If you’re in construction, you’ve probably considered plastic crane pads. They’re inexpensive and lightweight but still provide excellent protection against harsh elements. And since they’re made from engineered plastic, they won’t rot or absorb moisture. And unlike wood-based pads, they’re safe and nontoxic. They’re more durable than wood, which can crack or warp over time. But how do you choose the right plastic crane pad for your project?

Cranes need outrigger pads to stabilize them. These stabilizers prevent the crane from damaging the surface beneath it. Outrigger pads made of plastic weigh less than one-tenth of their steel or plywood counterparts. They also won’t rust or splinter, so you can feel confident they’ll stay in place. And if you’re wondering what kind of plastic pad to get for your crane, Polymershapes is your source.

The HDPE outrigger pad is made of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), and a nylon material called the portable rope. The UHMWPE material is highly durable and lightweight, making it the ideal replacement for wood outrigger pads. Additionally, it’s highly durable, with excellent impact strength. No other outrigger pad has these characteristics! And the best part? UHMWPE and Nylon crane outrigger pads are available in any color you need.

These outrigger pads feature high visibility orange handles that make them easy to control and maneuver. Once bent, these outrigger pads will regain their original shape. However, you should note that sizing and load-bearing capacity is subject to ground conditions, and manufacturing variances of around 5% are expected. You should purchase a bigfoot outrigger pad. Contact a professional if you need more information on plastic crane outrigger pads. They can help you choose the right plastic crane outrigger pad for your crane.

Dura-Base mats are another great option for crane mats. Made of 100% HDPE material, these mats are 8 by 14 feet and weigh about 1,000 pounds each. They can be stacked in layers for a temporary road or work pad. If you’re in the construction business, they’re a great option. Get in touch with Prime Tech Pads to purchase a plastic outrigger pad. Aside from the sturdy material, these mats are also lightweight and environmentally friendly. They’re great for your crane rental business.

Bigfoot Outrigger Pads are made of composite material with a PSI value comparable to high-grade steel but weigh a fraction of the weight. These pads are built to last and withstand harsh conditions and extreme weather. Shop bigfoot outrigger pads now. The PSI value of Bigfoot’s composite outrigger pads has been formulated to achieve the highest level of safety in the field. Their Stop Bars help keep the outrigger on the pad. The company sells one to four-stop bars, depending on your requirements.

Wood outrigger pads and plastic crane pad are other popular options. Wood is a cheaper material to source but has many drawbacks. Industrial plastic outrigger pads are made of a durable polymer called UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene). They’re also more durable than hardwood outrigger pads and last longer. One of the main reasons why UHMW outrigger pads are better than hardwood is the way they’re exposed to the elements. Wood absorbs moisture and weakens the pad over time. UHMW is more resistant to water than wood and can be used for a long time without damage.

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