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Fantasy-32 analyzes the NFL in terms of fantasy football, with at least one mention of each of the 32 teams in the league. Although efficiency is much discussed, the section will depend heavily on the usage data, as the volume is (always) the king of fantasy football. Use this information to make the best refusal notifications, purchase decisions, and seating and departure decisions for the coming week and beyond. Don’t forget to check out a new version of Fantasy 32 every week of the season.

Warning of the possibility

In all following Command Summaries I will refer to the OFP and the DTO. OFP is synonymous with great eyewear that fits the bill. Imagine a competition where the players are lined up in the same way. The OFP is a statistic that weighs each pass/machine/target and converts the data into a single number that indicates whether the player can earn fantasy points or the total number of expected fantasy points. For example, if a player has a DPV of 14.5, this means that a midfielder who sees the same load at the same position on the field gets 14.5 fantasy points. The FORP is the difference between the actual number of fantasy points of the player and his OFP. OTD works the same way, except that they are not fancy glasses, but touchdowns. The group is the king of fantasy football, so this is not the information you should miss.

But here’s the OFP management team after week seven:

week 7 PSO steering group

Player Actual PC PFP CURTAIN
1. Joe Barrow, buy more. 34 39 -6
2. Tyler Lokette, WR. 53 36 17
3. Kyler Murray, buy more. 37 34 3
4. Carson Wenz, buy more. 28 32 -4
5. Russell Wilson, buy more 30 31 -1
6. Tyler Boyd, WR 28 29 -2
7. Tom Brady, buy more. 37 29 8
8. Deshawn Watson, QB. 24 28 -4
9. Davante Adams, WR 45 28 17
10. Judy Smith Shaster, WR. 18 25 -8

*The full OTD and OFP position guides will be published this week on ESPN+.

Next come the actors who have outperformed the OFP the most in the past week, making them candidates for the fabulous diving product, who are moving forward thinking they will see a similar workload:

Excess TFP over TFP with highest margin of the week 7

Player Actual PC PFP CURTAIN
1. Tyler Lokette, WR. 53 36 17
2. Davante Adams, WR 45 28 17
3. Jeff Wilson Jr., RB. 32 15 17
4. DJ Moore, WR 25 10 16
5. Justin Herbert, buy more 38 23 15
6. A.J. Brown, WR. 27 12 15
7. Aaron Rogers, buy more. 27 15 12
8. Baker Mayfield, buy more. 30 18 12
9. Yelen Guyton, WR 16 5 11
10. James Robinson, RB. 32 21 10

And these players were the biggest margin behind their OFP last week, so you shouldn’t overreact to their performance when making decisions about casting, trading or dropping out:

Absence of DWT in the upper range of week 7

Player Actual PC PFP CURTAIN
1. Ben Roethlisberger, QB. 13 24 -11
2. C.D. Lamb, WR 0 11 -11
3. A.J. Greene, WR 15 24 -9
4. James Conner, RB 14 23 -9
5. Stephon Diggs, WR 11 19 -9
6. Travis Fulham, WR. 12 20 -8
7. Judy Smith Shaster, WR. 18 25 -8
8. Nick goes down, buys more. 6 14 -8
9. DJ Chuck Jr., WR. 4 11 -8
10. Cam Newton, buy more. 0 7 -7

Assignment overview

The Cardinals of Arizona: The Kenyan Drake fought back and eventually left Sunday’s game against Seattle with an ankle injury. The Arizona host played 31 snapshots (39%), while Chase Edmonds was on the field with 48 games played. Edmonds could only carry the ball five times for 58 yards, with Arizona playing catch-up on the court, but he was the main factor as a receiver (7-87-0 for seven goals). Arizona starts his farewell week, but when Drake is released in two weeks, Edmonds will be a borderline RB1 option. Newcomers Jonathan Ward (no design) and Eno Benjamin (seventh round) would have had different dreams, but it is possible that Edmonds insists on 80% of the dreams. It’s worth retreating and hiding to say goodbye.


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Hawks of Atlanta: Another week, another Todd Gurley II touchdown. The 26-year-old was in the end zone twice (once by accident) against Detroit on Sunday and has already scored seven touchdowns in as many games this season. Garly’s score coincided with a healthy charge as he has scored 122 points this season (second in the NFL), including at least 14 attempts in seven games. Gurley’s work on passing games has also become much more active lately. In the first four games in Atlanta he was the target only eight times, but in the last three misses he saw twelve. Harley’s heavy workload, touchdown production and increased throughput have cemented him into a solid weekly RB2. The result of the eighth Fantasy is a great match against the Carolina this week.

The Baltimore Crows: As a group the Crows were in 7th place. Turn 31. Place yourself among the 32 teams that have scored fantastic points before the match. On average there are only 14.7 discs per set, and in six parts a 58-737-2 pickup line was set up out of a total of 88 discs. Despite the great interseasonal media hype about Marquesa Brown, this lack of production should not come as a surprise. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman has called the games for seven seasons, and only one of his WR games in goals has reached more than 21 (Raven 31 finished in 2019). Heavily loaded Brown (Palace’s share is 45%) was in 30th place with fantastic points in the wide receiver before saying goodbye, although he entered the top 25 in a week, compared to four places in 38th or worse. Brown remains in the WR3 discussion, but people like Willie Sneed, Miles Boykin and Devin Dover don’t have to be near the lists.

Buffalo dollars: Cole Beasley caught 11 of the 12 goals in 112 metres against jets on Sunday. The 31-year-old trench director now has at least 53 meters of touchdowns in seven games this season. This allowed him to earn at least 9.8 fantasy points each week, and Sunday’s performance this season placed him in 19th place among the top fantasy points scorers. The use of the Beesly may be a little less after John Brown’s recovery, but given that he scored at least six of the seven goals in six of the seven games, it is clear that he accepted the possibility of a PPR flex in the Buffalo attack, which was difficult.

Caroline Panthers: Curtis Samuel caught his six targets from 48 meters and scored a five-yard touchdown in his only touchdown against the Saints on Sunday. It was the best day of the season for Samuel, as the score was his first in 2020 and he still has 51 meters to go. Samuel’s average of 4.8 goals and 2.7 carries per game only allowed him a weekly ranking above 36 and two better than 48. The Panthers talked about their attempts to get Samuel more involved, but on Sunday he was on the field only 47% of the time (his lowest level since week 11 in 2018). Carolina’s all-round offensive talent remains a banking option she cannot trust.

Chicago bears: Jimmy Graham scored five of the six 31-metre goals against the Rams in soccer on Monday night. Graham has scored five or more goals in six of this season’s seven games, including each of the last five. From the shipyard’s perspective, the stakes were not too high, as Graham had at least 31 yards, but no more than 34 yards in four consecutive games. Four times this season he’s found the end zone, but his 6-60-2 10-target line in week three looks even more like a big win. Graham is a variant of TE2 that only beats for you when he finds his way to the end zone.

The Cincinnati Bengals: On Sunday Joe Mixon was suspended, allowing Giovanni Bernard to play 75% of the offensive dreams (55 out of 73). Perine himself (two hits on 19 pictures) and Travion Williams (zero) were the petro-producers, but Bernard was clearly not. Scateback did little on the field (13-37-0), but led with a good 5-59-1 line on five goals and finished the week in the RB Fantasy top 10. Mixon is in doubt for the eighth week, so if he stays out of the game, Bernard assumes he will be back on the radar of RB1 against the Titans.

Cleveland Brownes: Odell Beckham Jr. started the season on Sunday after only two dreams with a knee injury. Rushard Higgins played 44 snaps (86%) with a big lead on the number one team. Higgins caught his six targets at 110 meters in the last second of victory. Higgins is a fan, but of course he doesn’t like the management staff, because he is often healthy and/or buried on the couch the last seasons. I’m sure that’ll change when Beckham leaves. Higgins, who has the end zone in the fifth and sixth. Week in Situational Roles is positioned as one of Baker Mayfield’s key objectives. She deserves a place on the replacement bench, although she is not yet a flexible option in one of the most difficult and dependent diseases in the competition. Meanwhile, Jarvis Landry is a safe WR3 and newcomer Donovan Narods-Jones (35 shots Sunday) is expected to be a deep league and dynastic driver.

The Dallas Cowboys: On Sunday, Michael Gallup drove to Washington, D.C., to two no-go destinations. Today Gallup set an acceptance rate of 23 and 0 on two of Andy Dalton’s departures, after we were worried about his low acceptance rate while Duck Prescott was still in good health. Gallup has managed to score double-digit points for fantasy only twice in seven games this season, with most of his output coming from a match in the third round against Seattle. Gallup doesn’t have to be on the rosters, and Amari Cooper (7-80-0 Sunday) is the only Cowboy setter who now has to hold the line, although he also takes a risk after Dallas field missed 59 passing yards on Sunday. Incidentally, CeeDee Lamb is a risky flex, even if he is rejected on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos: On Sunday, Jerry Gedi was arrested for two 20-meter catches on four goals against the Chiefs. Gedi is currently held below 33 yards and has no touchdown in long-distance games after checking at least 55 yards in each of his first four NFL games. The good news is that Gedi has played 76% of the offensive dreams, giving the team some high level and wide matches from his previous career. Geoffrey’s coverage doesn’t seem to be very high in the Denver attack with weaknesses, but his target volume and production will improve in the best games. He will be on the flexible radar in 12 team competitions against the Chargers, Falcons and Raiders in the coming weeks.

The Detroit Lions: T.J. Hawkson scored five of the seven goals of 59 meters and scored a winning touchdown against Atlanta on Sunday. The narrow end of the second year has already scored in three consecutive games and up to four touchdowns in the season. Detroit Hawkson have been targeted at least four times in the six games, allowing them to move up to sixth place with fantastic position points. Hawkson has played 68% of the snaps and is ninth at receptions, tenth on the court, fifth on touchdowns, first in OTD (4.2) and first in the end zones (six) among narrow-minded players this season, although he has already said goodbye. Hawkenson quietly wins his second season in the NFL and becomes a great option for TE1.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Jones was suspended for seven weeks, paving the way for the return of Jamal Williams to the team. Williams was a workaholic and played 89% of the attack jumps (54 out of 61), compared to only 14 jumps for AJ Dillon and zero for Dexter Williams. The strong strike gave Jamal Williams a 19-77-1, 4-37-0 victory with five goals. Jones is expected to return in week 8, but if the calf injury costs him another game, Williams will be suspended as RB1. By the way, Dillon only managed 11 yards on five cargo ships and wasn’t a target on Sunday, so it won’t be a flexible option anyway.

The Houstonians from Texas: Take, for example, David Johnson, who has predictably been a low yielding producer for most of this season. On Sunday, a 28-year-old boy at 42 yards was stopped by 14, but he had either an urgent touchdown or at least 63 in five of this season’s seven games. Johnson made up for lost time on Sunday when the 4-42-1 receiving line appeared on four goals. It was his first touchdown and the best result of the race this season. Johnson has made no less than 101 attempts this season (10th under RB) and has scored three or four times in six out of seven games. He’s fifth in spins with nine porters on the five-yard line. Johnson is on the 16th place for Fantastic Glasses and has seen enough volume to produce RB2 in a few weeks.

Colt of Indianapolis: Marlon Mack’s injury in Week 1 seemed to jump on the RB1 Weekly with Jonathan Taylor, but the rookie hasn’t fully exploded in the fantasy scene yet. The record is mixed, both in terms of range and effectiveness. He noticed a good volume of the rush (in the previous 7th lap he was 10th with place 89), but he lacked efficiency (4.1 YPC, 1.3 YAC). As a catcher he did not trigger four targets in the first round and finished 27th in the spin category. But he caught 16 of the 17 balls thrown from 162 yards (ninth on the count). Taylor was good (15th place with fantastic points until week 6), but there is certainly room for more in Colt’s first attack. The Colts are equipped with one of the easiest boards to ride since lap 8. So Taylor’s the player you should try to trade this week.

Jacksonville Jaguars: James Robinson again achieved a good result in week 7 by placing the 22-119-1 line and the 4-18-1 line on six targets. The newcomer has played 90% (53 out of 59) of his career and currently has an average of 15.3 and 4.6 goals per game in the season. Robinson finished second in the fancy points among the race spins and finished no worse than 34th (one place lower than 20th in week 2). Jacksonville is on its way for a week of goodbye, and Robinson will be back on the field a day in week nine of RB1, but keep in mind that during the Fantasy Playoffs playoffs, he will probably have the toughest schedule to get back on the field. From the 14th. The first week he will have to play against Tennessee, Baltimore, Chicago and Indianapolis to finish the season. Robinson is a good name for trade negotiations, although its intensive use can conquer the battlefield.

The leaders of Kansas City: Le’Veon Bell made his debut for the Chiefs on Sunday and was 33% (17 out of 51) of the attacking shots on the field. By comparison: Clyde Edwards-Heller drew 27, DeAndre Washington 10 (mostly in the trash), Darrell Williams 1 and Darwin Thompson 0 (a good scratch). Bell looked good and placed 39 yards on six carriers, but he wasn’t a target in a game where Kansas City tried only 25 passes. Edwards-Helire was able to make the 8-46-1 line in a hurry and in the victory reached 17 yards on four goals. It is difficult to get an overview, but Edwards-Heller can be considered a mandatory launch against jets in week 8, with the Bell-Randflex.

The warriors of Las Vegas: On Sunday, Nelson Agholor produced a 5-107-1 receiving line on nine pirate targets. This important day marks the highest goal since the 11th edition. The first round of the 2019 season and the first 100-yard game since the second round of this campaign. Since joining the Raiders, the Agholor have scored a touchdown in three consecutive games and four out of six. The Agholor have emerged as the number one out receiver in each of the last four games in Las Vegas, but before Sunday they have not scored many goals (only nine in the first three games of the series). Although he has fantasized about 24 points during these four weeks, Agolor is not yet a recommended flex, even though Cleveland is next.

The Los Angeles Chargers: That Justin Herbert can be pretty good. The newcomer was great again on Sunday, and this time it led to his first NFL victory. Oregon made 27 of 43 passes at 247 yards and three touchdowns, plus nine passes at 66 yards and another touchdown. Herbert spent three consecutive weeks in a fantasy week and scored 22.2 fantasy points in four of the five starts. In his five-week game, Herbert finished fourth in fancy points and at least seventh in passing, passing touchdowns, carrying and running yards. Herbert has one of the simplest images left, based on the authorized fancy glasses, so especially considering his hurry to produce a lot of QB1.

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams decided to make Monday night’s soccer game a Josh Reynolds game as the team’s third receiver scored eight goals. Reynolds drew a solid 4-52-1 line and lost 75% of his offensive dreams. He has now scored a goal in races, but it is his only touchdown of the season and he still has 60 meters to go. Reynolds started the week with a 14-226-1 score in six games, and as long as Robert Woods and Cooper Cooper are healthy, he simply cannot count on a flexible production for Ram’s ongoing attack. Reynolds barely stands on a bench.

Miami dolphins: If we voted for MVP fantasy football this year, Miles Gaskin wouldn’t have won. But he would certainly have been a finalist. In 2019, the newcomer played 121 snaps in the seventh round, but defeated Matt Brady and Jordan Howard in the first round to win a trip to Miami, and has since taken responsibility for the return of the feature films. Gaskin opened the season with four fantasy finals between 21 and 36, but has now started in the top eight weeks. Gaskin has averaged 16.5 per game since week three and has been targeted at least four times in six games. He finished 16th in Fantasy points and 11th in OFP. Especially with Howard, who is no longer active on the matchday, Gaskin is locked and loaded as a high RB2 game. Miami RB has an average schedule for the second half.

Minnesota Vikings: A few weeks ago I wrote about how disappointed Irv Smith Jr. was this season, because he was in a good position to make a breakthrough in his second year. After opening the season with six goals in four games, Smith is back on track with exactly five goals in consecutive games. This resulted in 4-64-0 and 4-55-0 reception lines and a few weeks of fantasy in the top 12. The increase in the goals is no coincidence, as he went from 74% of the team’s total equipment on the road in lap five to 78% in lap six. The elections of the second round of 2019 have not yet scored a touchdown and are working very well, but there is room for them to appear as cousin Kirk’s target number 3 or 4. For the time being, it should be listed and considered a solid set of TE2.

The New England patriots: Cam Newton scored 9 of 15 assists in 98 yards, zero touchdowns and three steals against 49 players in 7 weeks, resulting in five 19-yard rotations. Since Newton came back from his stint on the reserve/SVID 19 list, he keeps putting his forgeries on the table. Newton’s last battles were against a strong defense in Denver and San Francisco, while his big game from the start of the season was against a combat unit in Seattle. We have seen his advantage in good races and his early skill will bring a certain flow of attractiveness, but it is clear that he is now difficult to use as a fantastic starter. Especially this week against another good defense in Buffalo.

The New Orleans Saints: On Sunday, Michael Thomas and clumsy newcomer Emmanuel Sanders, sharpshooters from Callaway, joined the team and became the best passing player. Callaway captured eight of her ten 75-meter goals, and her 49 dreams (73%) flew in just 55 Tre’Quan Smith wide receivers among the team’s wide receivers. Deonte Harris (20 pictures), Ewan Johnson (12) and Austin Carr (11) also participated. It’s a long way from the castle, but Thomas and Sanders could be back in week 8, so Callaway, whose 18.5 aDOT in Tennessee in 2019 was the highest in the newcomers class this year, should not be considered a priority denial of admission. Of course, he should be in the leagues of a deeper dynasty on your radar.

The Giants of New York: Sterling Shepard came back from an injury and threw the 6-59-1 line against the Eagles on Thursday. Shepherd was on the field in 75% of the offensive shots and hit eight clean targets. Outside the second week of play, where he suffered an injury after 15 games, Shepherd has now scored (seriously) at least six goals in 18 straight games. Injuries have twisted the fact that Shepherd was a productive and fantastic asset when he was active. In fact, he was a fantastic No. 17 receiver for 10 active races in 2019. Shepherd should be seen as a flexible option with a positive side to participate in the discussion on WR3 (or maybe even WR2).

The New York Jets: Denzel Mims made his NFL debut Sunday and led the team in goals (seven) and receptions (four), while Denzel Mims led the field in goals (seven) and receptions (four), while Denzel Mims led the field in receptions (42). Mims played 80% (41 out of 51) of the shots in the attack, so only Brechad Perriman (49 shots) and Braxton Berrios (42) were among the big receivers of the team. Of course Jamison Crowder’s goalkeeper has been sidelined, but note that Berrios’ replacement has practically taken his place and can face a huge goal share of 32%. The Jets’ attack is mediocre (seven touchdowns in seven games), but Mims has a pedigree (second round choice in 2020) and a chance, so he fits well on your couch.

Philadelphia Eagles: On Thursday, Zack Ertz and Dallas Gödert took the podium, as did Richard Rodgers’ pupil, who scored eight generous goals at the same time (the second of the team), both at receptions (six) and on the farm (85). Rogers was 61 (85%) of the 72 possible dreams on the field, compared to a total of 8 dreams for reservists Jason Krum and Hakeem Butler. Coach Doug Pederson has a rich history of using his tight side. So a strong game for the Rogers was not a complete shock. In week eight, a 28-year-old girl will be working to protect Dallas.

Pittsburgh Steel Mill: Diontae Johnson returned Sunday from an injury and the widespread use and production of the receiver by the Steelers followed: JuJu Smith-Schuster led the room with 62 shots (84%) and led a solid 9-85-0 reception line for 14 targets (most since week 16 in 2018). Johnson played 56 shots and continued a series of massive bets with 15 targets, creating a strong 9-80-2 landing line. Chase Kleipul played 47 shots and was limited to a loss of one meter on one target. James Washington (one target on 18 shots) and Ray-Ray McCloud (two targets on seven shots) were strangers. The impressive fake newcomer Kleipul will be hard to justify for his potential for flexibility, especially given his use in special teams, but it is good news that he has overtaken Washington on a deep map. Consider it a bank for now, and Johnson and Smith Shaster should start every week.

San Francisco is 49 years old: With Rahim Mostort in the injury reserve, Jericho McKinnon was scheduled to return to duty in week 7. So much for the question. Jeff Wilson, Jr. had clear reactions and put the receiving line 17-112-3 and 2-8-0 at 35 shots before he left with the wound. The JaMycal Hasty (15 shots), which has not yet been completed, is the next in line and has produced 57 metres on nine carriers and 16 metres on its single target. McKinnon was shocked to limit himself to 12 shots (apparently it was de facto a week’s rest, by Kyle Shanahan) and lost 1 meter on three carriers. Wilson’s injury sent him to the injury reserve, which opens the door for Hasty and McKinnon to go jogging again at week 8. Of course, Tevin Coleman can also come back from the trauma bath, which makes this area very difficult to decipher. None of the three teams will be safe in Seattle, although Hasty and McKinnon will have some leeway if Coleman stays on the sidelines.

The Seattle Seahawks: Chris Carson had only 14 dreams (five porters, one goal) before leaving Sunday’s game with a wounded leg. Carlos Hyde was next and played 36 Dreams (51%), far ahead of Travis Homer (15 Dreams) and DJ Dallas (7). Hyde was productive, producing 68 yards and a touchdown on 15 cargo ships and a further 12 yards on three targets. Homer added 10 meters to three transporters, but was not a target. Dallas wasn’t carrying the ball, but he put 18 yards on three goals. If Carson comes out this week, Hyde is a candidate for over 15 shots against San Francisco. 49 players were elite against the return run, but Hyde would have seen enough volume in the Seattle offense to include him in an RB2 interview.

Pirates of Tampa Bay: Leonard Furnett came back Sunday from an injury and certainly didn’t stay in action for long. The ex-Jaguar played 39 dreams (56%) against 30 for Ronald Jones. The furnet was effective (11-50-0 rush, 6-47-0 over), while Jones was less effective (13-34-1 rush, 1-2-0 over). In the second round Fornett seems to have regained control of the backfield, but in the third round he injured his ankle and was out of the game until Sunday. It’s probably an old, hot baseline, although it’s probably better for Jones when LeSean McCoy and Ke’Shawn Vaughn play Zero Dreams together. If one is not separated from the other, Fornett and Jones end up in an RB2/flex mix. Including the weekend against the Giants.

The titans of Tennessee: On Sunday, Jonnu Smith fought with the Steelers for a catch of nine yards on four targets. It was a rare feint for Smith, who announced four consecutive top ten fantastic weeks to open the season before leaving the sixth round of the team with an injury. The good news is that Smith played a healthy 69% of attacking dreams, which didn’t slow his 84% within 1-4 weeks. Smith remains a solid weekly TE1 and will be a serious contender for Week 8 against the Cincinnati defense, which scored three touchdowns at Cleveland on Sunday.

The Washington football team: Dallas is a defense that is always given to the second half, and it was in full force on Sunday. Antonio Gibson set new career records with Touchdown (20) and Touchdown (128) and scored his fourth touchdown of the season with his victory at Sunday’s Touchdown tournament. Gibson left without being included in the game, although that is not a real problem of progression, given that he started the day with five goals in three consecutive games. Gibson is now 17th in the Fantasy Club and has a very impressive record with six consecutive rankings of 28th or higher. Gibson will be the eighth. Washington week as an RB2 game.

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