ProsecutorSLO states that the solution sets a dangerous precedent

San Luis Obispo – San Luis Obispo Supreme Court Judge ruled Friday that the case was inadmissible. December that the prosecutor’s office of San Luis Obispo has to drop the case of Tianna Arata.

Arata was arrested for 13 offences in connection with the demonstration at 21 Black Living Matter. July in San Luis Obispo. She appeared live in court on Friday morning.

His attorney filed a motion alleging that some of Dan Doe’s comments, the OLS plaintiff, in public and on social media pointed to a bias against the Black Lives Matter movement. That’s why he and his office should be suspended from the case.

According to published reports, Supreme Court judge Matthew Guerrero said that men and women accused here have the right to be prosecuted without any political or personal advantage to the prosecutor. This is particularly true when accused persons protest against systemic injustice and bias. The court’s conclusion that there is a clear and factual conflict of interest makes it unlikely that suspects will be treated fairly at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

The case will be forwarded to the California Attorney General’s office.

San Luis Obispo County Attorney Dan Doe issued a statement on Friday the 11th. Following Judge Guerrero’s decision, the Court of Justice made the following declaration on 31 December

Let me start by saying that I have the greatest respect for the judicial process and for judges who have to make difficult decisions, Mr Dow said.

In this sense, I respectfully and resolutely oppose Judge Guerrero’s conclusions and the decision to acquit the prosecutor of prosecution for criminal activities that took place during this summer’s demonstrations. It is clear that there must be a real conflict of interest under the law for a prosecutor to resign and that conflict must be so serious that it is unlikely that the accused will be treated fairly throughout the criminal proceedings.

In this case, there is absolutely no conflict. On the contrary. Although I have been personally attacked on several occasions since my arrest in these cases, I have continued to do my duty without fail, without succumbing to the pressure of public opinion and public opinion. I am proud of the professionalism that our office has shown under enormous public pressure for several months now. We have examined the amount of evidence thoroughly, fairly and objectively, carried out additional independent investigations and made all decisions based on the facts and applicable law. We have never doubted our unwavering commitment to ensuring that every suspect is treated fairly at a time when we are fulfilling our important constitutional duty.

The exclusion of a prosecutor elected by San Luis Obispo County voters to enforce the law in our community without evidence of genuine conflict undermines the role and independence of the elected prosecutor and sets a dangerous precedent, Dow said.

At the demonstration on the 21st. On 7 July protesters reportedly blocked Highway 101, while police reported vandalism by some protesters.

Arata was killed on the night of the 21st. July. It is confronted with 13 offences, including obstruction of movement, deprivation of liberty, unlawful assembly and violation of peace.

The 21st. In July, a demonstrator, Elias Bautista, was also arrested. He stated that he was innocent of the charge of resisting, obstructing or delaying a peacekeeping officer.

Six men – Robert Lustra Jr., Sam Grocott, Gerard Hill, Marcus Montgomery, Joshua Powell and Amman Asfo – were honoured on Friday, the 16th anniversary of the founding of the company. In connection with the demonstration on the 21st of October. July. Lustra Junior from Atasquadero.

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