10 organisations make a donation in December

In my years of journalism here in the North District, I have learned that there are peculiarities in our community. The sleeves are optional, he’s number one. There are no cases or occasions when you find yourself in a place where it is socially unacceptable not to have sleeves on your shirt. We also love all the reasons to meet and have a drink together, especially in parks with live music.

But apart from all the jokes, one thing seems clear to me: How unbelievable, ridiculous, selfless, and generous this fellowship with the needy is. Since I was a news correspondent at the beginning of the pandemic, I have reported on numerous fundraising campaigns. They were all virtual, and almost all the organizers told me the same thing.

Because of the pandemic and all the hardship it has caused everyone, they suggested that fundraising would take less time in 2020. However, knowing that anything they can collect will benefit the people in need, they have taken a creative approach to their virtual fundraising activities and the community has responded. Even in the context of the seemingly eternal darkness of 2020, each fundraising campaign has exceeded its donation target, usually by a record amount.

It’s a time for concessions. Knowing that our community cares about its own interests, I have a list of my favorite charities in the driving, in no particular order, to which I propose to make a donation in December of this year, if anyone is willing to do so.

Many of these organizations have gone beyond this year to provide services to people in need, and all the money donated can bring joy to one of your neighbors.

El Camino Homeless organisation

ECHO is a well-known organisation in the northern district that deals with our uninhabited neighbours and helps them get back on their feet. In the year 2020. ECHO took charge of several expansion projects, including the Atasquadero reception centre and a major new project in Paso Robles.

To donate to ECHO, please visit https://www.echoshelter.org/donate.

Family Reinforcement Centre

The Centre for Family Strengthening is committed to strengthening the family through education and advocacy. CVS also carries out primary prevention programmes for families, providing education, community work and healing services for children who have been abused.

To donate to the APF, please visit https://cfsslo.org/.


The Link Family Resource Center offers a wide range of services and support to families with children in the province. In addition, the Synergy program uses family defenders, who are a huge resource for families, coordinate services and help remove barriers that prevent families from succeeding.

To donate to The Link, go to https://linkslo.wordpress.com/how-you-can-help/donate/.


Lighthouse is a foundation that has been working with the Atasquadero Unified School District and the Greyhound Foundation since 2012 to address addiction problems through education, prevention, intervention and awareness.

To donate to Lighthouse, go to https://www.lighthouseatascadero.org/store/c3/Donations_%26_Sponsorships.html.

Women’s garden in the northern district

North County Womenade is a coalition of organizations that serve individuals, religious communities and people with big hearts and receive requests for goods and financial support of all kinds from aid workers. Social workers, teachers and ministers then present these gifts to their clients, students and parishioners. They don’t judge anyone, they trust the professionals who serve the people they care for.

To make a donation to the Northern District Women’s Home, go to https://donorbox.org/north-county-womenade.


SLO County UndocuSupport was founded by a coalition of local organizations to work together to support members of immigrant communities who do not benefit from the social safety net that many of us share during this pandemic.

To donate to SLO County UndocuSupport, visit https://sloundocusupport.org/donate.

Wood with a human face company

For those of you who love animals: The Wood Humanitarian Society, which is committed to the humane care of stray dogs and cats in San Luis Obispo, has been unable to carry out its major fundraising campaign this year and is funded exclusively through donations.

To donate to Woods, please visit https://www.woodshumanesociety.org/donate/.

Friends of Atasquadero Lake

The Friends of Lake Atasquadero observe the pearls of the city and have been contributing to their maintenance and improvement for many years, especially the well and the pump. The Friends of Lake Atasquadero are looking for new information panels around the lake and are currently looking for donors.

To make a donation to the Friends of Lake Atasquadero, please visit https://www.friendsofatascaderolake.com/donors.


The San Luis Obispo Community Action Partnership is one of the best known organizations in the district and helps families through various programs and in cooperation with other public works agencies. These programmes focus on quality pre-school education, affordable and accessible childcare, removing barriers to safe and affordable housing, healthcare and access to resources.

To make a donation, please visit https://capslo.org/about-capslo/.


RISE (Respect. Inspiration. Support. Autonomy) is an organisation that cares for victims of violence and sexual harassment of intimate partners and their loved ones. RISE provides the community with extensive programmes, services and resources. Thanks to KOVID-19, RISE received 50% more calls to its 24/7 crisis line, 40% more unsatisfied reception requests and twice as many hours of crisis support.

To make a donation, go to https://riseslo.z2systems.com/np/clients/riseslo/campaign.jsp?campaign=51&&test=true.

There are only 10 organizations that are close to my heart, but there are many others in the driving world that do important work in the community. For those who want to help, but are unable to do so financially, there are also many ways to donate their time during the holiday season. I advise you to ring the bell of the Salvation Army. I did it every year of my childhood and I can confirm it; it forms my character.

Here we go:

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