Little effort, big effect. With these very efficient 5 classic tips you can make your living room look more stylish. So you have the perfect place to play 22Bet.

Want to make your living room look more stylish, but don’t know where to start? We’ll show you five classic and inexpensive tricks!

You don’t have much money for a renovation? No problem, we’ll tell you tricks that will make your living room look classier in no time.

Our home is a place where we should feel completely comfortable. For a chic interior, you don’t need a lot of money at all. Often small tricks are enough to give your own four walls a whole new effect. We’ve already told you how to turn your bedroom into a luxurious temple of luxury. Your living room can also be made much more elegant than it actually is in just a few simple steps. All you have to do is keep these five things in mind. With the following interior tricks your living room looks very noble.


1. metallic objects

Silver, gold or copper: objects with a metallic look will enhance your living room. However, it is important that you do not overdo it. Too many metallic elements create the opposite effect and make a room look cheap. It’s better to choose a metallic nuance and place a few decorative elements around the living room. This can be, for example, a candlestick made of gold and a matching picture frame. Drawer knobs and handles in metallic look also look very classy.

2. courage to leave gaps

The motto is: less is more. A minimalist living room that contains only the most necessary pieces of furniture and decorative elements looks much more impressive. Not every space needs to be cluttered. Just leave the dresser and side table empty and you’ll see what a difference this simple trick makes. Also, make sure the coffee table is clear of magazines, remote controls, glasses and the like. Too many knickknacks will make the room look chaotic.

3. large pictures

The design of the walls also plays an important role. Large picture frames, which are placed purposefully, look particularly noble and enhance the living room. Set best on minimalist designs – this applies to both the frame and the picture.

4. coordinated decorative cushions

The right decorative pillows on the sofa change the atmosphere of the room without having to change much. They should be color coordinated and match the rest of the decoration. It’s best to buy pillows from a collection and place them on your couch. As long as they visually match and create a harmonious overall look, it doesn’t matter if they vary in size.

5. atmospheric lighting

Use lamps cleverly. Three to four small islands of light spread around the living room will make it look much more sophisticated and cozy. Set on a bright ceiling lamp and other soft light sources, which in the best case are coordinated with each other.

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