If you’ve travelled to Italy, you’ve likely walked along some of the country’s spectacular beaches, where the sand is clean, the water clear, and the waves gentle. In the past, those who visited the country have taken the sand and shells home with them, often making the beach look unkempt. But a new law has been brought in that will punish people who remove sand and shells from beaches.

The Italian government has passed a law that will fine tourists who remove any of the country’s “natural dunes of coloured sands and shells” in the stunning beaches surrounding its coastal towns. The punishment includes a €600 (CAD$857) fine and a jail sentence of one month for repeat offenders.

Italian authorities recently declared that they will fine tourists who remove beach-fill from beaches, and damages them to the tune of €600 (about $830 CAD) for every day they are caught doing so. According to local media, the government imposed the new rule in response to a request by the Sardinian government, which has been trying to clean up the beaches of the island.

word-image-3230 It is normal for tourists to remember the places they visited during their trip. The island of Sardinia in Italy is an attractive tourist destination known for its white sand, pebbles and shells. She doesn’t want anyone to take these items off her beaches and instituted a ban on them in 2017. They made it illegal to confiscate them, but people ignore the ban and confiscate them anyway. According to authorities, several people recently stole nearly 220 pounds of the banned items from the beaches. This is no small number. Sardinia is proud of its white sand and suppresses those who do not respect the laws of the land. The locals appreciate this natural wealth, but tourists try to take away the bottled sand. Some keep them as souvenirs, others sell them at online auctions. Those who choose the latter option are committing a crime. To check this trend, the military and customs police monitor exit points, such as airports and ports. They also check websites for illegal sales of these products. There have been cases of tourists trying to put sand in bottles in their luggage. However, they were discovered during an X-ray check at customs. By the way: Thailand plans to reopen Phuket to foreign tourists from July after a coronavirus was discovered there.

Tourists must respect local laws

Goods from the coast of Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, are sold at good prices. So the tourists who come here appropriate these riches of the region for illegal gain. The police are investigating and have found several advertisements on the internet for the sale of such items. According to him, the data on these people is with the police and they will have to pay fines according to the regional legislation. The police collected the fines and tried to return the confiscated items. Mexico is a country concerned about the coronavirus and tourists avoiding masks.

Sardinian beaches attract tourists

A popular social media platform describes the threat of these thefts as an ecological emergency. An environmentalist living in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, has admitted to a newspaper that the beaches attract tourists who come from far and wide to enjoy the sights and sounds. According to him, some of them consider the sand as a souvenir and take some of it home. The paper adds that the loss of sand depletes existing resources and could pose a threat to the environment if not addressed. In 2019, the couple tried to put 40 kg in plastic bottles. When questioned, they pleaded ignorance and stated that they did not know they had committed the crime. In August 2020, Bali is considering welcoming back tourists from September after being infected with the coronavirus, while Australia has yet to make a decision.

Some walkers prefer sand, shells and rocks

According to Sky News, some tourists have a weakness for local souvenirs. In the case of Sardinia these are the sand, the shells and the stones of the beaches. They have a ready-made market on the Internet, and many tourists try to smuggle out such items to sell. Such activities are prohibited. The police intercepted them and fined them. In recent days, law enforcement officers at departure points seem to be stopping tourists trying to leave the island with a large amount of beach bounty. This is a long-term problem and the heavy fines are an attempt by the authorities to counter this threat. Tourists should acquaint themselves with the local rules of conduct and prohibitions on prohibited items. This would prevent embarrassing situations. ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDAs Italy’s beaches have become more and more popular, beachgoers are finding they are missing out on a small but important part of their experience: picking up the small, sharp pieces of coral and shell that make up the sand on beaches. Local environmental protection associations, as well as tourism authorities, have been extremely upset about the amount of what they call “litter” on beaches. In some parts of Sardinia, tourists have been fined up to €500 for removing small bits of coral and shell from beaches, with the local environmental protection association in Alcudia recently deciding to charge tourists €100 for picking up the small shells and coral that make up the sand.. Read more about beach theft and let us know what you think.

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