Liverpool issues of VAR headers this week ESPN Insider Notebook. MORE: Lionel Messi is preparing for a big party in Barcelona.

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VAR proves he is a sworn enemy of Liverpool

The VAR prefers Liverpool, right? That was the reaction in social media last season when the hashtag #LiVARpool was everywhere when they won their first league title in 30 years. The opponents believed that the VAR was the main reason for this success, although the facts show that this was not justified, and Jurgen Klopp’s men have every reason this season to believe that the VAR was against them.

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– The biggest contradictions in the VAR in season
– How the VAR changed in 2020-21

Liverpool now leads the way in almost every VAR category you want to avoid. During the title season they only had to deal with a VAR coupé eight times, of which only three were eliminated against them. But the will to defend his Premier League title was put to the test at the beginning of the election campaign, which has already seen six coups d’état, five of them in favour of the opposition.

No other team has scored as many goals in the first eight games as Liverpool in the entire 2019-20 period. They made more decisions (five) against them than any other team, and no other club imposed more than two VAR penalties on their opponents. Reds are also at the bottom of the table for clean VAR solutions, at -4.

So far, these decisions have not been too damaging to the results. They beat Sheffield United 2-1 at home, although they missed a controversial penalty early on and then scored a 1-1 offside goal from Mohammed Salah. The 82. The second minute goal from Diogo Jota against West Ham was ruled out for a foul before the Portuguese striker scored the winning goal. But in Manchester City they escaped with one of them when Kevin De Bruyn missed the penalty after Joe Gomez was brutally punished for playing VAR handball.


  Total Superiority
ramps 6 3=
Decisions against 5 1
Clean solutions -4 1
Fines will be imposed. 2 1=
Targets are off limits. 3 1
Objectives assigned 1 3=

There was a double curse on Everton in Goodison Park. VAR missed a clean red card because they beat Jordan Pikford against Virgil Van Dyke. To make matters worse, Jordan Henderson was forbidden to arrest the winner because of a dubious offside position against Sadio Manet. And yet, despite all this and with only Andreas Christensen’s red card in Chelsea’s favour, Liverpool is one point away from the pace.

It’s a different picture than Everton’s championship rivals. All three coups were favourable and had a positive effect on the results, with six points, four more than any other club. And think of Pikford’s escape.

Of the other Big Six, only Tottenham Hotspur came close to Liverpool’s negative record, and three out of four decisions went against the latter – the loudest was that of Newcastle United, who scored one of the fifteen goals in favor of Eric Dier after a ball injury.

Chelsea have not been associated with VAR since Christensen’s suspension against Liverpool (0-0) and his 2-0 defeat in that game. But manager Frank Lampard will point to a certain penalty he missed at the VAR at Old Trafford when Harry Maguire met Cesar Azpilicueta in his WWE-style trick, again 0-0.

Manchester United was actively involved in the trial, but their seven VAR decisions contrasted with the three victories and perhaps only 3-2 in Brighton – a punishment against a coup d’état and a late punishment imposed on their behalf – which influenced the outcome. In the Arsenal and the Cité humaine there was only one revolution in their game, and none of them changed the outcome. — Dale Johnson

Fault! The file name is not specified. Liverpool Jurgen Klopp has put an end to controversial VAR decisions this season. Mark Runnacles/Getty Pictures

Messi premium of EUR 33 million after the attempt to leave Barca.

FC Barcelona will pay Lionel Messi next summer a loyalty bonus of 33 million euros as part of the contract he signed with the club in 2017, sources reported ESPN. Messi received half of the premium of 66 million euros in February, the other half must be paid in June when his contract expires and he can leave free of charge.

This is not the first time Barca decides to reward players this way. Javi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta also received bonuses – but not as much as Messi – while other players, including Carl Pujol, were denied the chance to make more money at the club.

According to some sources, Messi also received an upgrade premium of about 100 million euros when he signed a four-year contract three years ago. This premium has been paid in instalments throughout the term of his contract.

Messi or Maradona? Is Pele Brasil undoubtedly the best? Dempsey of Donovan of the United States? Our writers have proposed candidates, and we want our readers to make a decision! Read

Messi, 33, would have waived the second half of the bonus if he had left the club earlier this year as he wished. Instead, he stayed at Camp Know, and his future after this season largely depends on who will be chosen as the new president of the club after Josep Maria Bartomeu’s departure. Messi’s 20-year term at the club depends on the new president’s ability to sell him a new sports project.

The €33 million owed by Messi is not a good time for Barca, who continues to negotiate with the club’s staff, including the first team, on the transfer of salaries. Several players have already signed new contracts under which they will receive their salaries this season.

Barca said they will have to deduct €190 million from their salary this season because of the financial consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. During the summer, several significant profits were sold, which was useful, but since the 23rd year of the company’s life, the company has been busy selling its products. November, deadline for the agreement – Moises Llorens – negotiations with the other members of management are ongoing.

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Steve Nichol hopes that Lionel Messi will regain his best relationship with Argentina after the stormy season of Barca.

Person United is passionately committed to the defenders of Rising Star

Portuguese defender David Carmo has been attracting the interest of Premier League clubs including Manchester United, sources told ESPN.

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The highly respected 21-year-old impressed Braga in Portugal after becoming the target of several clubs in England and throughout Europe. Roma and Fiorentina were among the clubs that expressed their interest in the Carmo during the summer.

United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to add a left back to his team. Carmo, who is part of the Portuguese U-19 team that won the European Championship in 2018, is a possibility.

However, every move for a defender is probably based on the departure of at least one center-back from Old Trafford. United are open to offers from Phil Jones and Marcos Rojo, who have been unable to join the Champions League team this season. — Rob Dawson


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Julien Laurena is surprised by the return of Ole Gunnar Solskier after the interviews.

No Tottenham return for Eriksen

This week Inter Milan invited Christian Eriksen with optimism to Tottenham Hotspur. Sources told ESPN that neither Eriksen nor the Spurs are particularly interested in reviewing the partnership, which ended in January with an embarrassing £17 million transfer because the midfielder decided to skip the last year of his contract.

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Although Eriksen was a major player in North London for six and a half years, with 69 goals in 305 appearances, Tottenham was disappointed with the way the 28-year-old had repressed him. During this period, they also restructured their attack by making the loan agreement with Giovanni Lo Selso permanent with Real Betis and temporarily resigning Gareth Bale from Real Madrid.

Eriksen is probably available at a reduced price after a difficult first year in Italy with Inter coach Antonio Conte, who prefers more mobile players in advanced positions, but Spurs coach Jose Mourinho takes a similar approach at Tottenham.

Eriksen remains a talented player who would improve many teams across Europe, but there will certainly have to be more water under the bridge before a meeting with the Spurs becomes a real opportunity. — James Ollie

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Tyrone Mings discusses the comments of former FIFA president Greg Clarke and explains why education is so important in football.

Clark fails in the chaos, while FA struggles to change.

After the chaotic dismissal of its chairman Greg Clark on Tuesday – to the disappointment of many of the remaining employees – the English Football Association has come under a lot of criticism.

Sources have reported to ESPN that although Clarke acknowledged its position as unacceptable through a series of unacceptable comments during the hearings of the parliamentary selection committee, the result was that the whole organisation was presented as obsolete, which disappointed many staff members.

Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and others have joined Dan Thomas to bring you the latest news and discuss the most important plots. Flows to ESPN+ (USA only).

It is clear that the FA will be a completely modernised and inclusive governing body – former presidents, including David Bernstein and Greg Dyke, alluded to the difficulty of making major changes – and staff feared that the work achieved would be lost in the storm that surrounded Mr Clark’s departure.

Last month, with the support of more than 40 clubs in the Premier League, EFL, Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship, the Football Association launched a diversity code for football leaders, which aims to tackle inequalities in leadership, operational and coaching roles.

Moreover, the FA has the lowest gender pay gap of any major sports federation and was the first English national federation to introduce a regional management code.

Staff are also concerned that the excitement of Clark’s departure will negatively impact efforts to create programs to encourage Asian communities to play soccer, to establish 25 Wildcat centers for cats with disabilities, and to work with the Black Media Collective on sports to support efforts to develop a wide range of sports media.

At Wembley, it is hoped that the next president can reinforce these measures by communicating more effectively than Clark, whom he led for four years. — James Ollie

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Commissioner Don Garber explains how the MLS Bakery Tournament came about and what happens when a player is diagnosed with the coronavirus.

La Liga passes KOVID-19 tests

The competition contributes to the introduction of an innovative new COVID-19 test method that will speed up the testing process and can be extended to the rest of Spain in the coming months, according to a source of the competition.

Football players arriving in Spain for aerobatics are tested for coronaviruses at least three times a week, in accordance with the League’s protocol. Until now, a nasal smear – a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test – was used for this, but that will soon be easier.

Soon the clubs will have two testing options. Players can either secrete saliva and put it in a container, or swallow two serums, rinse them off and spit in the pot. Athletico Madrid and Real Sociedad are among the five clubs that triumphed first, with Real Betis and Valencia among the five clubs using the latter method.

A La Liga source believes that the competition is the first in the sports world to use this new method, which makes the process smoother, faster and easier.

The tests performed by the Synlab group yielded the same results as the PCR test and if there are no problems in the League, the methods are used elsewhere. Hopefully this will make home testing easier and more reliable, while being especially useful for detecting the virus in young children because it is much less invasive – Sam Marsden.

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Julien Lawrence believes that Thomas Tuchel can no longer make many mistakes after the 2-1 defeat of PSG by RB Leipzig in the Champions League.

PSG Leonardo irritates fans with praise atMarseille

Did he do it on purpose? Was it a mistake? Was he honest and didn’t he understand what harm his words could do? Nevertheless, the comment of the Paris sports director, St. Louis, that the Germain Leonardo, according to whom Paris, unlike his great rivals Marseille, is not a football city, does not have much success with his fans, especially in the Ultra.

Leonardo said: There is a culture [of football] in Paris that needs to be developed. Paris, for example, has never been a football city. It’s always Marseille. In Paris there are so many other things to do [than go to a soccer game].

Worse, Leonardo’s comments came in an online chat with his own MTP followers.

His words aroused the anger of PSG supporters. The most important Ultra group, CUP, reacted with an aggressive statement that reminds them of the great atmosphere in the Fürstenpark.

Luis Fernandez, a former PSG Leonardo player and coach, understands or knows nothing of Paris and PSG, he said. — Julien Lawrence

The Prince of Monaco arrives in the forest

The English masters of Nottingham Forest have their own prince. Since a few weeks, Louis Ducroix, son of Stéphanie, Princess of Monaco, officially works at the club as a consultant for international projects.

The nephew of Albert II of Monaco, monarch of the principality, has great ambitions in the club. ESPN has been informed by sources that it will also be engaged in recruitment, communication and marketing.

Ducroix, 27, worked in Monaco for five years before coming to Forrest. At the Ligue 1 club, he held various positions in the commercial and recruitment departments and became assistant to Vice-President Vadim Vasiliev and his successor Oleg Petrov.

The Prince, who still lives in Monaco, has signed a two-year contract in Forest, where he hopes to gain a lot of experience. — Julien Lawrence

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