Toy bench26. Annual event on 12 December at theevent centre in Paso Robles.

PASO ROBLES – Big Paso Robles Toy Bank prepares its 26th annual gift day on Saturday the 12th. December, at the Paso Robles event center.

Amanda Beene, 29, co-chairman of the Toy Bank Board of Directors and coordinator of Gift Day, says it will all be different because many of the events are organized in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

2019 Donation day for co-chairs Maribet Bonomi (left) and Amanda Beene (right). The Big Paso Robles Toy Bank is once again preparing for its annual donation day. Pictures reproduced thanks to the day of the donation.

This year is a little different from what we’ve done so far. We’re making all the necessary changes. We just ask people to be patient, says Beane, who started volunteering at Toy Bank in elementary school when she was at a Boy Scout school.

A toy bank provides toys, games, playground balls, animal scarecrows, books, arts and crafts and much more for about 1,400 to 1,600 children per year on the day of the donation. They also work with the Salvation Army to provide food for the families in Paso Robles, San Miguel, Bradley, Creston, Shandon and Heritage Ranch. Unfortunately, according to Beane, the children’s coat will not be part of this year’s donation day.

We expect this to be a great year for us, because the employment situation has changed and the whole economy has changed. Lucky we’re ready for that, Bean said. Last year was a pretty important year for us when we turned 25. We were able to clean up a few things this year, which really worked.

A parent or guardian must live in Paso Robles, Bradley, Creston, Legacy Ranch or San Miguel and must have children from childhood until the age of 12.

The toy bank requires parents and families to register on Registration starts on 1 November at noon and lasts until the end of November.

Bin said they need the same documents as last year – an identity card with a photo of the parents, a birth certificate for each child, proof of address (such as an energy bill) and a tax return. In order to facilitate the registration procedure, Toy Bank will have access to documents already submitted.

When you register with us in 2019, we will compare your contact details with previous details, said Mr Bin. If you are a novice, you must bring all the necessary documents, including the birth certificates of the children on the day of the donation.

People will have time to come to the day of the donation. They have to wait in their car until they get a text or phone call to enter the border building.

The toy bank will consolidate its activities this year. All crafts, board games and cuddles are pre-packaged with toys in the right age categories to keep the boards neat and tidy and to make sure they are not touched so often.

This year there is no school facility and no bicycle lottery.

Volunteers and everyone entering the building must wear a face mask and gloves, which are provided at the door, as well as masks for those who need them.

As always, Toy Bank will have its own donation boxes in the community. If you cannot buy a toy, the organization accepts donations in cash and volunteers buy toys.

You can donate online at or send a check for payment:

Great Paso Robles Toy Bank, P.O. Box 2801, Paso Robles, California 93447.

This has been a difficult year for many people and the Toy Bank is grateful that they have celebrated Gift Day again.

We wanted to do it because the kids need to get a little sick, Bean said.

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