After midnight, after a full day of campaigning, the president complained that Covid-19 appeared in the media when the crowd sang Fiery Fauci’s song.

Don’t tell anyone, but let me wait until a little after the election, Mr Trump said, to welcome you. I appreciate the advice.

Trump later said Fauci was a good guy, but he was wrong. Earlier, Mr Trump had explained that at the beginning of the pandemic, Mr Fauci had refused to wear masks, although at that time the administration was concerned about the extent of the provision of medical equipment.

Most people in Florida didn’t wear masks. Mr Trump continued his rallies in states with serious coronavirus outbreaks, believing that his message of reopening would be well received by voters.

Mr Trump’s fight against the coronavirus epidemic remains the backdrop for this year’s elections. At another point on Sunday, Trump laid siege to his rival Joe Biden and said he wanted to follow science.

Trump’s remarks about Fauci came the day after the White House hit a doctor who is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

In response to Fauci’s comments in the Washington Post criticizing the trump card board’s reaction to the pandemic and claiming that the United States could not be worse off, a White House spokesman accused Fauci of playing politics in the run-up to the election.

Deputy spokesman Judd Deer said that Fauci had decided to declare his political involvement, while admitting that he had a duty to express concern or lobby for a change in strategy.

By early Monday morning, more than 9.2 million people in the United States had been infected with the coronavirus and more than 230,000 people had died.

Although Trump and Fauci worked together in the early stages of the pandemic, their relationship deteriorated significantly. Mr Fauci stated that he would no longer inform the Chairman and that he would be replaced by Dr Scott Atlas, on whom the Chairman relied for advice on coronaviruses.

Other members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force also complained that the atlas provided the president with information that was not scientifically substantiated and excluded experts with different opinions.

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In public opinion polls, Americans have said they trust Fauci more than Trump to provide credible information about the pandemic.

Mr Trump’s proposal to dismiss Mr Fauci will soon be seen in the context of other staffing decisions of the administration. Trump made it clear that he was unhappy with his FBI director, the Attorney General and other healthcare officials who he believed worked against him during the pandemic.

This made it possible to avoid major upheavals in the cabinet in the run-up to the elections, in the hope of avoiding negative headlines about the chaos in the administration before the vote. But how he will act after the election remains an open question; councillors said they expect important changes if Trump wins the re-election.

Although the President recently signed a Council Decision that will facilitate the professional development of federal workers, it is not clear whether this new measure includes Fauci.

According to federal law, Mr Trump has no right to dismiss Mr Fauci, a professional civil servant, directly or to suspend him from his duties in the government. He could have tried to order his politicians to fire him, but that would have been a lengthy process against which Fauci could have appealed.

This story has been supplemented with additional information.

Kelly Mena of CNN contributed to this report.

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