SAN Luis Obispo – The San Luis Obispo County Elections Office issued a statement on Friday, July 13. November, his updated consolidated election report, which indicated that only 3,012 ballots remained – 523 by e-mail, 2,362 provisional. On the third. Legislative elections were held on 11 November.

With so few ballots to count, all but one of the Northern District’s races remain at stake – the last seat of the Paso Robles Joint United School District Board. Nathan Williams got 110 votes against Jim Cogan, and 561 ballots have yet to be counted in this contest.

None of the races in the Northern District have changed since Friday’s update.

By the end of election night, 117,974 ballot papers had been counted. According to Friday’s update, 159,440 ballots were counted.

Turnout in the ASO district reached a record of 86.63 percent. The highest level so far was 83%.

E-mail voting in the SLA constituency totalled 151,999 votes, of which 7,441 were cast in the polling stations. SLO County e-mailed the vote to all registered voters, but people had the opportunity to vote in person.

The number of ballots still to be counted by e-mail may change if the District Election Committee receives more ballots. Votes sent by e-mail on election day, the third day of the election, the third day of the voting period and the third day of the voting period shall be eligible, postmarked in November, and must be received by the polling station within 17 days of election day.

The district election authorities must notify California of the final results. Secretary of State for Presidential Competitiveness to 1. December and all other state and federal competitions up to 4 years old. December. The Minister of Foreign Affairs will present the results on the 11th. December.


Friday the 13th. In November, at 5:15 p.m., Steve Gregory, acting councillor for District 3 Paso Robles, arrived with 100% of the votes and did not vote this year.

The current member of the 4 District Council, Fred Strong, was re-elected with 61.95% of the votes, while the challenger, Jacob Allred, received 38.05% of the votes.

Only one candidate, Ryan Cornell, ran for Paso Robles treasurer with 100% of the votes.

In the Paso Robles Uniform School District, 12 people fought for four open spaces. As of Friday, Dorian Baker (13.09%), Chris Bausch (12.58%) and Jim Reed (12.14%) will be members of the Board of Directors. Williams has a small lead over Kogan with 9.39% with 9.23%.

For the J-20 event, Paso Robles introduced a 1% sales tax of 56.35%.


From Friday the 13th. In November at 5.15pm the current mayor of Atasquadero, Heather Moreno, will keep her place with 43.64% of the votes, Jerry Tanimoto will take second place with 33.09% and Josh Donovan with 23.27%.

Resigning chairman Charles Bourbaud and challenger Mark Dariz won two seats on the city council with 27.81% and 24.91% of the votes respectively.

Third place went to Tori Keene (22,57%), followed by Nicholas Mattson (18,50%) and Bret Heinemann (6,21%).

The Atasquadero Unified School District Board has three vacant seats and the three employees, Mary Kay Mills (26.49%), Terry Sweetser (26.01%) and Corrine Kunle (24.85%) will remain on the board. You’re 22.66% new to Pierce.

Of the measures, measure D-20, Atasquadero’s sales tax was reduced from 58.47% to 1%. And bail for C-20 AUSD has dropped 54.19%.


Friday the 13th. In November, at 5:15 p.m., Nelson Yamagata and Ted Dubost were elected to the Templeton Unified School School Board with 22.23%, 20.35% and 18.94% respectively, like Mandy Swan’s candidate.

Three seats were opened in Templeton County and the three employees, Pamela Giardini (31.77%), Navid Fardanes (30.92%) and Debra Logan (26.51%), were re-elected.


– The San Miguel United Union High School District – incumbent Michael J.J. Sanders with 34.82% and Constantino Victor Delgado with 39.67% occupy two places.

– SJUSD compulsory schooling, because I passed with 54.81%.

– Shandong United School District Council – incumbent Flint Speer won the seat against Amy Russell by 54.02% and 45.98%.

– The SJUSD bond, measure H, was approved by 62.30%.

– Ground Squirrel Hollow Utilities County – Allen Duckworth (30.41%), Kevin McCamie (27.95%) and Scott Simons (27.74%) won the election for three seats.

– Representative of the United States, 24. Constituency – Democrat Salud Karbajal (58.8 percent) beat Republican Andy Caldwell (41.2 percent) in an opinion poll on the California Secretary of State’s website.

– State senator, 17 years old. Constituency – Democrat John Laird (65%) led the Republican Vicki Nohrden (35%) according to the website of the California Secretary of State.

– Meeting of States, 35. District – According to a survey conducted on the California Secretary of State’s website, the most important Democrat in Addis Ababa (44.9 percent) is Republican Jordan Cunningham (55.1 percent).

– Democratic presidents and vice presidents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received 55.45 percent of the ASO voters, while President Donald Trump and Mike Pence received 42.09 percent.

Full results for the local and national level are available on and or

Remaining votes in the Northern District

  • PASO ROBLES School District 561 (cross in Monterrey County)
  • Shandong School District – 16 (Cross in Monterrey District)

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