When the big NFL quarterbacks aim for records, they’re sometimes attacked.

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Ben Retlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers will soon be the hallmark of the world’s most fired quarterback, who has left the starting line 1017 times in a total of 38 regular seasons.

The record belongs to Brett Favre, who defeated John Elway (516) in his last season in the 2010 NFL and finished with 525 points. Ten years later, the Favre can award the badge of honour.

But with Rothlisberger and Brady at 511 and 508 respectively, the next active quarterback is Aaron Rogers with 455. Whoever survives this fight between two people can hold the record for a while.

It’s an incredible power to take those (hundreds of) bags and keep producing like those guys, said Sebastian Wallmer, Brady’s right-wing fight with the New England Patriots from 2009 to 2016. Sometimes they get hit really hard. It’s a beating. They’re fighting over injuries. Some people think quarterbacks are soft, but people are hard.

This is, of course, a measure of life expectancy. The elite quarterbacks, who have been playing for over 15 years and are growing in their pockets, take their shots.

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And this future holodomor room isn’t exactly a pocket magnet. Based on a net decrease (no interference), Roethlisberger receives 6.4% imbalances, compared to 4.7% for Brady; these figures are not even close to the top 10 quarterbacks with 200 bags since the Elias Sports Bureau began chasing it in 1963.

Greg Landry leads with 12.1% and is not far behind David Carr (10.5%), Randall Cunningham (10.1%) and Roger Staubach (9.6%).

Brady and Rathlisberger came here in totally different styles. Brady’s never been fired more than 41 times in one season. He makes quick decisions about the line and sails with a few dragging legs in his pocket.

Rothlisberger needed at least 46 each year from 2006 to 2009 because he was willing to improvise and put himself in the sack for six, seven, eight seconds to find an open person. Over time he turned into a powerful passer-by with a quick blow to protect his body.

This season Brady recovered the ball from his hands in 2.60 seconds to knock him out, compared to 2.27 for the Roethlisberger. Since 2016, the average values have been 2.66 and 2.54 respectively. Their escape in 2020 is impressive: Brady recorded zero sacks in four of his seven games, and Rotlisberger took no more than two sacks in the game.

Yet they dominated for almost two decades and won eight Super Bowls together, and the trend is rising.

With the help of a couple of basketball players who sent the quarterbacks back and the line judges who blocked them, those quarterbacks came here.

Tom Brady: Bags with trophies

There was nothing Carlos Dunlap could do about it.

He waited ten seasons to fire Brady, and after Cincinnati’s defense was completed, the Bengal finally did it – he hit the left gear from the outside to pack Brady in the back in week 15 last year – and approached the quarterback for the second time.

I told him [after the game] that I finally have it on my CV, so I have to remember something, Dunlap said. It was super cheap. I’m sure a lot of people ask him. That’s why I don’t want to. But he seemed to respect the game I was playing.

A few days later Dunlap received a parcel in the mail: Brady’s sweater with a note encouraging him to move on.

Getting Brady fired is like a trophy for passport shredders, who often worry about his decisions and the Patriots program to protect him.

In just six games against Brady in Tampa Bay, defender Ali Marpet has noted that defenders feel defeated against Brady because he understands where the pressure comes from and knows the answer to that pressure, thanks in part to the dedication of his receivers.

Why is it surprising that Brady has more than 500 sacks On average, he receives 1.75 sacks per game in his career, which, according to ESPN statistics and information, is less than a current starting quarterback over 30 years in the NFL, with the exception of Drew Bree (1.48). Brady just outdid everyone. By the end of the year he will have won 301 regular season games in his career, including 302 at Favre.

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Former Indianapolis Colt-star Dwight Freeney is still 18th on the dismissal list with 125.5, including three for Brady, but the quarterback was one of his biggest challenges, even though Brady was reluctant to play him.

Frini fired Brady on the 30th. In November 2003 he plays with him for the first time and meets the Patriots of Brady 11 times in his career. But the Patriots have constantly shifted the defense in favor of free access and encouraged him to watch the movie of the year to spot the trends.

Freenie is still in love, at a time when Brady – when Freenie was still a Charger at the end of his career – made a temporary adjustment that brought him into the men’s story about Rob Gronkowski at a low price.

When you get there, you can blow on him and he’ll fall, Freenie said. But it’s harder to do that because of his intelligence, the way [his teams] play the game. I liked playing with him. He wants to win so badly that he doesn’t care if he gets hit.

Of course, Brady’s 225-pound frame isn’t very impressive. The NFL jumpsuit of the year 2000 taught us that. But not everyone shares a feather-light experience in the wilderness.

The Colts defense ended the career of Justin Houston, who had fired Brady three times in three games against the bosses, and said Brady had cunning powers if he wanted to use them.

He’s stronger than you think. He said it wasn’t to be expected. I thought it would be easier for him if he fell when I hit him. … I grabbed it tight, and it took an extra effort to get it down.

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Brady’s general indifference to his contacts helps keep the smugglers who think they’ve scared him off.

Olivier Vernon said he [Brady] scored pretty good when he played for the Miami Dolphins. He thought Brady would quit the game, and this comes from the man who fired Brady 4.5 times in nine career games against him, the first time in 2013.

All he did was get up, pat me on the back and say good shot, Vernon remembers. I was thinking: What? I literally put the 260 pounds on you. Before I could respond, he was about to leave without a criminal record.

Ben Rothlisberger: Gladiator

Ramon Foster saw Rothlisberger beaten hundreds of times when he was locked up for 10 seasons. I’ve never heard Rothlisberger complain about protection or an authorized bag.

He was just talking [before the game]: Hey, guys, try to buy me a few more seconds, cause we knew he was gonna play, Foster. They made us look like rock stars because we blocked Ben.

Rothlisberger’s play is symbolically linked to art; while Brady is the transmitter of rhythm, Rothlisberger is its creator. He turns his bag into a personal maze and keeps an eye on the field after a positive yard, even if that increases the number of bags.

Retlisberger’s 223 career games are far behind Brady and Favre, and he’s third on the all-time list, although he missed 14 games last season because of an elbow injury that required surgery.

He’s a gladiator – his mentality: I’m going to play for my team, said Frini von Roethlisberger. That’s why I liked playing in Pittsburgh, because Ben didn’t care if you got off the field, he wanted to get rid of you with a shoulder movement. You can beat the quarterback.

Although there are old glory moments every Sunday, Rothlisberger has changed his game to keep him healthy. The Steelers probably realised too soon that Rothlisberger had broken the bag record and made bag cleanliness a priority. Bruce Arians, who now coaches Brady in Tampa Bay, had Super Bowl success as Rothlisberger’s offensive coordinator, but it was known that his attacks challenged quarterbacks to stay in the sack as long as it took to produce big games.

Eventually the Stallers left the Aryans and hired Todd Hayley in 2013.

Since 2015, Roethlisberger has taken 92 bags in 64 games, which, according to ESPN statistics and information, represents an average of 1.43 per game (better than Lamar Jacksons – 1.46). This year the number of Rothlisberger pass attempts has dropped to 33 per race, nine times less than in 2018.

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Rothlisberger can always use its 1.80 m long frame to get out of traffic jams, so the transit sailor needs to develop a strategy.

A plan: Attack the boring trees.

It’s better to take it from him, said Dunlap, who has played with Roethlisberger’s Steelers 18 times and has 3.5 bags on Roethlisberger, his first half of a bag will arrive on the 12th. December 2010. He’ll let you hold his legs while he can drop him. I also saw him trying to throw with his left hand. Try to remove it with both hands. If you go down, it’s just too big.

In Rothlisberger’s long biography he weighs 241 pounds, but in the course of his career he has been known to play more. According to Follmer, the Roethlisberger is as big and strong as most defenders.

Every game on the defensive line starts, like in Houston, a week in Pittsburgh, and the coaches emphasize the strength of Rothlisberger. They made him famous from the beginning.

Roethlisberger mainly works with traditional waste, little smuggling, a lot of unloading. He never changed the formula, not even when Terrell Saggs shot Big Ben 17 times, when Baltimore Raven was ready to attack him like no other. Foster remembered that Suggs’ favorite line, the Big Boy coming after you, sometimes made a joke with Rothlisberger: Who’s that guy again? From the pile. Sugar even broke Rothlisberger’s nose in one fell swoop in 2010. But the two respect each other and will exchange their T-shirts after the 2018 match.

Foster noticed that the passing navigator released Big Ben early and then closed him for the rest of the game because they got what they wanted.

You don’t think too much about it until [the game] is hell, I’ve caught Big Ben, said Vernon, who has three bags in three games against Roethlisberger, the first came with the Miami Dolphins at eight. December 2013.

Houston was so excited that he fired Rothlisberger as early as 2012 that he was fined for celebrating a tandem in the backfield with Tamba Hali. It was great – until I looked at my paycheck, says Houston, who fired Big Ben twice in five games.

Who is next on the list?

What Roethlisberger and Brady have produced and still produce more than 500 bags is a reference to their rare consistency. Most quarterbacks don’t last that long. In season 17 Roethlisberger took the Steelers to a 6-0 lead and improved Brady with a new team at 43 to 5-2.

Take a look at Rothlisberger’s drawing from 2004: In January, shortly after his 39th birthday. On his 38th birthday, Eli Manning retired and 38-year-old Philip Rivers signed a one-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts after the Chargers moved from Los Angeles to Los Angeles. All of Brady’s quarterback classes from the 2000 draft retired in 2010.

Peyton Manning retired at 39, John Elway at 38, Steve Young at 37 and Troy Aikman at 34. Despite Bree and Brady’s 40-year-old anomalies, the eternal game is usually a dream.

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Some of the smartest players in the game, both in and out of the bag, will get enough blows to defy this dream on a long journey. There’s a similarity between quarterbacks shooting themselves and pain.

Deshawn Watson, 25 years old, has an average of 3.27 bags per race this season and with an average of 51 bags per race is the best active starter. Russell Wilson, 31, the champion avoids a big hit because of his sliding ability, took 99 bags from 2018 to 19 years old and has made his career to an average of 2.72 bags per race. At this rate, Wilson will mark the 525 bag in about 60 races.

Rogers can do it in less time, about 29 races, with an average of 2.45 bags in 16 years. He turns 37 in December. (Retlisberger and Brady can continue to play and extend the recordings in the bag – especially if Retlisberger disappears for another three years).

All three quarterbacks are elite candidates. By comparison, the man at the top of the quarterback pantheon, Patrick Mahomez, has a rare ability to dodge the pockets, averaging 1.45 per game for more than three seasons.

The [quarterback] creators are going to live and die from that, and that leads to big shows, but also to bags, Foster said. It’s all done on an ad hoc basis.

In theory, tears are more likely to be fired as a result of too many passports. Twenty-seven NFL teams average at least 33 attempts per game, up from 17 in 2010.

However, as Ms Marpet pointed out, in many cases passports are treated as short runs with screen passports and contraband, minimising the threat from the bag. Everything you need this week
– Complete chart | Football Power Index
– Depth charts for each team
– Transactions | Injuries
– Football Power Index
Other NFL coverage

Passport holders think it’s harder than ever to get fired because the league protects the quarterbacks. Passengers had difficulty adapting to the narrowing of impact zones and the body weight rule introduced in 2018 helped defenceless quarterbacks.

In the first six weeks of 2018 and 2019, the NFL recorded an average of 56 fines for blank passports, a sharp increase over the previous 20 years, although the number dropped to 44 in six weeks this year.

Freenie believes that more attention should be paid to the intention to harm officials than to the protection of the strike zone, which can be manipulated by moving quarterbacks through their bodies to take calls, as in basketball.

According to Houston, the rules have changed so much that it’s more about the injury, the way they feel their presence. Then you could have dragged her to the ground, and now all you had to do was grab her and hope the judge would whistle on her death. You should try to make adjustments on your way to the field.

The linebackers will continue to shoot Brady and Rathlisberger because they are high up in the bag and deliver.

And they always get up.

It may be age, a combination of consciousness, but players like [Brady] feel they are taking those big hits, how to avoid them and how to counter them before they happen, Marpet said.

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