The polls of the AP University Football Top 25 are over, and there is not much movement through the weekends, which were characterized by a large number of cancellations and little excitement. This is then done for each team in the rankings.

Number 1 Alabama (6-0)

The Crimson Tide needed a week’s rest to recover and possibly bring back one or two injured players, including LaBrian Ray’s LaBrian Ray defender, who is the most talented passer on the team and who was sent away due to an elbow injury in the last few games. But did Alabama need a two-week vacation? Could delaying a game at LSU – which is actually a one-week relationship in a row – cause rust on a boat wagon? We’ll find out Saturday against Kentucky. — Alex Scarborough

Number 2 Notre Dame (8-0)

The Irish took the biggest test with Clemson and then proved to Boston College that they can handle success. The road is not clear yet, North Carolina will be next on the list, but Notre Dame’s chances of landing in a CCA championship match are getting better every day. The Irish have not yet retreated and the attack seems to be getting better. Ian Book’s quarterback made nearly 600 yards and five touchdowns last season. Our Lady will need this success to continue, especially if another meeting with Clemson is planned. — Tom VanHaren

Ohio State #3 (3-0)

Saturday’s Buckeyes game in Maryland was cancelled after the Terrapins interrupted all football events last week due to an increase in COVID 19 incidents. While Ohio has an extra week to prepare for their visit to Indiana, Bucky also has to play to qualify for the G-10 and the university football play-offs. With three games played, Ohio State has become one of the most impressive teams in the country. — Chris Lowe

4 Clemson (7-1)

The Tigers had an open date after losing Notre Dame, but the day off allowed them to work with Trevor Lawrence and be healthier than last week. The question now is what kind of statement Clemson will make when he plays in the state of Florida on Saturday after Lawrence returns from two missed games due to the coronavirus. There’s no doubt Clemson’s confidently taking part in the conversation. But Florida is one of the worst teams in CCR, as the gap between the two teams is widening. Lawrence might not even have to play the whole game. – Andrea Adelson

Number 5 Texas A&M (5-1)

The match of Aggies against Tennessee has been postponed due to problems with COVID-19 in the A&M program. If they can play this week, they’ll accept Ole Miss. A&M is still in an excellent position for the play-offs, as there are four games left to play and only one of them will be played against the highest ranked team (Auburn). — Sam Khan Jr.

Number 6 Florida (5-1)

If Kyle Trask had thrown six touchdowns against Arkansas, who knows how many times he would have found the end zone against combative Vanderbilt. Even if Kyle Pitts doesn’t come back from the concussion he had against Georgia, a passport in Florida should be enough. But you’re hoping to see that you’re a Gators fan, it’s all about taking the game a step further, and the defense must stop giving away the crumbs of the game. Improvements in these two areas will largely determine whether Florida can compete with Alabama in a potential SEC championship game. — Alex Scarborough

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 7 Cincinnati (7-0)

Luke Fickell is trying to get his team into the school soccer play-offs. He disrupted the ECU last week after winning 55-17 on a fictitious bet, while winning 32 points in the fourth quarter, but these are the steps a Group 5 school has to take to build a solid CV. This week could be the toughest game of the regular season against UCF. It will still take a lot of effort from the Bear Cats to advance the playoff program. — Harry Liles, Jr.

8 BYU (8-0)

Puma’s were cancelled this week and last week’s victory over Boise State looks even better after the Broncos won in Colorado (31 points). BYU is still in a good position to make it to the sixth New Year’s Eve. With games against Northlabama and San Diego continuing, there is no reason to expect Pumas to end the regular season with less than a 10-0 victory. — Kyle Bonagura

9 Indiana (4-0)

Indiana 4-0, and for the first time in the same season, the Hoosiers defeated Michigan, Michigan and Penn. Quarterback Michael Penix Jr. increased that offense and the defense went out of the game, leaving just 191 yards of Michigan’s total offense. But the real test for this team is next on the calendar, as Indiana has to submit to the state of Ohio. It’s 2020, so there’s nothing to say against it, and a victory in Indiana would have put the Hoosiers in first place in the Eastern Great Ten. However, Ohio will be the best team Indiana has known this season and it will be very difficult to beat Bucky. — VanHairen

10 Wisconsin (2-0)

In the past 23 days, Wisconsin has won two 38-point victories over Illinois and Michigan and two games have been cancelled. If the badgers can stay on the field, it will be very difficult for them to beat the rest of the group. Defense coordinator Jim Leonhardt intimidated Michigan, who scored no points in the first half, only 10 First Falls, two innings and 47 rushing. After Graham Mertz broke the passing record early in the season, Wisconsin returned to its roots against Michigan (51 carries, 341 yards, five touchdowns). The Badgers cannot afford to miss any more games, but if they manage to beat Northwestern this week, the Western Division can become them again. — Adam Rittenberg

Number 11 Oregon (2-0)

After a strong attack, which showed 43:29 against Washington State on the way to victory in the game, the ducks showed a pre-season result, as the best Pac-12 team was justified. They will be the big favorites against the University of California and the State of Oregon in the next two weeks – in the middle of the third half of the season – for the games against Cal and Washington, which will close the regular season. The work of the attack coordinator, Joe Moorhead, has raised the bar for what the program could be. — Bonagura

12 Miami (7-1)

After the victory over Virginia Tech, the coach of the Miami national team Manny Diaz said that the game was about to be postponed due to problems with the coronavirus in the program. As the Hurricanes prepare to play Georgia Tech, take a look at the list and see if Miami will have more players available on Saturday to jump to the top of the priority list. A more consistent attack game is also at the top of the list, but this position has been seriously compromised by the coronavirus problem, so we need to keep an eye on that as well. — Adelson

№ 13 Georgia (4-2)

The Kirby Smart team had a day off because of a combination of problems with the coronavirus in Missouri. Otherwise it could have been the hardest game on the calendar, and now the Bulldogs are preparing for the Mississippi state team, which – apart from beating Vanderbilt in the first round of LSU – didn’t look very good. If there was time to work and experiment with the attack, it would be possible. — Lyle is

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 14 Oklahoma (5-1)

The farewell week was a welcome break for the Cowboys, who were without Tylan Wallace last week before Chuba Hubbard left the game against Kansas State on injury. But at full speed the cowboys have the firepower to shoot Bedlam, but the protection to prevent it. Can Mike Gandhi, who only plays 2-13 against Oklahoma this season, stop the perishables chart? — Dave Wilson

No. 15 (undecided) Coastal Carolina (7-0)

Jamie Chadwell suddenly had a Saturday when his trip to Troy was canceled on Friday. This gave them some more time to prepare for the big home game against the Appalachian State on Saturday. This victory will not only save their undefeated victory, but will also take place in the race for the Sunbelt title. A strong defense against the climbers can make life difficult for quarterback Grayson McCall and his dynamic offensive pursuits. — Connected

Number 15 (bonded) Marshall (7-0)

On Saturday, Marshall got away with a light 42-14 joke at MTSU at 7-0. The Thunder Herd defense remains dominant and after a slow start a great passing game is played. The herd is the big favorite in the race for the USA Conference, but the big question is whether they can stay undefeated and keep pressure on Cincinnati to stay ahead in the battle for a place in Group Five of the Six of the new year. — Connected

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 17 State of Iowa (5-2)

The hurricanes have come to a standstill over the weekend and have prepared themselves for a critical path. With just one lost conference, Iowa is in an excellent position in front of the first pier of the Big 12. If the Cyclones beat Kansas and Texas in the next two weeks, they will take their place in the conference championship. What an achievement that would be for Cyclones. — Sam Khan Jr.

18 Oklahoma (5-2)

After two early season losses to Kansas and Iowa with a total of 10 points, Soon Speed has the prospect of winning the sixth consecutive Big 12 title. But Bedlam vs. Oklahoma is blocking GameDay’s visit to Norman for the first time since 2012. FPI will soon have at least a 72% chance of winning each of the three finals, including a 74.5% chance of beating the Cowboys. — Wilson.

19 Northwest (4-0)

Last year it was clearly an exception for the northwest, a grounding that forced a change of offensive coordinator and a stronger quarterback. For the first time in the Big Ten, the Northwest played 4-0 against head coach Pat Fitzgerald in the 1996 season. The team has already replaced the result of his victory in 2019. The transfer of quarterback Peyton Ramsey and new coordinator Mike Bajakian failed, and Northwestern had one of the most reliable defenders during Fitzgerald’s tenure, especially in high school. The title of the Western League will probably come down to a home game against Wisconsin this week. It took so much effort to get there, Fitzgerald said. There’s no reason to stop now. — Rittenberg

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 20 USC (2-0)

The Trojans won, so it could have been worse, but their performance in beating Arizona 34-30 didn’t really improve the perception of their quality. Arizona could have been a decent team, but they started the year with perhaps the lowest external expectations of a Pac-12 team. If USC deserves a promotion on the ladder, then this is the kind of game the Trojans have to deal with effortlessly. — Bonagura

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 21 Freedom (8-0)

The fire lasted two weeks. A short victory over Virginia Tech and a 58-14 victory over South Carolina in the dog walk gave Liberty a good feeling in the game against NC State, where they are aiming for their third victory of the season. Wolfpack hasn’t really been a defensive juggler this season, and Malik Willis has been supporting the opposition all year. — Lyle is

22 Texas (5-2)

The Longhorns opened the season with a 59-3 loss to UTEP, followed by a 3-2 tie in five of the six games, which were decided by one point. The only double-digit victory in the series was 27-16 over 1-5 Baylor, which this season only defeated Kansas. Well, that’s good news: It was Longhorn’s turn to take on Kansas, who ranks 116th in the country, and the defense, which has averaged 56 points in the last three games. — Wilson.

23 Auburn (4-2)

The Tigers were going to play Mississippi State. They got a boost after beating LSU and rested their legs thanks to the farewell week. However, the postponement of the game against Mississippi prevented coach Gus Malzhan from looking forward to a good start to the second half of the season. Instead, they will have to try to pick up where they left off on Saturday against Tennessee, who suffered four straight defeats in desperation. — Scarborough

24 Louisiana (6-1)

Beat the P5 team (Iowa in September)? Take a look. Winning the Sun Belt West championship a few weeks before the end of the regular season? Take a look. The Billy Napiers Cajuns have already eliminated much of this year’s to-do list and now have a few weeks to prepare for the biggest item on the list: winning the conference. The defense had three of the last four opponents within 21 points, and on Saturday the attack finally started quickly. Everything looks good in Lafayette. — Connected

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 25 Tulsa (4-1)

Welcome to the top 25, Tulsa! A lot of time has passed (almost 10 years – the last time the Golden Hurricane was evaluated in the last AR survey of the 2010 season). This team won the biggest victory of the season on Saturday after passing SMU after three touchdowns. If Tulsa keeps winning, she’ll get a ticket to an American championship game. Currently, only Tulsa and Cincinnati are undefeated in the conference games, and the meeting of these two cities is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2009. December planned. — …Han Junior.

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