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Tyra Banks has been a hot topic lately. She recently made headlines after singer Jennifer Lopez recreated the green Versace 2000 Dress and showed it in an episode of DWTS.

According to Indy 100, the so-called problem is that a number of fans and viewers did not like the original dress. In fact, a Twitter user even went so far as to say that the dress was a terrible version of JLo.

Lopez’s iconic green dress is just… iconic. In fact, the industry has indicated that at one point it even had its own Wikipedia page.

According to an article in Biography 2020, Lopez quoted a dress: I hadn’t really thought about it. To be honest, I didn’t think it was that risky. I was expecting the Grammys. I didn’t even think about the dress. I was just glad I had something to wear.

In an exciting turning point for Lopez, the dress was an absolute success. In fact, according to Biography.com, it’s all about getting dressed now.

Lopez shared with Vogue: Seen from a career perspective, this dress really marked a moment in time. If you don’t know my music and you don’t know my movies, people know this moment and this dress – that’s it.

Jennifer Lopez and David Dukhovny present the best R&B album at the age of 42. The GRAMMY Awards in his famous compelling green dress. Jennifer Lopez presents her best R&B album with actor David Spiritovny at the age of 42. GRAMMY award in 2000. About the Academy of Sound Recording / Grammy: The Academy of Recording is the world’s premier community of music professionals dedicated to celebrating, honoring and supporting the past, present and future of music. Соедините с…2019-09-21T00:58:14Z

People have reported that the printed jungle costume is made of Versace chiffon scarves. However, they found that although the dress resembled the colour of Lopez and had a demonstration neckline, this neckline was already missing in Lopez’s work.

Tyra admitted that the dress was inspired by the outfit of Jennifer Lopez twenty years ago. On Instagram she uploaded the story of the dress and commented: My JLo inspired dress is made of Versace scarves!

And it’s not the first time the dress has been reproduced. As they say, Lisa Rinna wore a costume that resembled last year’s Halloween casamigos party in Beverly Hills.

Dashboard fan flash

As mentioned in the previous Heavy article, fans have rushed to Tyra in recent weeks because of the DWTS fashion selection.

At the beginning of this season, Banks wore a big yellow dress, and Twitter fans laughed at her and said she looked like Big Bird.

Last week another Twitter user wrote Oh, please, Tyra Banks! Stop with all those outfits! You look ridiculous! Oh, please, give us back Tom and Erin!

The third remark: I’m glad the person who chose @tyrabanks on DWTS styling for God’s awful outfits, and they said they deserved everything.

@DancingABC oh, please, Tyra Banks! Stop with all those outfits! You look ridiculous! Oh, please, give us back Tom and Erin!

– Debbie Borowski (@DebbieBorowski) 10. November 2020

Since then, more and more Twitter users have responded to these feelings by writing a Twitter: @DancingABC why should we be exposed to the terrible Tyra Banks? Should we look at her booth like she’s on stage? It’s a dance show! She can’t even get a decent job interview. And those awful outfits. Get off her!

At the end of October, Banks started rumors and said she knew who to start (she refused to mention the person’s name).

I don’t know what’s going on, she says. I don’t even get it. You know what, some people just try to blow it up.

Will there be any more rumors at the end of the fair? Time will tell. Tune in tonight at 20.00 (Eastern time) for the semifinals of the DWTS.

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