How to Make a Trip Unforgettable: Easy Tips for Travelers

The summer for travel is finally back. With so many options and places to go, it can be hard to choose what destinations you’ll visit. If you are thinking about cruising around North America, you have to stop in Montreal. With its Old Port vibes and French influence, you’ll think you’ve stepped into a town in Europe. 

Montreal is a city that’s full of culture, history and beautiful architecture. It’s the second largest city in Canada with a population of 1.7 million and doesn’t lack in things to do.

Montreal is known for its famous festivals like the Montreal Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs and Winter Carnival. But there are other things to do in Montreal that don’t involve partying. There are plenty of stunning views around the city that will leave you breathless. You’ll want to take in the sights without worrying about carrying your backpacks or rolling suitcases. Take advantage of the luggage storage in Montreal to leave your belongings at a secure location while you explore. 

Here are 10 breathtaking places to visit in Montreal:

1) Mount Royal Park

This park comes alive in the summer. Don’t miss a Sunday when the city gathers to take part in what is known as the Tam Tams; a hillside drum circle where people bring picnics and spend the day listening to music. Bike through the beautiful greenery or people watch for hours. Either way, you’ll be captivated by this incredible space on the famous Mount Royal. 

2) Old Montreal

With cobblestone streets and a bustling restaurant scene, Old Montreal will transport you back in time. Meander through the winding roads, take part in a walking tour or simply sit and enjoy a coffee as you watch the world pass by. It’s highly recommended to leave your bag in luggage storage in Montreal as these streets date back to the 17th century and are not conducive to suitcase wheels. 

If you’re feeling particularly brave, try out a Ghost Tour of Old Montreal and see what stories lie beneath the surface. 

3) Notre Dame Basilica

In the centre of Old Montreal, you will come across the epic Notre Dame Basilica. This gorgeous cathedral showcases vaulted ceilings and incredible light displays. Showcasing awe-inspiring Gothic architecture, you will want to spend some time appreciating the myriad of details found in this church. 

4) The Bell Centre (Montreal Canadiens Hockey Arena)

Although not particularly breathtaking from the outside, inside the Bell Centre you will witness something truly incredible. Catch a Montreal Canadiens game and get immersed in some serious hockey culture. This team is one of the original six NHL teams and is steeped in a long history of battling for the Stanley Cup. You will be sure to have a good time. Hockey not your thing? No problem. The Bell Centre is also the best place in town to catch an amazing musical act from some of the biggest stars in the world. You’ll want to put your bags in luggage storage in Montreal for one of these shows- hockey seats are notoriously close together. 

5) Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanique de Montreal)

If the hustle and bustle of the city gets to be a bit too much, take a long walk through the Jardin Botanique de Montreal. These sweeping gardens offer nature’s reprieve from the busy city. Check out the variety of garden themes featured in this expansive oasis. 

6) Biodome (a botanical park in the heart of downtown Montreal)

Fun for the whole family, the Biodome is home to flora and fauna alike. You can visit the various ecosystems featured in the park. View underwater creatures and the awesome array of butterflies (that will land on you if you are wearing brightly colored clothing). This one is not to be missed. 

7) Place d’Armes Square (Old Market Square)

Part of Old Montreal, this historic square is the perfect spot for lunch outside and to take in the glorious architecture of this area of Montreal. 

8) Olympic Stadium (Montreal Tower)

This incredible stadium is another great place to catch a game of football with the Montreal Alouhettes or a soccer game. 

9) Atwater Market 

If you’re looking for a culinary experience, check out the Atwater market to peruse the fresh fruits, vegetables and artisanal creations that Montreal has to offer. 

10) The Plateau 

Finally, visit the quaint and vibrant Plateau neighborhood. With no shortage of great restaurants, live music or art, you’ll be able to spend hours wandering through the streets finding things to see and do. 

This incredible destination is not to be missed and with luggage storage in Montreal, you won’t have to worry about looking like a tourist- drop off your bags and become a local for the day. 

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