The 2020 NBA Free Agent class will not have the same star power as last year, when almost half the competition appeared, but there will be many celebrities on the market. Trade negotiations could offer more.

Will MVP Giannis Antetokunmpo sign a five-year extension with the Milwaukee Bucks? Which market for the Toronto Raptors is being held by Fred Van Vliet? Anthony Davis is the castle where the L.A. Lakers champion returns?

Save it here for the latest news, sounds and analysis throughout the free agency and trading season.

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Update on 10. November

8:30 at night. IT : Phoenix Suns was talking to buy Chris Paul from Thunder, Oklahoma City, told ESPN sources. Negotiations are continuing and intensifying, but no agreement will be reached in the near future. According to some sources, Thunder has given star players such as Paul George and Russell Westbrook information about trade destinations in the past and is open to cooperation with Paul on today’s trade.

Pelton: Will Chris Paul’s deal be a good move for the Phoenix Sun?

Update of 28. October

13H27 IT : Daryl Morey, former general manager of the Houston Rockets, is about to make a deal to make the Philadelphia 76ers the new president of basketball operations, said Adrian Woynarowski, ESPN source. The official announcement is expected this week.

23. October Update

18H55 IT : Miami Heat president Pat Riley said Friday that the goal of the team in the off-season is to take care of the players we have. This list includes free agents Goran Dragich, Jay Crowder, Meyers Leonard and Derrick Jones, Jr. Miami also wants to retain some flexibility for the 2021 free agent class, which could include superstars like Giannis Antetokunmpo, Kavi Leonard and Paul George.

The star of Bam Adebayo is also eligible for an extension if he enters the last year of his collaboration with a newcomer.

Once we have all the numbers, and we’ve written them all down, we get the chart, we know when the dates are, and what the rules are in everything, once we have all the numbers, we stay on it, Riley said. And at least we’ll look into it. Next for Miami: Bam’s decision and how to plant another star…

Update of 21. October

3:00 in the afternoon. IT : At the introduction of the new Indiana Pacers coach Nate Björkgren, team chairman Kevin Pritchard talked about the biggest issue of the remaining off-season franchise: the future of two-time All-Star winner Victor Oladipo, who could become an unlimited free agent after the next season.

The team is comfortable. He told me he thought this team could be very good, Pritchard. We hear a lot of things, but as long as I don’t hear it, I’m not worried.

Oladipo closes the last four-year contract for $85 million. characters : Next steps for Pacers

11:34 in the morning. IT : The Minnesota Timberwolves, who have not yet made a clear decision on their proposed NBA No. 1, are carefully considering all situations, including exchange scenarios, before developing a plan for the night of the project, reports ESPN Eric Woodyard.

According to Gersson Rosas, president of Timberwolves Basketball Operations, we generally look at the concept from 1 to every issue we consider to be a concept player. And we’re going to evaluate these guys in an exchange scenario, trade them, trade them for unreadable opportunities for free agents, for opportunities for smaller leagues, so that we can really beat the project as much as we can for the project.

Minnesota is also in 17th and 33rd place. Picket in concept on the 18th. November.

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: Everything you need to know about Project 2020

Update of 12. October

2:18 in the morning. IT : After the Los Angeles Lakers in the sixth. After winning the title at Miami Heath in match three of the NBA finals, Anthony Davis turned to his next free agency.

I had a great time in my first year in Los Angeles. It was just joy, nothing but a surprise. We’ll know in the next few months. I mean, I’m not 100% sure, but that’s why my agent [Rich Paul] is who he is and we’re going to discuss it and work it out, Davis said.

Davis is expected to withdraw from his $28.8 million contract for 2020-21 and possibly receive $32.7 million next season if the salary ceiling remains at $109.1 million, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks. characters : How the Lakers make it to the finals.

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As the retail market is about to reopen, NBA insider Kevin Pelton is investigating what’s going to happen in Brooklyn, Golden State, Oklahoma City and Philadelphia. The largest solutions for the 30 teams

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More information about the free agency and the trading season

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