Five Human Resource Management basics every HR professional should know

Like computer science in engineering, human resources management is the most sought-after area of specialization in the management domain. Statistically speaking, human resource managers are in high demand on federal and provincial lists of target professions in Canada. Besides constant rising demands, human resource jobs are financially rewarding in Canada. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a human resource manager in Canada’s Toronto is CAD 86,595 per year, while entry-level positions in the same field make CAD 70,000 annually. In fact, salary is no bar for suitable candidates with the right skillsets and experience in human resource management in Canada.

As human resource managers require a set of skills to flourish in the management field, prospective students can opt for a human resource management course to gain relevant acumen. Now, we delve into five human resource management basics every HR professional must know to thrive in the sector. Check them out!

  1. Recruitment and selection

The process of recruiting and selecting candidates is deemed as talent acquisition. Human resource professionals work towards building a strong organization name, promoting its culture, and designing a competitive compensation to attract the best talent in the global marketplace. In a nutshell, talent acquisition is about attracting and hiring skilled professionals to an organization. The process also includes creating a positive experience for candidates who could not make it to the roles and keeping in touch with them for future references.

  • Performance management

Performance management is the process of monitoring and evaluating the work of each employee working in an organization. Human resource managers create a favorable environment for employees to produce high-quality work. HR professionals assess if an employee accomplishes the company’s strategic objectives in this process. Performance management helps track if an employee needs extra support, training, or a salary raise.

  • Compensation and benefits

If we talk about compensation, it is the direct pay of employees, that is, salary. At the same time, all the indirect payments like medical insurance, cab fare, parental leave, life insurance, time paid off, retirement plan, and disability insurance falls under benefits. HR professionals attract skilled and talented employees through competitive compensation and attractive benefits. This corporate tool deals with payroll maintenance and ensures adherence to the cultural standards of an organization.

  • Workplace safety

Employees require a healthy work environment to deliver high-quality work. Here, workplace safety comes into play. In this process, human resource professionals seek to eliminate risks of injury or illness to employees. The sole purpose is to protect employees, the most valuable asset to a company, from any damage and harm.

  • Technical knowledge

Technology advances every day in every field. Thus, HR professionals need to be updated with the latest technologies in the area to gain an edge over others. Technical skills usually include skills related to the daily tasks of human resource professionals, such as Excel, payroll management, communication, etc.

Need a course?

You can gain all the latest skills and knowledge by signing up for a human resource management course in Canada. Top educational institutes in Canada offer carefully crafted human resource management courses to help aspirants land lucrative jobs and succeed in this competitive landscape. Apply now!

This article is written by Monika Sinha.

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