The market value of one of the superstars in the box will be reviewed shortly.

On Friday, Canelo Alvarez announced his separation from Golden Boy Promotions, paving the way for perhaps the most profitable adventure of his career. This indicates that in 2018 he signed a contract for 11 battles with the DAZN streaming network, which was estimated at $365 million just two years ago.

Alvarez will never see the end of this contract, after the disagreement between him, DAZN and Golden Boy proved irreparable. However, he may end up with something better – a situation that allows Alvarez to set his own price for the rest of his career.

Alvarez is ready to follow in the footsteps of Floyd Maver, the former king of the pound sport, who had huge purses and fought several times a year. Now that his contract with the Golden Boy has expired, 30-year-old Alvarez can go where he wants and hopes to consolidate his legacy as one of the best fighters in the history of boxing.

And what is his best option in this respect? Let’s look at the first four and see how they fit together.

Option 1: Boxes in the arcade

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Let’s get rid of it all. Yes, the Match Room has grown strongly in recent years, because Eddie Hearn’s band has been successful in both Europe and the United States. Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua remains one of the world’s leading athletes and his future success will be great for the advertising company.

But it is highly unlikely that there is a partnership between Matchroom and Alvarez. The DAZN is the central Matchroom network. In the games room there is a long list of potential opponents of Alvarez – Billy Joe Sanders (the likely opponent of Alvarez before the pandemic), Demetrius Andrade, Callum Smith and yes, even Gennady Golovkin.

And it’s a big minus for the Alvarez Gold Guy split. Unless both parties are willing to swallow their pride, some of the best games in the sport are likely to be out of the league.

Option 2: Highest Grade

Fault! The file name is not specified. Canelo Alvarez (middle) and coaches Chepo Reynoso (left) and Eddie Reynoso (right) have been together for years. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This is a strong option for several reasons. Fighters such as Teofimo Lopez and Terence Bad Crawford have become better known through the Top Rank/ESPN partnership, and Alvarez could also benefit from it.

There are also some good opponents in the leading group that Alvarez can offer. In terms of middleweight, guys like WBA champion Ryota Murata and former champion Rob Brant are interesting options. If Alvarez wants to go up to 175 pounds, it is a strong group with a WBC and an IBF called Arthur Beterbiev, who is probably the strongest opponent of Alvarez.

But switching to this weight category is quite a big risk for someone who wants to start all over again. In the leading group are 175 fighters, including Eledir Alvarez, Jesse Hart and Michael Seals, a smaller but still competitive number of fighters. But besides Beterbiyev, Top Rank has no profitable option for Alvarez.

Option 3: World boxing champion

Fault! The file name is not specified. The IBF Supermiddleweight Caleb Factory title list could be Canelo Alvarez’ next opponent. Board of Directors Carlsen/Getty Pictures

If Alvarez goes to Al Hamon’s PBC, it’s hard to blame him. Sources have already informed ESPN’s El Salvador Rodriguez that Alvarez has targeted PBC fighter Caleb Plante in his next fight. A stable MMC offers Alvarez the widest range of fighters to get ahead, and last but not least, it does a good job of promoting its fighters. Sergei Derevyanchenko and Daniel Jacobs, who fought against Alvarez in 2019, were able to start fascinating battles.

But there can be no more than a possible clash with the undefeated WBC with the title Jermall Charlot, who dominated Derevyankhenko in September. After achieving the best results of his career, Charlot proved that he could be a worthy opponent for Alvarez if the latter wanted to. Otherwise, there are a few other fighters whose bad reputation surpasses their talent in the ring, leading to victories and fascinating battles.

Option 4: Self-promotion

Fault! The file name is not specified. The relationships between Canelo Alvarez (center) and Oscar De La Hoya (right) have deteriorated in recent years. Tom Hogan/ Golden Boy/ Getty Images

For Alvarez, that makes the most sense. At this point in his career, he doesn’t need to be tied to a sponsor. His stellar strength even exceeded the sympathy of any advertising agency in this field. Alvarez has no reason to limit his future opponents to what the boxing policy allows or to share his wallet with more people. Mayweather was installing a design for the fighters, who have a rare combination of elitist craftsmanship and showmanship, when he decided to promote himself.

In this scenario, Alvarez has a chance to be even more profitable than Mayweather. Alvarez has no legal problems outside the ring that make him uncomfortable for large companies. While Fortune 500 companies sponsored his battles, the former king had an easier time getting additional sponsorship with a pound for a pound. Alvarez has already signed a sponsorship agreement with Heineken, which has joined him through advertisements and posters of the Mexican brewery Tecate.

Whichever way Alvarez chooses, he has a say in what happens throughout his career. And rest assured, he will try to make the best of it and make the most of his time as the greatest boxer.

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