People are suffering from so many mental and physical problems. Some people like to set their life in a balanced way. Pain could be anything. Shoulder pain is the most common problem nowadays. Joint problems are mostly happening at the age of 40. There are so many things on the list that are painful. 

Many people do not even bother to feel the pain. Many problems can be cured only if they recognize the pain and the type of pain. Few of the problems that a person is 

Frozen shoulder

Many people get the frozen shoulder pain problem because of the hard work and stress. When a person gets frozen shoulder pain, he might feel restless and dizzy. The two primary goals of treatment are increasing motion and decreasing pain. To increase the motion, physical therapy is usually prescribed. The physical therapist moves the patient’s arm to stretch the capsule and teaches the patient home exercises that may include the use of a wand or overhead pulley. They may also use ice, heat, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation. 

Physicians frequently recommend anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), Naprosyn, or Aleve to decrease pain. Pain pills such as Tylenol or narcotics may be prescribed to decrease the pain after therapy or help sleep at night. Occasionally, steroid injections of the joint or the bursa may be indicated. Steroids like prednisone, taken by mouth, may be given to help decrease the inflammation.

Heart attack and Angina

This world is suffering from most of the most dangerous diseases, and heart attack is one of the most frequent diseases. Many people die in a very big ratio because of heart disease. There are two types of pain: Angina and heart attack. In Angina, people suffer pain related to a heart attack.

People with Angina can experience similar symptoms to a heart attack, but they usually occur during exercise and pass within a few minutes.

Though, occasionally, people with Angina can have a heart attack. It’s essential to know the difference between the indications of Angina and those of a heart attack. The best way to do this is to remember that the symptoms of Angina can be controlled with medicine, but indications of a heart attack cannot.

If you have Angina, you may have been prescribed medicine (glyceryl trinitrate) that improves your symptoms within 5 minutes. If the first dose does not work.


Fear of missing out is one of the unknown diseases globally. Most people in society are sorrowful about this issue. Fear of missing out (FoMO) is a unique term introduced in 2004 to describe a phenomenon observed on social networking sites. FoMO includes two processes; firstly, the perception of missing out, followed by compulsive behavior to maintain these social influences. We are absorbed in understanding the complex construct of FoMO and its relations to the need to belong and form stable interpersonal relationships. 

FOMO is related to a range of adverse life experiences and feelings due to it being considered a problematic attachment to social media. We have provided a general review of the literature. We have summarized the findings concerning mental health, social functioning, sleep, academic performance and productivity, neurodevelopmental complaints, and physical well-being.

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