Lamar Jackson has made NFL history with a victory unprecedented in his NFL career.

After passing his first break, Jackson played his perfect second half and defeated the Baltimore Ravens Sunday by 24-10 points against the Indianapolis Colts, which coincide with the top 30 starting points of the Super Bowl era.

The current NFL MVP is 25-5 (.833) since joining the Raven in mid-2018. He paired Miami Dolphin legend Dan Marino with the quarterback for the best start since 1966.

It’s pretty cool. I’m up there with Surname Hall, Jackson said. But you still have to win every game. So, we’re good.

Jackson won 6-0 at halftime (2-0 at the end of the season), and Baltimore lost the last 20 games after the first half, the longest streak in the NFL. This time the crows joined forces to attack and Jaxom shot precision arrows across the field.


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On Sunday, at the break of 10-7, Jackson threw the ball without error in the second period when he made all 10 passes for 119 yards. He also chased a 9-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Jackson and Marino published their notes after they got the project. Marino was the sixth quarterback elected in 1983 and Jackson the fifth in 2018.

The only other quarterback to have won more than 23 times in his first 30 starts: Roger Staubach and Kurt Warner, who both started with 24:6.

I think it’s really something special. Wow, the coach of the Ravens John Harbo said that Jackson beating Marino Lamar’s board will tell you that it’s a team effort, I think the team will tell you that you couldn’t win these games without Lamar.

Jackson showed how valuable he was to Baltimore by putting the team together after a week of testing. The Ravens (6-2) inflicted an emotional defeat on their opponents Stillers, put two first-choice strikers on the injured stick (left tackle by Ronnie Stanley and right defender Tyr Phillips), trained without seven defenders and played without their best full-back in a corner by Marlon Humphrey All-Pros.

After Jackson was put on the field for the first time as a regular season starter, he set up the Ravens’ first touchdown of the game and scored three assists for 36 yards. In the fourth quarter, Jackson cemented Baltimore’s victory in the 10th minute. Straight with a nine-yard touchdown.

We just trust him, said Chuck Clarke of the Security Ravens, who scored a 65-yard first-half comeback. They put a lot on his shoulders to play in the theatre, and there is no criticism. But like I said, we trust him and support him no matter what. Our defense does her part, the attack does her part, and we put pressure on it and follow W at the end.

This week Jackson has received a lot of criticism for not winning the big games. Earlier this season he lost to the Chiefs at 97 yards and had four career rounds when he fell to the Steelers.

On Sunday, Jackson ran for 170 yards and 58 yards against the Colts (5-3), beating his first team with a record win this season.

Lamar is our man. He and I are gonna go all… …100 percent, Mr. Harbo said. We support him. We believe in him. We love her. He’s such a man. He gives you everything he has every week. In this competition you get criticism. You get criticism in your life. This is part of it. He understands that.

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