is usually full of accidents – in the past the Lions have thrown a fake field goal in the last week of the regular season and have caught offensive lineman’s passes for touchdowns. Since everyone knows that Detroit has to change its regime, we could see in-depth role-playing in the finals. At least one thing could make this game interesting. — Michael Rothstein

Bold prophecy: That’s what I call courage: If the Lions play quarterback Matthew Stafford, who is recovering from an ankle injury in week 16, this will be his last game in Detroit. The Beleaguered Lions Organization wants to shed some light on this matter. So don’t be surprised if there are new front-office assignments before the start of the game. And starting from scratch probably means a transition from the Lions QB’s that were the number one choice in the 2009 design. — Courtney Cronin

Figure it out urgently: Viking receiver Justin Jefferson will have six games with over 100 yards received this season, passing Odell Beckham Jr. (2014) for the most rookie games since the merger of the AFL and NFL in 1970. He also needs 111 yards to break Anquan Boldin’s brand for most of the receiving yards by a Viking rookie during the Super Bowl era (since 1966).

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : This is the design point of view. This doesn’t affect the playoffs. Lions have to finish in 7th place and have a 86.8% chance of staying in the top 10 of the CPI. In fact, they have a 27.5% chance of making the top five. The Vikings have an offence that ranks 13th in the REIT forecasts. Get ahead of him, with a 2.9% chance of getting in the top ten.

Injuries: Vikings | Lions

What you need to know for a fantasy: How did you do it? Since joining the Lions, Marvin Jones Jr. has scored less than 13.5 fantastic points in six of the eight games against the Vikings. He has three games with over 23 points this season, but that comes with the risk of seven single-digit performances. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: There must be something. The Vikings have failed to recover in six consecutive games, but they have done so in each of their last six games against the Lions. More information can be found here.

Cronin’s choice: Vikings 28, Lions 16Rothstein’s choice: Vikings 28, Lions 14
FPI Forecast : MIN, 73.6% (average 8.4 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: There is no quick fix for the worst defense the Vikings have ever had at Zimmer…… Lions interview Smith, Dimitroff and Pioli in front of the CEO… Source: Prepare for the Lions after your father’s death… Why Saleh, defense coordinator for the 49ers, would be an interesting candidate for the Lions.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730568_405_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730563_101_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 21.4 | Distribution : DAL -2 (44.5)

What to look for: The Cowboys dominated that rivalry, and won seven straight. The last time the Giants defeated the Cowboys was more than four years ago towards the end of the 2016 season when a 61-yard touchdown by Odell Beckham Jr. made all the difference. The Giants hope that the series can finally come to an end when the play-off drought is over. They haven’t made the playoffs since the 2016 season. — Jordan Ranan.


Here is what the post-season range looks like now and what the future scenarios are.
– Image display (ESPN+)
– Player: View scripts
– Tournament Table | Football Performance Index

Bold prophecy: The Giants will hurry within 100 yards of the Cowboys. Dallas has covered 2,416 meters this season, the second highest number of meters in the team’s history. The Cowboys even allowed 134 meters per match on the field during their winning three games. They’ve only played two games this season where they didn’t allow 100 yards on the ground. The first came against New York (89 yards on 27 carries). Since the Giants walked 190 yards in their last victory – against Seattle in week 13 – they have not walked more than 78 yards on the ground in a race. — Todd Archer

Figure it out urgently: Turnover and order intake were the key to the recovery of the Cowboys. They were at minus 13 in their first 12 games and at minus 92 in their first 12 games. They have plus-9 points in their last three games and plus-48 points with zero points.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The winner of that game goes on to the play-offs – and wins the NFC East – when Washington loses to the Eagles on Sunday night. If the Giants won the division, their potential .375 win rate would be the worst win rate in the history of a play-off team. The Cowboys have a 16.5% chance of success, while the Giants have a 24.0% chance according to FPI. Win or lose, both teams could consider a draft regulation if Washington wins. FPI takes down the Giants by 11 points. Choose (52.5% chance to have a choice out of the top 10 and 10.1% chance to have a choice out of the top 5), while the Cowboys are ranked 12th (52.4% chance to have a choice out of the top 10).

Injuries: Cowboys.

What you need to know for a fantasy: Cowboys midfielder Michael Gallup has his best game of the season (30.1 points against the Eagles), but can he do it twice in a row? After scoring two more 20 points this season, he still has to score five more fantasy points in a game. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: New York is at 7-1 and 6-2 ATS for the last 30 seasons, while it is still in the running for the play-offs in week 17. Dallas has a record of 2-6 in round games and 3-5 in exchange games. More information can be found here.

Archer’s choice: Cowboys 27, Giants 17Ranan picks: Giants 23, Cowboys 21
FPI Forecast : NYG, 59.5% (up 3.2 points on average).

The juxtaposition should be read: The Cowboys, with a chance of less than 1%, have found their formula… The path of the giants to the post-season is not that difficult…. Dalton will receive $1 million if the Cowboys go to the playoffs…. Who will win the NFC East? Washington’s the favorite, but the Giants and the Cowboys aren’t far behind…

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604916801_275_NFL-Week-9-takeaways-stat-leaders.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730557_19_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

16:25 ET | Compliance Note FOX
: 76.6 | Hope: SEA -6 (46)

What to look for: They don’t stand a chance, but the Seahawks still have the chance to take the top position in the NFC with the help of the others, which means they will be hungry to end up strong here. The 49ers enjoyed playing the role of spoiler last week in Arizona and want to make it harder for their biggest rival in the post-season. With three of San Francisco’s six victories this season, don’t be surprised if the 49ers play a tighter game than the last time the two teams met. — Nick Wagoner

Bold prophecy: Seahawks cornerback D.J. Reed Jr. will have another great game against his old team. He defeated Jimmy Garoppolo in his debut for the Seahawks in week 9, a match he’s had on his calendar since the 49ers released him in August. Since then, he’s played in the right corner and has been involved in Seattle’s defense. As the best player on the team, it’s only a matter of time before he makes a long comeback. — Brady Henderson

Figure it out urgently: The Seahawks have scored only 13.7 points per game in the NFL since week 11 and have signed 5-1 in that time. In the first ten weeks of the season, they allowed 29.6 per game, making them 28th in the league.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Niners will not return to the playoffs, but the Seahawks won the NFC West and can take the No. 1 seed with a victory, a loss in New Orleans and a loss in Green Bay. They have a 5.5% chance of becoming NFC number one. Currently, the 49ers are expected to have 14 concept picks, with a 1.4% chance of reaching the top 10.

Injuries: 49ers | Seahawks

What you need to know for a fantasy: Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson led you through the first two months of the season, but on a playful basis, he’s been QB16 since week 10 (16.2 points per game, behind Phillip Rivers and Baker Mayfield). See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: Seattle has been 14-4 ATS against San Francisco since 2012, including week 8 coverage this season. More information can be found here.

The wainwright’s choice: Seahawks 23, 49ers 20
Henderson pick: Seahawks 26, 49ers 17
FPI Prediction: ESE, 60.1% (average 3.4 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Injuries, ominous skies and displacement: The nightmare season of ’49 is finally coming to an end…. What difference does a year make? The Seahawks backfield is full in January….. Shanahan projects a future with Garoppolo…. Playing the lights: The key to defending the title against the Seahawks in the western NFC.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/NFL-Week-9-takeaways-stat-leaders.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730559_94_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

16:25 ET | Fox Rating
: 76.0 | Span : GB -5.5 (51)

What to look for: The Bears and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky are in good condition. The last time Chicago faced Green Bay in a regular season finale of this magnitude was in 2013, when the Packers secured the division with a late victory and shattered the Bears play-off hopes. Green Bay has won 18 of the last 21 editions of this series, and Trubisky – which comes from a year without a contract – is generally at odds with the Packers. A Bears victory would bring them to the post-season area for the second time in three years and could give Trubisky a second life in Chicago. — Jeff Dickerson


– Meet the elite class QB
– 30 big questions for Kiper & McShay
– Mini presentation of the projected top 10
Notes: Kiper | McShay
Full Note | Select Order | Plus

Bold prophecy: The Packers want to prove that their almost dominant defensive performance against the Titans last week was not a fluke. The Bears have scored 30 points in four consecutive games – the first time since 1965 – and have averaged 35.0 points in the last four weeks (third highest NFL-score in that time). But they will have a hard time scoring 20 points against a renewed Packers defense. — Rob Demovsky

Figure it out urgently: The bears that follow David Montgomery from week 12 (529) only follow Derrick Henry (698) in the course. And his six TDs on the field only put him behind Alvin Kamara in the same range.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Bears either need a win against Green Bay or a loss in Arizona to enter the post-season (75.0% chance at FPI). The Packers are the champions of NFC North and can finish NFC No. 1 with a victory or loss for Seattle (79.8% chance).

Injuries: Packers | Bear

What you need to know for a fantasy: In the first meeting between the two teams this season, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers scored 25.6 fantasy points, his best game against the Bears since week 10 in 2014. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: The Packers have won three games in a row and are 18-7 ATS against Chicago when Rodgers starts (including the playoffs). More information can be found here.

Demovsky’s choice: Packers 33, Bears 18
Dickerson’s choice: Packers 30, Bears 21
FPI Prediction: GB, 65.9% (with an average of 5.4 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Flap spreads out, Dillon shows what he can do for the Packers’ offensive Everything for Trubisky depends on the wrath of the Green Bay Bears … Adams Packers, Rogers on the same page directly in the record books…. A local artist maintains the tradition of photographing the bear team during the pandemic.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730569_22_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431049_462_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png

16:25 ET | Fox Rating
: 73.1 | Distribution : NO -7 (47.5)

What to look for: Caroline’s quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s defense is reduced to a fifth tackle on the left (replayed defensive line Michael Schofield). The saints have one of the best passers-by in the NFL and are in eighth place with 42 sacks. It could be a long day for Bridgewater, which was under pressure. — David Newton

Bold prophecy: Running back Alvin Kamara will score less than six touchdowns. But the inexperienced Rookie receiver of the Saints, Callaway Marks, will catch the first touchdown of his career as the Saints become the first team to wipe out the rest of the NFC Southern Division in a season. — Mike Triplett

Figure it out urgently: Kamara has 59 career breaks. With a TD in week 17, he became the third player in NFL history to score 60 points in his first four seasons and joined Terrell Davis (61) and LaDainian Tomlinson (60).

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Saints have won the NFC South and, with some help, can still take first place in the conference. They need a victory, a loss in Green Bay and a victory in Seattle, although FPI says there is only a 14.7% chance. The Panthers should select draft #8 in April. FPI still gives them an 8.9% chance to be in the top 5 and says they have a 78.9% chance of staying in the top 10 this week.

Injuries: Saints | Panthers

What you need to know for a fantasy: The recipient of the Panthers, DJ Moore, has recently been absent, with one missed match and two one-digit performances in the Panthers’ last four matches. But his best game of the season came in week 7 against these saints (23.3 fantastic points). See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: Advantage on the road? In 2018, the Saints are 17-6 ATS in away games. More information can be found here.

The choice of the threesome: Saints 27, Panthers 16
Newton: Saints 38, Panthers 10
FPI Prediction : NO, 72,8 % (average 8,1 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Are we really in the NFL? The saints remember the 2005 nomadic season after Hurricane Katrina … Panthers can be in fashion at Moton….’s payday. Why was the monster game on Kamara so important to the saints, the Bres… McCaffrey ends 2020 season on the sidelines

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730567_506_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/NFL-Week-8-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

16:25 ET | CBS
compliance rating : 57.4 | Distribution : ARI -3 (40.5)

What to look for: The Rams have beaten the Cardinals seven times in a row under coach Sean McVay, and despite an injury-sensitive offense, the highest-ranked defense has eight. Watch as Aaron Donald and corner Jalen Ramsey defend against quarterback Kyler Murray and his arsenal of players. Murray was fired twice in week 10 and confined to 173 passing yards, despite throwing for three touchdowns. The defense of the Cardinals has the opportunity to take advantage of the attack of the Rams, which is led by reserve quarterback John Wolford, making his first NFL appearance. — Lindsay Tyree


– The biggest game for Tua? Sam
– It’s been 18 years since the Browns reached the play-offs
– Remember the 2005 season of the Saints? Will they make it to
– Aaron Rodgers’ last push for the MVP
– Giant Dave Gettleman on shifting terrain?

Bold prophecy: The Cardinals finish the most important game of the franchise in five years with less than 250 total offensive yards. The Rams defense stands in first place for yards per game, yards per game, passing yards per game and passing yards per game, and third place for running yards per game and passing yards per game. With Murray suffering from a leg injury, the attack of the Cardinals will feel the impact, which will be reinforced by the strong defense of the Rams. — Josh Weinfuss.

Figure it out urgently: DeAndre Hopkins, the recipient of Arizona, could become the fourth player in franchise history with eight 100-yard games in one season. Rob Moore had eight in 1997, David Boston had nine in 2001 and Anquan Boldin had eight in 2005.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : This is very important for both parties. The Rams can earn a play-off spot with a win or loss against Chicago, while the Cardinals can punch their ticket with a win. Rams have an 87.7% chance of qualifying for the play-offs, compared to a 37.3% chance of qualifying for the play-offs, according to IPF projections.

Injuries: Cardinals | Rams

What you need to know for a fantasy: Murray has tried 29 in a hurry in his last three games, almost doubling his 15 attempts from the previous three. In three career races with the Rams he has only walked 43 meters, but they at least try to take advantage of his most imaginative ability. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: The Rams have each of their last seven head-to-head matches (including six with more than one TD). More information can be found here.

Wynafus’ choice: Rams 24, Cardinals 21Tyria’s Choice: Rams 13, Cardinals 10
FPI prediction: LAR, 62.7% (with an average of 4.3 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: The eight-job season of the Cardinals is all about playing the game… Putting rams Cupp in reserve/COVID-19 list…. Murray says he’s gonna play a win-win game…. Who’s QB Wolford?

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730565_335_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730558_834_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

16:25 ET | Compliance Note FOX
: 37.1 | Distribution : MORE -3.5 (43.5)

What to look for: The Chiefs will try to rest as many of their regulars as possible after finishing first in the AFC qualifier last week. So, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is lining up for the big day. He started his NFL career in week 2 against the Chiefs, shooting for 311 yards and scoring a touchdown in an overtime loss. — Adam Thacher.

Bold prophecy: Herbert will end up with a solid 400-plus yard game. With the Chiefs likely to be on the defensive, he’ll break the rookie’s passing record for the yards. He is currently fourth on the list at 4,034 yards and needs 341 more yards to pass Andrew Luck. — Shelley Smith

Figure it out urgently: Travis Kelce has 1,416 reception yards, most of them this season. He needs 44 more men than Stefon Diggs in week 17 to make the first team of the season – when he plays. No team in the NFL has ever been better at receiving fields in one season.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : Chiefs are assured of both AFC West and first place at the conference. They have home advantage during the AFC qualifiers and home advantage during the rounds. At the same time, the Chargers were able to reach the top ten picks for April with 33.5%. They’re currently in 10th place.

Injuries: Chargers | Chefs

What you need to know for a fantasy: Since returning to the action in week 12, Los Angeles running back Austin Ekeler has scored more than seven fantastic points in four of his five games. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: Since 1990, the teams that previously had the advantage of the home game in the play-offs have been ATS 17 9-23 in week 17. More information can be found here.

Smith’s choice: Chargers 24, Chiefs 21Oaks: Chiefs 20
FPI Prediction : KC, 65.5% (average 5.3 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: We didn’t know it was that good: Herbert Chargers shines despite an unusual year of recruitment…. Mahomes has a job, even if he sits on a Sunday…. Herbert Chargers has set a record for the number of beginners in the … The Chiefs put Mahomes out in the regular season finals.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730560_822_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730564_760_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

16:25 ET | CBS
compliance rating : 51.5 | Distribution : RTE -7.5 (56)

What to look for: Will Tennessee Derrick Henry reach 2,000 meters this season? He is on 1777 and is 223 points behind for the 31st turn. In Henry’s last two games against the Texans, he ran over 200 yards. -Sarah Barshop


In conversations with former players, coaches and celebrities, Peyton Manning looks at the history of football and its cultural influence. Watch on ESPN+

Bold prophecy: Titans’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill passed 300 yards, while A.J. Brown (924 yards) and Corey Davis (945 yards) had the production to break the 1,000 yard mark for the season. The Titans will benefit from the passing defense of the Texans, allowing them to win 7.6 yards per game and reach a percentage of 69.8 against the opposing quarterbacks. — Turron Davenport

Figure it out urgently: Tennessee has 15 bags this season. The lowest number of bags of a team that made the playoffs in a 16-game season is 19 (1979 Broncos), and only four teams finished a 16-game season or less with 16 bags.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : AFC South is still at large. The Titans can take over with a victory or a defeat for the Colts. But they could also settle for a place in the play-offs with a defeat for the Ravens or the Dolphins. What does the FPI say? They have a 92.3 percent chance of making the playoffs and a 64.8 percent chance of beating the AFC South. Texans play for nothing, win or lose. They’re eliminated from the playoffs, but they don’t have first-round draft picks either. In any case, their first choice – which was traded in Miami – is currently projected to be in fourth place, with a 63.1% chance of finishing in the top five. Cheeky.

Injuries: Titans | Texans

What you need to know for a fantasy: The strong comeback on the other hand makes most of the headlines, but David Johnson has had his two best games of the season in the last two weeks (28.4 points last week against the Bengals). See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: The Titans have been at 20-4-1 ATS on Tannehill since the beginning of last season. More information can be found here.

Davenport’s choice: Titans 35, Texans 20
Bar Shops Tip : Titans 31, Texas 17
Forecast REIT : SS, 58.1% (average 2.8 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: The Titans have to make a quick start in the season finale against the Texans to win the AFC South… Watt protests the lack of professionalism of the Texans, complains the fans…. The cook can’t show why the Texans have to find a way to keep him.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730565_664_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730556_355_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

16:25 ET | CBS
compliance rating: 38.0 | span : IND -14 (49.5)

What to look for: How’s the attack of the Colts on the Jaguar basketball team going? Yes, the Colts enter the game with the starting tackle on the right Braden Smith (save list/COVID-19), but there’s still a big hole in the tackle on the left after the loss of veteran Anthony Castonzo (ankle) and deputy Will Holden (ankle). Indianapolis surrendered all five bags of their season in week 16 against Pittsburgh. There’s no better way for the Jaguars to increase their number of bags (18 in the season) than to make a spare tackle on the left. — Mike Wells

Bold prophecy: The Jaguars are going to fire quarterback Philip Rivers three times. Rivers has only been plundered 19 times this season – his ability to move the ball quickly – but in the absence of Castonzo, the Jaguars go home. Jaguar’s rookie quarterback K’Lavon Chaisson came into the game late in the season and has recorded 11 of his 20 QB pressure in the last four games, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. Mr. Chaisson will receive his second career bag on Sunday. — Mike DiRocco.

Figure it out urgently: This season, the Colts allow 92.9 yards running time per game, placing them second in the NFL. And James Robinson, Jacksonville’s running back, won’t play.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : Currently, the Colts still have a 78.7 percent chance of playing in the post-season, according to IFP. Even better, the FPI gives them a 35.2 percent chance of winning the AFC South. The Colts can end the division with a victory and a loss for the Titans, but they can also end the playoffs with a victory and a loss for the Ravens, Browns or Dolphins. Jaguars have first choice whether they win or lose.

Injuries: Jaguars | Stallions

What you need to know for a fantasy: Since their return to the game in week 13, the Colts have been the third best fantasy players with 91.9 fantasy points. He scored (five) more quick touchdowns in this period than in the entire previous season (four). See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: The Jaguars have had a 9-1-1 ATS record against the Colts since 2015, and their only victory this season came in Week 1 against the Colts with a 7-point loss. More information can be found here.

DiRocco’s choice: Stallions 31, Jaguars 12Wells: Colts 24, Jaguars 14
FPI prediction: IND – 84.1% (average 13.2 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: The RB Robinson Jaguars have been eliminated without a new record… The Colts won’t share points with play-off opponents in a week 17… The eight races and players who helped Lawrence join the Jaguars… Castonzo Colts LT Seasonal Ankle Surgery Kit The Colts need help to avoid becoming the third team with 11 victories to miss the playoffs.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Game


Field Yates and Mike Clay predict another tough race for T.J. Hilton in the season finale against the Colts for the Jaguars.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604431051_731_All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730562_712_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png

16:25 ET | CBS
compliance rating : 34.7 | Distribution : LV -2.5 (51)

What to look for: It’s Denver quarterback Drew Lock’s last chance to appear in 2020 if he can make the starting line-up in 2021. He got a couple of confidence boosters along the way, and the Broncos decided to add a little competition to the quarterback room this season, but that’s his last point in a year that has undeniably been full of twists and turns. This time it leads the interception rankings and ranks last on the completion rate. -Jeff Legwold

Bold prophecy: After leaving so many points on the field last week and settling for 23, 38, 20 and 22 meters, the Raiders will release Marcus Mariota’s suit at the bottom of the red zone and try to score a TD instead of an FG. Quarterback Derek Carr was not mobile at all last week because of a groin area, but Mariota is in good health and is not worried about prolonging the game or running the ball. — Paul Gutierrez

Figure it out urgently: Since 2017, the Raiders 5-14 are playing in the regular season in December/January, which is the worst record in the NFL for this kind of games.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : Since Raiders do not officially participate in this game, it is another game whose implications are limited to questions about the provisional position. Denver is projected to be the ninth best design pick in the RPI and has a 54.7% chance of staying in the top 10. In fact, it has very little chance of being in the top 5 (0.3% at IFP). The Raiders are currently striving for number 17, and at the moment they can’t make it to the top ten.

Injuries: The Raiders | Broncos

What you need to know for a fantasy: Over the past two weeks, the Noah Fant of the Broncos has made it into the top five targets (21), receptions (14) and fantasy points (33.3). See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: The Raiders held five meetings in a row, with each of the last seven meetings being fewer. More information can be found here.

Gutierrez’s choice: Broncos 27, Raiders 26Legwold: Broncos 23, Raiders 21
FPI Prediction: LV, 53.4% (with an average of 1.2 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Waller and Jacobs have laid a solid foundation for the end of the Raiders season… Young people are unacceptable during a difficult season for beginners … The Gruden Raiders don’t go to the TD: That’s not necessarily the case.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1604730564_352_NFL-Week-9-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1605014708_332_NFL-Power-Rankings-Week-10.png

20:20 ET | NBC
compliance rating : 23.1 | Distribution : WSH -1.5 (43.5)

What to look for: The Eagles have a record of 13 different offensive line combinations in the first 14 games, and there could be more changes if Jordan Mylat’s left tackle is ruled out due to a concussion. Anyway, Philadelphia has their hands full with a Washington defense in fifth place with 44 bags. — Tim McManus.


Talk about the biggest games of the NFL, the original series and more. Watch on ESPN+

Bold prophecy: No matter who gets the quarterback position, the defense and the game will flourish for Washington. Defender Antonio Gibson runs for 75 yards and a touchdown and defensive end Chase Young scores two sacks. But perhaps this is the boldest prophecy of all: Washington will come first this year. — John Keim.

Figure it out urgently: Washington has a first half difference of minus 106 points (30th in the NFL) and plus 106 points in the second half (best in the NFL) this season. The 212-point half-time difference would be the biggest of all teams in the last 20 seasons.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : Winning in D.C., too. That’s all I’m saying. A victory will give NFC East a place in the playoffs. The Eagles are not in the party, but they are currently chosen as no. 6 in the project. They have a slot in the top ten and a 40.6% chance of making it to the top five.

Injuries: Washington | Eagles

What you need to know for a fantasy: In his three starts this season, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has scored a fantastic 17 points north of the line. With his 75.7 points he is in third place behind this track. See the ranking for week 17.

A fucking bet: Philadelphia wins this season at home with 3-0 and 11-4 ATS in such situations under coach Doug Pederson (including the playoffs). More information can be found here.

Keim’s choice: Washington 21, Eagles 17
McManus Choice: Washington 24, Eagles 23
FPI Prediction: WSH, 58.9% (up 3.0 points on average)

The juxtaposition should be read: Win or go home: Washington plays with the country’s money in a well-known scenario…. Pederson could lead the turnaround of the Eagles if the front office allows him to. ….. Who will win the NFC East? Washington is the favorite, but the Giants and Cowboys aren’t far behind….. Pederson plans to return as head coach of the Eagles in 2021 … Rivera consolidated his power in Washington by firing Haskins Jr.

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