In the middle of the weirdest season in the NFL, the weirdest deadline for NFL trading comes Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.. and, like everything else this year, it’s full of unprecedented challenges.

For example: This week the NFL head coach told me that one of the questions asked at his headquarters about possible company acquisitions is KOVID? — …and that the answer was preferably yes.

You see, because of the COVID-19 testing protocols in the league, it is extremely unlikely that a player bought in the shop could play in the week he bought. A player of another team generally has to pass a full battery of COVID 19 tests of his new team before he is allowed to enter the building. This means five consecutive days with negative tests and then on the morning of the sixth day with negative tests at the place of care. So, if a team trades a player on Tuesday and their first test after the trade is on Wednesday, the quickest way for them to get into the building is on Monday. It can not be used in the game for almost two weeks after purchase.

Unless… …he’s already tested positive for Kovid-19.

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Under the League and Players Union Transfer Ordinance of August (NFLPA), any player or other team member who tests positive is exempt from testing for the next 90 days. This is in line with CDC guidelines, which provide for a three-month immunity period for patients previously infected with VIDOC-19. So, when the Titans attacked on the 14th. October Kamalei Correa is the team’s linebacker against the Jaguars, he was able to trade on 18 October. October against the Jaguars. During his time with the Titans, Correa was tested for COVID-19 with a positive result, so he did not have to do the entrance test when he arrived in Jacksonville.

(For clarification, persons excluded from tests related to a previous positive test should continue to wear masks at the command centre and follow all other protocols related to KOVID-19. They simply should not be tested for 90 days).

For example, when considering a possible agreement, the trainer may ask his or her manager if the assessment of the business objective is positive. And if the answer is yes, business can become more attractive. Teams get one more player for a match than if the answer is no.

It is not surprising that this is not the only reason why business conditions are different this year. Four more:

The room for manoeuvre for team wages until 2020 should not be what it appears to be in.

This year’s salary ceiling is $198.2 million per shift. But the wage ceiling is tied to the league’s income, and the pandemic threatens to wipe out the league’s income in 2020. Preseason canceled, matches in empty stadiums – NFL expects loss of revenue that will lead to a lower limit for 2021. The NFL and the NFLPA have agreed to a maximum of $175 million per team for the coming year, which could not be lower. But the team budget based on this figure, which is almost 12 percent lower than this season’s, and budgeting is not easy.

One thing that makes the job easier is that crews are allowed to transfer wages from one year to the next. (This is still true, it is not a specific rule for KOVID-19 2020-2021). This year it is more important than ever that the transfer is valuable and that the teams protect it. Where in the past we have seen a shock team sign a contract with a good paying player on time, this year that will happen less quickly.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Bengali Carlos Dunlap, who had 17 bags at Cincy 2018-19, changed for Seahawks earlier this week. Jamie Sabau/Getty Pictures

You won’t see people doing big business, said one of the team leaders this week. When a team is in win-win mode and is at a distance from a player, you can usually see how they are talking: We’ve got plenty of room for a cap, the cap goes up next year, let’s do it. But this year the teams are paying much more attention to it.

On Wednesday, the Bengal sent Carlos Dunlap’s defensive match to the Pass Rush Yeahawks. Dunlap still has about $4.1 million in salary this year, but Seattle offset that in part by firing B.J. Finney’s assailant in the contract. Finney has $1.3 million left in his salary. As a result, the Sea Hawks with one hat cost only $2.8 million instead of the full $4.1 million.

Depth has a value greater than

One of the team leaders told me that the teams are building offensive and defensive lines that would otherwise have been available for the auction because they fear that they will not be sufficient in these positions due to the appearance of KOVID-19 in the position groups.

Last week the entire offensive line of the Raiders had to be isolated after one of them tested positive. This week the Giants were in a similar situation. The training teams have been expanded this year – up to 16 players – thanks to the new CBA and help in fighting the pandemic, but the teams are worried about having to go to matches in positions where there is a high risk of injury without reinforcements.

Are the teams sure they are salesmen?

At this stage of the season the teams usually know if they are still in competition for the play-offs. But this is the first year that the play-offs have expanded to seven teams per conference. There are all kinds of data that tell the teams what their chances are of getting into the playoffs if their record is 4:3 or 4:4 or 3:4 or something like that, but all that data was based on a system where six teams from each conference entered the playoffs.

It makes perfect sense for a team with three wins for the ninth minute. Race day would have had a better chance of reaching the play-offs than a year ago. And that can make this team reluctant to sell players to high-ranking candidates. Everything you need this week
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A week ago, with six days of placement testing, the feeling was that most of the appointments would be made this week, so teams could deploy their new players in time for week nine. But despite several events, the activity halfway through the week did not meet the expectations of many people, and by the end of the week it was clear that some teams were waiting to see what was going to happen this weekend before deciding what to do.

One of the most heavily guarded teams, like the Patriots. Sunday’s victory in Buffalo improved him to 3-4, a game and a half for first place with his head in the pocket. But a defeat would have meant that the Patriots would have lost 2-5, three and a half games from the first place behind the team that had already beaten them. Terribly different circumstances. Several teams observe if the patriots sell parts of their defense to the veterans. They may have to wait until Sunday night.

Why election day?

Really? After all the work the NFL has done in recent months on its election initiatives, isn’t it strange that one of the biggest off-season news days coincides with the day when people have to go to the polls? A day when the thoughts of the whole nation will touch much more important issues?

The fact is that the competition had no other choice after the start of the season. The trading period generally begins on the Tuesday following the end of the 8th trading day. A week off. Sooner or later, a week-long move requires team coordination, and that is not unimportant. The league doesn’t want to plan early because it wants to put the season back on track and let the teams decide whether to buy or sell based on the tournament schedule. And although some suggest postponing it – especially now that seven teams are taking part in the qualifications and can therefore theoretically stay in the league longer than in previous years – this idea has not yet received the necessary support.

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Donick Foxworth thinks the only team that would feel like trading for Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Brownes, while Ryan Clarke thinks the Dolphins should stay in a better position.

So how about Monday or Wednesday? Well, there’s a game on Monday, which means 4:00. The deadline for the ET shall be announced four hours before the beginning of the eighth session of the General Assembly. Buccaneers and Giants Week has been shortened. It doesn’t make any sense.

The postponement until Wednesday will create a strange situation that could force the teams to pay players who are no longer on their schedules. Every week of the season, Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. The ET is an important moment because a player who is on the team’s list of elapsed times has to be paid by the team for the next week’s game (or for saying goodbye). So if the deadline had been moved to Wednesday and the Chiefs had sold Patrick Mahomez to the Jets on Wednesday, for example, the Chiefs Mahomez would still have to pay for the ninth week, even though he was no longer on their team.

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