Mandalorian Season 2 arrived Friday, full of Easter eggs and a surprise. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, this may not be a video or an article for you, but if you want to go deeper into the episode for tomorrow’s chapter 10, here’s chapter 9 of the interference you needed! There was a big moment at the end of the first of the second season, and there were enough Easter eggs on the way to make the house stink if you don’t find them all, so follow the big spoilers by going through them all and talking about what some of these details might mean.

The episode continues where season 2 ended: Mando is on a mission to find the baby’s home planet, which may or may not be filled with cute Yoda babies, so I can’t wait to see it and maybe explode or not. In their first new adventure through the city, they show graffiti on a wall called C-3PO and some storm troopers, because, you know, it is Star Wars, so there is also a symbol of the rebels and perhaps a mask of Darth Vader. For Easter eggs, they say it was his mask.

Mando is on his way to a Space Fight Club, where a couple of Warcraft-look-alikes, aptly named Gamorreans, are fighting. These horny green creatures first appeared when the Jedi came back, so it’s cool, it’s Star Wars after all.

Mando fights his way out after Gore Koresh tried to play for his armor. We have a group of early Star Wars aliens, such as the Zabrac, which resembles Darth Maul and had another representative of his kind in season 1. Something tells me we’ll never see that horny baby again. Spoiler alert: He stabbed himself in the chest. That’s why he’s not coming back.

Sidebar: Why did Gore Koresh think it was a good idea to keep Mando at bay with that gun? This guy collects Bescar steel so he knows it’s precious, not only because Mandalorians die so rarely, but also because it’s so resistant, right?

Then we go to Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet on Mandalorean, and the same place where Ray Skywalker explained himself at the end of the trilogy, but we don’t have to talk about it.

The first major episodic role in the Star Wars world appears when R5 appears. Lukas called R5, Red, and it’s good to know he’s okay because he avoided the sale. Given that he could have had all the adventure and glory of R2-D2 if he hadn’t pretended to be an idiot when faced with being sold!

On Tatooine, Mando and her baby go into town to meet wompratten, who are mentioned several times in the episode. Another thing that may seem familiar is the way Marshal Timothy Olifanta Cobb wears Bob Fett’s armor. At first glance, we’re all sitting here and we think the damage is due to digestion after Bob Fett fell into the Sarlacky pit and was deemed dead – but he’s certainly not dead, and we’ll get through it.

Finally, Cobb and Mando agree that Cobb will put the Mandalorian armor back on if Mando can help destroy the beast that resembles the Alaskan bull that threatened the tattooed village of Mos Pelgo. Mando makes a deal with Tusken’s hunters to destroy the Dragon Crait, using his people and too many sacrificial arches.

The Tuskin Raiders probably took the deal with Mando because they knew they would find the pearl in the Dragonbox – it’s like winning the lottery in the Star Wars story and showing you’re strong enough to kill one of the bad guys.

Eventually Mando gets Bob Fett’s armor, Timothy Oliphant better come back, because he was great in the episode, and we have a great time with Baby Yoda. Then, bam, a mysterious creature is watching from the top of the mountain, and it’s Bob, damn it, Fat!

The episode ends with Boba Fett watching from afar. There are stories outside the cinema that explain how he survived, but if the living canon wants to change that, he can do so here in this episode. When Mando defeated Dragon Crate, who apparently defeated the Saracens we thought had killed Bob, he did it from the inside. He used armor and Mandalorian technology to place, pierce and detonate a bomb like the Death Star – something else we saw earlier in this episode as a hologram.

Fact is that Boba Fett knew with some certainty that Marshal Cobb was using his armor and decided not to give it back. Maybe he’s changed by the near-death experience. Or maybe he found a way out of the bounty hunt? We’ve learned to think he’s a bad guy, but what if he’s not? Our next trip to Tatooine will no doubt explain it to you!

What Easter eggs and clues did you pick up in the first of the second season of Mandalorian? Leave it in your comments or send it to me on Instagram and subscribe to the YouTube channel for Mandalone breaks every Friday!

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