14. March 2021

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Max Verstappen heads into the Bahrain Grand Prix with the fastest time in practice after leading Red Bull to first place on the final day.

Questions remain about the Mercedes world champion, who looked down on them for three days.

This was the last day of racing at the Bahrain International Circuit before the race gets underway on the 28th. March.

Corner points

  • Max Verstappen underlined the growing belief that Red Bull will be the team to win the first race. Verstappens best time of 1:28.960, set at the end of the combined C4 bus, ended the session.
  • Mercedes concentrated most of the day on heavy fuel races. Lewis Hamilton switched to the softer tyres too late and spun for a try on the C5 tyre. His best time was a second slower than Verstappen’s, making the picture at the top of the leaderboard even more unclear. Differences in fuel consumption and engine management could explain the difference, but there is no reason to believe that Red Bull drove with significantly less fuel.

Clive Mason – Formula One with Getty Images

  • Yuki Tsunoda completed an impressive test for the AlphaTauri and finished second, slightly slower than Verstappen in the other Honda car. AlphaTauri has a similar aerodynamic design and shares some parts with Red Bull, suggesting that the new Formula One rules have shifted the advantage to the two Red Bull teams.
  • Aston Martin also seemed to be concentrating on heavy fuel racing and did not test with the softer compounds on Sunday. Sebastian Vettel was forced to retire with 90 minutes to go when the team discovered a problem with the turbocharger of the Mercedes power unit. Combined with a gearbox problem that limited Vettel’s performance on Saturday, the four-time world champion goes into the first race without the mileage he had hoped for.
  • Ferrari newcomer Carlos Sainz nearly collided with Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen in a bizarre moment at Turn 10 in the final seconds of the session. Sainz passed Raikkonen on the inside of the corner, but had to change his line to avoid a collision. The two cars then drove very close together and spent the rest of the lap aggressively heading for the pits.
  • There were no red flag stops during the session, underlining the impressive reliability of the ten teams after three days of testing.

Final classification

Each team has only one car at the test, but during the lunch break, different drivers take turns on both sides.

1. Max Verstappen – Red Bull – 1:28.960 (C4) – 64 laps
2. Yuki Tsunoda – Alpha Tauri – +0.093s (C5) – 90 laps
3. Carlos Sainz – Ferrari – +0.651s (C4) – 78 laps
4. Kimi Raikkonen – Alfa Romeo – +0.806s (C5) – 164 laps
5. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – +1.065s (C5) – 54 laps
6. George Russell – Williams – +1.157s (C5) – 157 laps
7. Daniel Ricciardo – McLaren – +1.184s (C4) – 74 laps
8. Sergio Perez – Red Bull – +1.227s (C4) – 49 laps
9. Fernando Alonso – Alpine – +1.358s (C4) – 76 laps
10. Charles Leclerc – Ferrari – +1:526s (C3) – 80 laps
11. Lando Norris – McLaren – +1.701s (C3) – 56 laps
12. Pierre Gasly – Alfatauri – +1.868s (C4) – 76 laps
13. Esteban Ocon – Alpine – +2.350s (C3) – 61 lap
14. Nikita Mazepin – Haas – +2.571s (C4) – 67 laps
15. Mick Schumacher – Haas – +3.093s (C3) – 78 laps
16. Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes – +3.446s (C2) – 86 laps
17. Sebastian Vettel – Aston Martin – +6.081s (C3) – 56 laps
18. Walk the Bear – Aston Martin – +7.140s (C3) – 80 laps

Total number of laps for 3 days

1= Alfa Romeo 422
1= AlphaTauri 422
3. Ferrari 4044. Alpine 396
5. Hare 394
6. Williams 373
7. Red Bull 369
8. McLaren 327
9. Aston Martin 314
10. Mercedes 304

frequently asked questions

What is Max Verstappen’s rule?

In response to this early promotion, the FIA issued the first Verstappen rule, raising the age limit in F1 to 18 from 2015. This would mean that for the time being Verstappen remains the youngest driver in F1.

What happened to Max Verstappen in Austria?

Max Verstappen had to make a desperate attempt to revive his Red Bull after an electrical failure on the eleventh lap of the Austrian Grand Prix. The Dutchman qualified third, but was relegated to second after his team lodged a protest that resulted in a three-point penalty for Lewis Hamilton.

How much does Redbull pay Max Verstappen?

FORMULA 1 2020 Salaries – Spotrac.com

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