The Democrats returned to the White House when Joe Biden wrote the scenario for a decisive victory in the 2020 presidential election. CNN reports that he currently has 279-214 points in the election commission on Donald Trump. Former vice president Barack Obama is the 46th president of the United States. President of the United States. He promised to restore peace and truth. In his victory speech, he said that I understand today’s disappointment. I’ve lost a few times myself. But now we want to give ourselves a chance.

It’s time to heal in America. California Senator Kamala Harris will be Vice President. She’s his candidate, and she’s made history in many ways.

She becomes the first female vice-president, not to mention the fact that she is black and of Asian descent. On stage, she says: Even if I’m the first woman in this position, I won’t be the last, because all the little girls watching tonight see it as a land of opportunity.

It is clear that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to come up with ideas for a new image of America. Biden was one of the many Democrats who took part in the fighting, some of them veterans of politics, others newcomers. In the end, the former vice-president won the official nomination. In September, Donald Trump and Joe Biden were in Minnesota when the early mood started.

According to CNN, Joe Biden’s supporters wore masks and took to the streets across the country to celebrate the event.

At the end of this month he will be 78 years old and he will be different from the longest-sitting president when he takes office in January. Accession will take place when the country faces a serious health emergency within a century. It will also have to deal with issues such as the economic downturn, racism, police violence and climate change.

Barack Obama praised Joe Biden.

Former President Barack Obama praised his former vice president. Obama wants his countrymen to put aside their political differences and give Biden a chance. He referred to the critical challenges facing the country, such as the current pandemic threatening the climate.

They are part of the extraordinary challenges facing the new president.

CNN quotes Obama. Give him a chance and support him. Because Biden is so far ahead, people prefer him to Donald Trump and want to get results. That depends on his team. There will be a pandemic at the top of the list. According to health experts, the number of deaths in America could reach almost 400,000 by the time the President-elect is sworn in. In October, Donald Trump and Joe Biden collided in the first debate in Cleveland.

Joe Biden is not looking for a division, but integration.

In a speech to his supporters in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said that his policy was not to divide but to unite.

His vision is not that of the red and blue states, but only that of the United States. So far, the President-elect has received more than 74 million votes. That’s a record for an American presidential candidate.

After the elections, Donald Trump became the first president for a term since the 1990s. He got the news of his defeat in a golf match. His campaign has led to several lawsuits in different states and complaints about counterfeiting. However, election officials say that there is no evidence to justify this.

Joe Biden wears aface mask on stage.

Joe Biden was aware of this when he said that treating opponents as enemies would hinder progress. One of the priorities for January is the fight against the coronavirus.

He criticized the Trump board’s reaction to the pandemic, which became clear during the campaign. The loss of thousands of lives is worrying. Then we add that his candidate Kamala Harris was on stage and introduced him. She is the first woman, the first black woman and the first Asian-American vice president of the United States. It’s a sign of a change in time.

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