Are you familiar with asbestos? If not, you should become acquainted with it because it is a serious hazard. Asbestos is a fibrous material that was once commonly used in construction. Today, its use is highly regulated because of its harmful effects on human health.

The purpose of writing this awareness post is to enlighten you about some basic information about asbestos, and why you need to be aware of its dangers. Also, the concern is more about asbestos in Kelowna.

What is Asbestos in Kelowna?

 Asbestos in Kelowna is known to be the natural fiber that is highly resistant to heat, fire, and chemicals. It was used in more than 3,000 building materials before 1990. It is considered a carcinogen and requires special handling during disposal. It is also extremely dangerous if inhaled. Only a qualified professional should remove it.

Below are some tips for identifying and removing asbestos in your home.

  • All houses built before 1990, there ceiling tiles often contain small asbestos particles.
  •  Additionally, vermiculite attics is a common installation technique. This type of insulation is flat in the joist cavity, whereas loose-fill fiberglass tends to puff up above them.

Asbestos exposure is not as severe as that of other types of asbestos. Asbestos-cement pipes were used in drinking water distribution systems across Canada during the 1940s and 1960s.

These pipes were used because they were light in weight and corrosion-resistant. Although the pipes were replaced after the asbestos cement pipe projects were completed, the pipes still contain the substance.

Why Asbestos is it Dangerous?

Despite being a relatively stable mineral, asbestos becomes dangerous when disturbed. The small fibers of asbestos are not easily expelled from the body and can remain in the air for hours. Being an inert mineral, it cannot be removed or destroyed once it is present.

This means that you should not try to remove it on your own. Instead, contact a professional abatement companyto visit your place for Asbestos Testing Kelownaandsafely remove it from your home is found.

Apart from using in building materials, asbestos can be found in products like;

  • Spray-applied fireproofing
  • Linoleum
  • Floor tiles
  • Vermiculite

There is a high risk of asbestos exposure when working in an area where asbestos-cement pipe projects are prevalent. The worst danger of asbestos exposure comes from municipal workers, who remove drywall found in ditches and dumps. Because workers are not protected, they can easily inhale the fibers.

.The Reason Asbestos Was Banned in Canada

Canadians have been exposed to asbestos for centuries, including in shipyards, and Canada was responsible for producing 40% of the world’s chrysotile asbestos. In the 1970s, the industry was dangerous, leading to a high rate of mesothelioma cancer.

By early 2008, the government started studying the hazards of asbestos-based products. In fact, until recently, Health Canada scientists were supportive of the asbestos industry.

Asbestos was banned in Canada in 2018 as an illegal item. Asbestos can also be present in some rocks and soil, but these are naturally occurring and pose no risk to the health of those living in these areas. Asbestos is released into the air when building materials are disturbed, and a qualified professional can remove it safely.

If you suspect that you are working around asbestos-contaminated materials, it is important to stop work immediately. Asbestos removal requires the participation of qualified professionals and a notice to WorkSafeBC.

What to be Aware Of Asbestos?

When it comes to renovations, a home built before 1990 is likely to contain asbestos. This naturally occurring fibrous material is highly hazardous to human health, and even very small amounts can cause severe problems, including lung disease and cancer.

Asbestos removal and testing should be planned before starting a renovation, as they can be costly and risky. However, proper testing is necessary to ensure the safety of both the homeowner and the workers.

If you have an older home in Kelowna, you may be exposing yourself to this dangerous material. Asbestos was once used in many home products, and it is the number one killer of workers in British Columbia. It has also affected many people’s lives in the area, so you must hire a qualified company to get the job done on the first attempt.

Asbestos is commonly found in many building materials, including; roofing materials and flooring materials. Therefore, testing your building before demolition or renovation is vital. The cost is not too high, and the results will ensure your family’s health.

 A certified asbestos professionalwill monitor the air quality and ensure the safety of tradespeople and the public. This service is vital for both residential and commercial building demolition abatement Kelowna. Once your home has been tested, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s free of dangerous materials.

To get your asbestos tested, approach the leading Environmental Consultant Kelowna, the Mission Hills Environment.

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