Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and Samuel L. Jackson and actor James Maddison of Lester City Julia Roberts is represented by the same agency as James Maddison of Lester City, while Samuel L. Jackson, an ICM partner, also just bought a football agency.

Oscar-winning Julia Roberts and the English James Maddison may seem like unlikely teammates.

But talented players in the United States are increasingly involved in the activities of football agencies, which bring players and athletes together under one roof.

The work of soccer brokers remains a mystery to most, but the reason is obvious: In June, the Football Association stated that the Premier League clubs will be able to use the agent from 1 January. February 2019 for the year £263.3 million.

With such large sums of money, attention has increased and major problems have arisen.

Around the role of Jorge Mendes in the Republic of Ireland, for example, defender Matt Doherty moved from Wolves to Tottenham in August for £15m. Mendez is Agent Doherty. And the representative of the director of the two clubs, Jose Mourinho and Nuno Espirito Santo. The owners of the Fosunwolves now own 20% of the famous Mendes Gestifute agency.

In 2018, the Football League investigated Mendes’ relationship with the wolves and said that they obey their rules.

However, accusations of abuse of power are widespread in other sectors.

Fifa, the world government for sport, has sworn to intervene and regulate. It aims to eliminate or at least reduce abuse and unnecessary practices in football.

We strive for balanced and sensible regulation, not the current law of the strongest, where conflicts of interest increase and exorbitant commissions are earned left and right.

Given this description, the U.S. agencies dealing with the world’s biggest movie stars – with their own branding to protect them – may want to avoid the seemingly wild west.

Truth is, I don’t.

Last year, the Creative Artists Agency bought the baseball game by marrying organizations that look after the careers of Hollywood stars Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho, Roberts’ managers, and striker Lester Maddison.

The eighth. In October, another talented American agency, ICM Partners, bought Stellar in an even bigger multi-million dollar deal.

ICM looks after the careers of stars such as Samuel L. Jackson and Ellen DeGeners. Stellar – the agency of Jonathan Barnett – organized the return of Gareth Bale from Real Madrid to Tottenham Hotspur.

We are well aware of the negative attitude towards [soccer] agents, according to ICM director Chris Zilberman.

I understand that perception, and I understand that people see that cops make a lot of money, and some in sports complain about that. It’s a tough job, but I like the reputation of the people I deal with.

Instead of stereotypical agents simply pushing their customers to the transfers they receive, Silbermann says that the reality of organizations, like his proposal, is very different from the reality of the real world.

We understand the power of celebrities and what you can do with them, says Zilberman. A natural extension is to work with the athletes because they are world icons in a sense that they have never been in the past.

Nowhere else are there agencies displaying global symbols on a scale. We can open the doors.

Zilberman never met Bale. Barnett will continue to gain football experience and manage the careers of other Welsh and star clients, including Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grilish and Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pikford.

My job is to make sure that the player who has enough money to know if he can keep working because he wants to, not because he has to, says Barnett.

We’re spending a fortune helping these guys get where they need to be. We have a whole team of social media employees because we don’t want them to do it alone.

Barnett says he won’t participate in some of the tactics used by rival agencies to get better conditions for their clients, but he says as long as it’s legal and ethical, it’s fine.

He really thinks there are problems that need to be solved and is very unhappy with the number of players now being taken care of by family members.

Barnett was also disappointed with Fife’s approach. In January he attended an agents’ conference with Mendes and Mino Rajola, representing Lieutenant Paul Pogba of Manchester United, to discuss the situation.

About Mendez, he says: He has done fantastic work for the wolves, and he has done brilliant work in other areas as well.

So far there have been no negotiations on reforms. On Thursday, Fifa explained its proposals to limit the committee to 3% of the players’ salaries.

Barnett’s not impressed. He believes that Fifa is trying to achieve positive publicity by unfairly hitting an easy target, and if it does not change its approach, the process is almost complete.

I want two officers from Fifa and me sitting across from him with a blank piece of paper, he said. I’m sure we can do something very spectacular to help everyone.

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