Lee Baker Sang-Hyuk is probably South Korea’s most successful sportsman; multimillionaire at only 24 years of age. By winning several World Championships, the highest Legendary League (LoL) title on the professional stage, he has achieved more than anyone else in his field. By comparison, many people might consider the forger Michael Jordan of the Legends League of Legends.

The manufacturer started competing with SC Telecom T1 K (later T1) at the age of 16. Since then the team has won the World Championship three times, making T1 one of the best teams in the world. As a decorated player, the Fakera is a high-level T1 good. In addition to the proceeds of the tournament, Baker continues to increase its net worth.

Manufacturer’s net worth in 2020: USD 4 million

Baker was killed on the 7th. Born in May 1996 in the Gangseo district of Seoul, South Korea, he quit school to continue his playing career. Mr. Baker’s decision to focus on his passion for export led him to one of the most legendary careers in export history, which he continues to write to this day. The decision to pursue a career instead of training has proved to be a success for him, as one day he will become one of the best paid athletes in the world. However, he plans to continue his training at the airport after his retirement, according to an interview with ESPN in 2015.

The Wealth Check estimates that its net value will be around $4 million in 2020.

Tournament goalie revenue: $1.2 million

Jeremy Wacker/Yahoo! Sports!

During his seven-year career as a professional player, Esports Earnings has estimated Faker’s total tournament earnings to be $1,257,615.87. Most of the profits come from participating in three world championships. Of the $4,000,000 his team won in 2013-2016, he brought home about $800,000.

At all three T1 World Championships, both analysts and fans have recognized Faker as the driving force behind the success of their team. Only he and his teammate Bae Bengy Son Wong have won the T1 championship three times. So they are the only two players who have won the championship three times. But unlike his teammate, who still plays in a T1 competition, Benji has now left the professional game.

The merit of Baker’s career makes him the highest paid Korean athlete and the highest paid LOL athlete in history. However, compared to the other games, Fakera only ranks 67th. In Dota 2, Counter Throw, he stands behind his colleagues: A worldwide offensive, no doubt.

Rise and fall of the Dynasty T1

The arrival of the creator on stage marked the beginning of a new era in the history of the LOL. During the first year of the first race, Faker has already helped his team to win the World Cup.

Baker set an impressive record in the world finals. Of the four times he played for T1 in the World Cup Grand Final, they won three. Their record number of victories and losses in the Grand Final 2013-2016 is 9:3. In this period the dominance of T1 was undisputed and many considered the team as a LoL dynasty. They were simply untouchable.

The Samsung Galaxy later broke that record during the grand final of the FIFA World Cup in 2017. T1, who had already made a shaky performance in the matches for the big final, looked like a wounded animal and for the first time showed signs that T1 is no longer the invincible team she used to be. This year Samsung Galaxy intercepted the T1, scored 3-0 against the former champion and overthrew the T1 dynasty.

While the team’s unparalleled charisma has since disappeared, the Korean champion (LCK), the Korean circus LoL, continues to fear the fakera. Fans and analysts still consider him one of the best players ever to have played at LoL, nicknamed the King of Immaculate Demons.

Although Baker has continued to succeed, his team has not yet recovered. The team will miss the world championship next season. They made a small comeback in 2019 and took fourth place. In 2020, however, the team fell to the lowest level in its entire career. This year for the second time in three years the T1 did not qualify for the World Championship. The T1 dynasty has fallen.

Dummy T1 contract: 2.5 million

In addition to Fakker’s tournament winnings, there are rumours that a lot of money comes out of his salary. In 2017, Naver Sports reported rumors that while many other teams offered large sums of money to Fakera, Fakera decided to stay with T1 for $2.5 million for 3 years, the longest contract allowed by the rules of the competition. In 2020, Baker signs another contract with T1, binding him to the team until 2023.

7 great years and more than just players and team members.
We look forward to our ongoing journey with @faker.

함께한 빛나는 7년에 감사하며, T1과 이상혁 선수의 여정은 앞으로도 계속됩니다.

T1 X-Fake: https://t.co/kdLOAe7emH#T1WIN #T1Fight

– T1 LoL (@T1LoL) 18. February 2020.

The participation of a star player in a team goes beyond just being an athlete in the team. When he extended his contract with T1, Baker also became co-owner of T1.

I am honored to own the T1 and look forward to working with the management team at the end of my playing career, Baker said in a press release.

This suggests that Fakera will continue to play an important role in the T1 organisation even after his future dismissal.

The Cruel King

Many people are surprised that the indestructible demon king lives a very frugal life despite the deep pockets of the flashlight. One day on a Korean talk show, Radio Star said he was spending less than $200 a year. Although the numbers are not publicly available, Baker probably earns more than $200 per broadcast on the Twitch streaming platform, where it has more than 3 million subscribers.

His admirers have also noticed that Foker does not have a very varied wardrobe. He often plays in a white T-shirt under his team uniform, which leads fans to call him his white T-shirt collector. LCK colleague Kim PraY Jong Yin discovered a hilarious rumour in 2017 that Fakera had no other clothes than her team’s white clothes and T-shirts.

In an interview with Probably Faker gave an explanation for this behavior…

I don’t care about my clothes, if the clothes have patterns or colors, it’s confusing which clothes (in a casino). I spontaneously put on a white shirt, but recently I noticed that all white shirts look like mine, so they are easy to find. That’s why I wear a white T-shirt every day.

The simple and down-to-earth personality of the Fakera increases the respect that his peers and admirers have for him. Inside and outside the arena, many players in the export sector admire the forger. And thanks to its economy, whatever it costs now, it can only continue to grow in the years to come.

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