U.S. President Joe Biden had a plan to solve many problems, such as the coronavirus, but a winter storm forced him to divert to another location. Climate change has plunged Texas into chaos because two vital needs of the population have not been met. These are electricity and drinking water. The president declared a major disaster in a state with extreme winter weather. The storm destroyed the power grid and millions of Texans were without power for days. This is despite the fact that the state has large oil and gas reserves. Authorities restored power, but it was interrupted.

The water supply is also largely interrupted. People are advised to boil their water before drinking it, although bottled water is available in some places. Joe Biden plans to visit the state, but does not want to interfere with the recovery efforts. The winter storm has disrupted lives not only in Texas, but also in other parts of the United States.

Sky News reports that people are dead. They were victims of hypothermia, car accidents on slippery roads and carbon monoxide poisoning. With temperatures rising, normality is returning, but discontent remains. Pipeline ruptures have damaged many homes and businesses, and recovery is a lengthy process. President Biden said federal funds will be made available to help alleviate people’s suffering.

This includes assistance for temporary housing, home repairs and low-cost loans.

Help for hurricane-ravaged Texas

Residents affected by the winter storm are receiving assistance from local food banks and other similar organizations. These are humanitarian needs, and a Democratic member of Congress provided financial assistance. She traveled from New York to Houston to help distribute supplies.

Sky News adds that Ted Cruz, a Republican senator, flew to Mexico with his family, despite the fact that his state was facing power and water shortages. He later regretted it, saying, “Look, it was an obvious mistake, and in retrospect I wouldn’t have done it.” Thousands of sea turtles are affected by the cold after a winter storm in Texas.

Texas must reinvent itself after hurricane.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is among the Republicans who initially refused to recognize Joe Biden’s election victory in November. The president has now declared the storm in the state a major disaster. He doesn’t care about political trends. The demands of the people are more important to him. According to Sky News, Greg Abbott confirmed that the president’s statement was an “important first step” for Texas. Abbott added that individual aid can only be approved in certain counties. He planned to meet with officials to discuss rising energy costs. This seems to have happened after the blackout. Apparently, the electrical infrastructure needs to be reviewed.

Frost in Texas after a winter storm

According to CNBC, a winter storm in Texas caused major power and water outages. People had to get boiled water. Millions of people are facing water shortages. This is due to freezing temperatures that have affected public water systems. The federal government approved emergency declarations for Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. It sent essential supplies such as generators, blankets, water and food to Texas. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson expressed his gratitude via Twitter. He said, “This is great news for the people of Dallas after a terrible week. The damage from this hurricane is enormous, and the disaster announcement will help our city get back on its feet. “Yosemite National Park was forced to close after being heavily damaged by the winter storm.

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