Living on the cusp of another country’s land brings with it both good and bad elements. There is the experience of a world completely different from your own, varying prices on goods, rules to follow when crossing. Living along the United States and Canada border can be beneficial, but also brings with it some downsides.

Some Things Are Cheaper in the Other Country

The proximity to another country is nice in that you may find your neighbors have lower prices on certain things like gas, food, or other goods. Canadian residents might enjoy Black Friday in the United States, while Americans could hop over to Canada to get great deals on Boxing Day. The trek across the border could be worth it to snag your fuel at a lower price or buy specialty grocery items your country doesn’t sell.


This can apply to bigger purchases, such as homes for sale in Vancouver that double as great vacation destinations, or car sales off the lot. Be sure to do research on goods and current prices before making a final decision.

Experience the Other Side of Life

Though the United States and Canada may seem similar in many ways, there are also stark differences in culture and way of living. Being close to the border allows for residents to make a quick trip to the country not theirs and experience something unique. This could be a festival, holiday, type of food, or sporting event. It’s always nice to experience life from another perspective in order to broaden your own.

It Might Not Always Be So Easy To Cross Over

Though closeness to the border can afford you direct access to another country and culture, it may not always be simple to cross over. There are many rules and regulations to remember when both entering and exiting a country you are not a resident of. Ensuring you are following the law is paramount to an easeful transition over the country lines.

Always be sure to plan ahead in the case where you are traveling for a particular reason. If you hit a snag, you want to allocate extra time for it to be remedied.

You Might Realize What You’re Missing

There are things bigger than prices on material goods that differ between the two countries, and this goes back to experiencing the other side of life. While it is nice to do so, it can also put into the spotlight what you are currently lacking.

Canada’s healthcare system is much preferable to America’s, and the openness and diversity of the country can be easier to come across than in the United States. The United States economy can offer more for job seekers than Canada’s, and the dollar often has more spending power there.

Governmental differences are also a huge factor that differentiates the countries and, depending on your disposition, you might yearn for one over the other. Hot button issues like education, healthcare, gun control, and human rights may suit your needs better in your neighboring country depending upon your beliefs.

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