Harry Potter fans around the world have been looking forward to a complete Harry Potter game since the early 2000s, when the novels and movies were released. This successful franchise has many admirers who are fascinated by the fantastic world of magic. Unfortunately, most of the games that came out of the series were gambling. However, after the release of the Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay video in October 2018, a new hope was sparked in the hearts of fans.

At least

It’s been two years since the next generation Harry Potter game was accidentally leaked, and we finally have something concrete. Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming action role-playing game that has the effect of immersion and open world. The game takes place in the world of wizards, which has become popular in the Harry Potter books, but on a completely different time scale. Players play the role of Hogwarts students in the 1800s, more than a century before Harry Potter. The player’s character will be the main mystery point that covers the school.

Avalanche Software leads the project as game developer. They are best known for their Disney Infinity game trilogy. Mystery Hogwarts will be introduced on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in 2021. The details of the game were not surprisingly bad, especially considering its early release in 2018.

The world in Harry Potter

Avalanche, the legacy of Hogwarts.


It’s a bold marketing move to completely abandon the Harry Potter brand in the title of the game. Avalanche seems to rely on the popularity of the brand Hogwarts and pin its hopes on it. It is completely natural to play the game without engraving the name of the famous master on the envelope or on the shopping page if you buy it on a PC or on the Internet. This small marketing campaign subtly reminds us that Harry Potter is not a key figure in the story, but an actor at the heart of the mystery.

Fans love Harry Potter. Right now, this is an undeniable fact. We have followed his story in seven novels, eight films and many other media. It’s time for the wizard hero to retreat, so that the new story can blossom. The official website of Hogwarts Legacy contains a line with the title LIVE THE UNWRITTEN in large bold letters. Despite the distressing lack of essential information about games, it is clear that game developers want to take this walk. It is the promise of a personal story forged outside of Harry Potter that is the greatest attraction of the game. It is absolutely useful that the game takes place more than 100 years before the chronology of the first novel in the series. I hope the rest of the game will live up to the promises and expectations raised by the marketing material.

Departure of the guard

On the eve of the new game it is difficult not to live up to expectations. Games taking place in the Harry Potter universe have been bad for promising fans in the past. One of the newest games in the series was the mobile adventure game Harry Potter: The secret of Hogwarts. Critics panicked because of the oppressive energy system, which slowed down the considerable progress of the conspiracy. The Hogwarts puzzle is triggered by a system of predatory microtransactions. She made money with the fans’ love for Harry Potter and expected to spend money to further the story.

The Hogwarts puzzle preceded another mobile game that is still taking place in the Harry Potter universe. The Niantic was designed by Harry Potter: Android and iOS wizards will be merged in 2019. As a result, the game works in the same way as the Niantic Augmented Reality game, Pokémon GO. The game was respectable as a name in itself. But when the game came out in RA, the mass wave that surrounded it had yielded nothing.

Harry Potter’s last two games offer a brief look at the disappointing draw. Maybe rough diamonds were involved in the early lottery games, but almost many years have passed since then. Anyway, the fans will do nothing more than explore Hogwarts in their own story. There is a faint glimmer of hope that Hogwarts Legacy will finally give this series of games the games it deserves. The fans have waited almost two decades, six months is not so bad.

We walk with caution and uncertainty to the threshold of Hogwarts, stay in our hands and hope vividly in our hearts. We do not forget the many disappointing games of the past. Maybe this time the game based on the fantasy world of witchcraft and magic will finally become what it should be.

Pokiman, Iman Abs.

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