Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton wore T-shirts this season with the words Black Life Matters before and after a Formula 1 race.

Lewis Hamilton says he’s much more proud of the work he’s done for the tie this year than he is of the prospect of winning his seventh title.

The British won the Turkish Grand Prix championship on Sunday as teammate Valteri Bottas beats him by no more than seven points.

Mr. Hamilton said: The title of driver does not necessarily affect people’s lives. The attempt to improve the living conditions of people all over the world – equal human rights – is the most important thing for me.

Hamilton will win the championship if he wins or ends for Bottas. If the Finn wins, Hamilton can still win second place until Bottas has completed the fastest lap to score a point.

The seventh title would have put the Mercedes driver on an equal footing with record holder Michael Schumacher, whose career record has already surpassed Hamilton.

An icon like Michael would make me incredibly proud, Mr. Hamilton said.

But it is rather a message he sends not only to children, but especially to children, that you have to dream more than you think you can, and that you shouldn’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it.

However, Hamilton said that he had not thought about the prospect of a seventh title and just focused on doing good work, driving race after race, trying to do his best as a team and not thinking about anything else.

He went on to say: I’ve learned not to apply unnecessary pressure. I have four races to run for those points, so I don’t bet it all in one weekend, in one day.

For me it’s a different breed, I have to approach it in the same way as in the past.

Maybe that’s why it’s a shock sometimes. Suddenly you get beaten because you don’t think much about it and you don’t know what to say because you never really know if it’s going to happen.

I’m not concentrating on the what-ifs. I concentrate on the preparation in the same way as before, trying to do what I’ve been doing all season.

Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton has won nine of the 13 F1 races of the 2020 season and can claim his seventh world championship title at the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday.

However, he said that although he has not yet discussed a new contract with Mercedes to keep him in the team after this season, he will continue racing next year.

Numbers, numbers, headlines and everything else can mean more from the outside, according to Hamilton.

I remember seeing Michael when he was seven, and I thought: Wow. But when you’re here, it’s different.

We will continue to fight for more championships, we will continue to improve and do what we like to do.

Importantly, this year’s journey is linked to a struggle for equality and a truly growing learning process about what is happening in the world, with a deeper knowledge of the environment and the beginning of progress in that direction.

With regard to the new treaty, Mr Hamilton said that he did not yet have an answer to all my questions.

But he went on to say: I understand very well that I want to keep working with Mercedes. I’d like to help them in their quest for change.

They take their greener, more electrified cars, I want to help them on this road, I want to help them promote diversity. We have something to discuss and review, but we will do so if the work is not completed before the end of the year.

Nothing in the stone speaks of anything else. I don’t feel like I’m finished, I feel like I’m not making any progress… There are always areas for improvement. I love racing and competition, and I don’t think that will change in the near future.

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