Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the transfer market developed differently during the summer than all previous ones, but there were many more shops, and the most important ones can be seen here. The window may be closed in the major European competitions, but here are the best rumours from around the world.

TOP STORY: Key to Chilwell’s success in ChelseaRice plans

De Telegraaf reports that Ben Chilwell’s speeches could play an important role in Chelsea, which could eventually be signed by Declan Rice.

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Blues boss Frank Lampard has personally campaigned for a left-wing £50 million move to Leicester City’s Stamford Bridge this summer at a price some find too high.

But Chilwell was always good for Chelsea’s defensive problems. As a result, Lampard’s position in convincing Chelsea’s front office to switch to Rice has been strengthened, as Chilwell remains impressed and can see that the board will sanction another major money transfer.

The West Ham United Rice star, who played for Chelsea in his youth, has regularly contributed to the London stadium movement. Although he has of course enjoyed being a hammer wizard since the 11th century, there is always the possibility that he will stop when his price of £80 million is reached.


15.59 GMT: Barcelona coach Ronald Cooman said the current president of the club, Carl Task Force, could not help but said that Lionel Messi should be sold last summer.

Tasket, who will sit on Barca’s steering committee until the election of the new president on the 24th. January, said this week that it would be desirable to release Messi financially.

Sources told ESPN that the comments at the club were not going well. Other members of the committee were surprised by what he said and felt that, since he got this role in October, he had become too accustomed to talking.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Real-Madrid-eye-Mbappe-move-amid-E180m-clause-claims.png&w=126&site=espnfc.png 15.27 GMT : Arsenal players exchanged angry words during a meeting on a clear day after manager Michael Arteta called on the team to establish the reasons for the failure of the early season.

Sources told ESPN station James Olley that on Tuesday, Artema brought the entire first division team together to deal with the sharp drop in uniforms, putting them in 14th place in the Premier League.

14.55 GMT: Manchester United and Paul Pogba probably won’t be able to stay together for long.

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According to Steve Nichol, Maine United is most concerned about how they deal with the midfield behind Bruno Fernandas.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Real-Madrid-eye-Mbappe-move-amid-E180m-clause-claims.png&w=126&site=espnfc.png 14.07 GMT : Paris Saint-Germain is investigating the possibility of signing Lionel Messi from Barcelona this summer, according to sources at ESPN Julien Laurent.

Messi was to leave Barku in August after leaving the Champions League with an 8-2 tie against Munich-Bavaria, and sources at the time indicated that Manchester City had led the hunt for the contract.

However, Neimar and PSG sports director Leonardo discussed the possibility of bringing an Argentine international to France, and have not lost interest since then.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Real-Madrid-eye-Mbappe-move-amid-E180m-clause-claims.png&w=126&site=espnfc.png 13,47 GMT : Flamengo are determined to keep Thiago Maya and Pedro in their ranks despite the financial consequences of their withdrawal from the Copa Libertadores, according to ESPN Brazilian journalist Mauro Cesar Pereira.

Maya is currently wounded, but Flamengo wants to start negotiations with Lille to extend her credit until December 2021.

In the meantime, the club is also interested in complementing Pedro de la Fiorentina’s signature on a permanent basis. Flamengo has the ability to buy it for 12 million euros, to pay in installments, but it must first raise money, and is willing to hear offers for Lincoln to finance the deal, sources on ESPN said.

The Brazilian side has already received an offer from Cyprus, but has hired Agent Lincoln to find other potential bidders.

1:28 AT GREENWICH: Juventus is being investigated for irregularities in the Italian citizenship test carried out by Luis Suarez in September.

At the first examination on the 22nd. On September 11, the Italian head of the financial police, Selvaggio Sarri, said that Zhuve was not being investigated, but the situation has now changed.

It turned out that the content of the test was communicated to the player beforehand in order to obtain a predetermined test result and score to meet Juventus’ requirements. In order to get a positive image, both personal and universal, the statement of the Public Prosecutor in Perugia was read out loud on Friday.

Sources told ESPN that Suarez agreed to join Juve after it was deemed unnecessary for the needs of Barcelona. Then he moved to Atletico Madrid.

12.57 GREENWICH: Amid the turmoil in Barcelona, American defender Sergino Dest says he’s looking forward to playing for the club.

Last year Desta had the chance to join Beyrne. Instead, he signed a contract with the Bavarian team, which will be delivered as old and fragile on the historic road to the Champions League title.

It wasn’t easy, but it’s my dream club. So I decided to go with Barsa and told Dest AP that I was the first American player to sign a contract with the Barcelona Senior Club in early October. I’ve seen some odds. You have new players on the team. Kuman… wanted me on the Barsa, so I thought they had a good plan for me. And now I’m playing, so I’m happy. I had to take it because you never know when this chance (like this) will be repeated.

Dest said, however, that although he shares the locker room with Lionel Messi, he and millions of others were unaware of the future of the club’s biggest player. Massey hasn’t given up on leaving the team. Messi, whose contract expires in June, can negotiate with other clubs next month.

I hear it too, but I don’t know what’s true or not, Destiny said. I hope I can play with him for another year. But let’s take a look. Everybody wants him in this club, but it’s his decision.

12:15 IN GREENWICH: Can Neimar Lionel convince Messi to join PSG?

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Julien Lauren believes that the only way to bring Neimar and Lionel Messi together is to move the Argentines to Paris.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Real-Madrid-eye-Mbappe-move-amid-E180m-clause-claims.png&w=126&site=espnfc.png 11.51 GMT : Eduardo Camavinga is one of the most sought-after talents in European football and many European clubs are following the impressive performance of 18-year-old Rennes. There’s a lot of hype in midfield, Real Madrid is one of the fans and agents are queuing up all over Europe to represent their interests.

Kamavinga and Papa Celestino listened to the contributions of the different candidates after the divorce of one of the most important French agents, Musa Sissoko. Among his clients, he sees Usmana Dembele in Barcelona as the key to Kamawinga’s development – he even had someone from his team in Rennes to take care of the player on a daily basis.

On Friday, Jonathan Barnett told ESPN that his Stellar Group had won the race.

We look forward to working closely with him and his family, he said. The Kamawal will not confirm this when asked to comment. Such a huge talent should soon become visible, and the clubs are already preparing their applications for next summer.

11:37 GREENWICH MEAN TIME: Liverpool needs a new defender and ask RB Leipzig for help.

Together with 22-year-old central defender Deiot Upamecano, who was once associated with the club, the photo shows that the club now focuses on Ibrahima Konata, a year younger, which could cost less than 50 million euros.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Real-Madrid-eye-Mbappe-move-amid-E180m-clause-claims.png&w=126&site=espnfc.png 11.08 GMT : Manchester United are set to hold transfer windows in January despite the ongoing uncertainty about the financial impact of the coronavirus, sources said in an interview with ESPN Rob Dawson, and among those who want to go to Borussia – Dortmund striker Judon Sancho and RB Leipzig defender Dayot Upamecano – are among those who want to go to Borussia.

Executive Vice President Ed Woodward has called for caution on several occasions, emphasizing that he must carefully manage the club’s resources until the pandemic is over. However, sources have informed ESPN that the manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will support the transfers market in January with funds if it is possible to sign a long-term plan.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Real-Madrid-eye-Mbappe-move-amid-E180m-clause-claims.png&w=126&site=espnfc.png 10.27 GMT : Arsenal Center William Saliba is expected to leave the club in January for the rent and prefer to return to his native France, ESPN source James Ollie said.

The 19-year-old has not yet made his debut for the Gunners as he was lent to St Etienne for the 2019-20 campaign after a £27 million transfer in July last year. Manager Michael Arteta decided not to sign Saliba for the Premier League or Europa League this season because he felt he needed a transition year before he could start his career in North London.

Sources told ESPN that the prevailing view at Arsenal’s training base in London Collie is that Saliba has much room for improvement before they can be considered ready to enter the Premier League. Saint-Etienne almost took the credit for Saliba for the second time, but the deal failed at 11 o’clock.

10:03 GMT: Barcelona Lionel Messi is working next summer as a freelancer.

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Steve Nichol shares his thoughts on whether Lionel will leave Messi Barku during the January window.

9:19 GREENWICH TIME: Some players with prestigious names will be able to transfer for free in 2021, unless they quickly put pen to paper.

There are ten top players who can be picked up just for fun – and who can start negotiating with other clubs in January – via the transfer market. Among other things:

– Lionel Messi (Barcelona)
– David Alaba (Bavaria, Munich)
– Sergio Agero (male)

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Real-Madrid-eye-Mbappe-move-amid-E180m-clause-claims.png&w=126&site=espnfc.png 08.30 GMT : Chelsea is expected to hear from Antonio Rudiger and Fikayo Tomori in January as coach Frank Lampard attempts to reduce the club’s central defenders, according to ESPN sources James Olley.

Both players left the club almost in the summer. Tottenham and West Ham United asked questions about Rüdiger, while sources told the ESPN on day 8 of the meeting. Everton announced in September that negotiations for the signing of the Tomori loan agreement are at an advanced stage.

However, both deals failed because Rüdiger, who did not want to play for another club in London, stayed despite the late Roma offer.

Chelsea stayed late and let Tomori go. The player decided to stay and fight for his place in the middle of a late West Ham loan.

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Steve Nichol believes that the Arsenal players have returned to the mentality they had before the arrival of Michel Arteta.

PAPER SPEECH (by Harry Kettle)

Liverpool, Arsenal search for Brighton star

Liverpool and Arsenal are considering a transfer to Brighton and Hove Albion midfielder Yves Bissoumet, TOKSPORT reports.

The two English Juggernauts could have taken action as early as January, and after a strong start to the campaign with the seagulls, Brighton acknowledged the difficulties they encountered in holding on to the campaign.

Bissouma, 24 years old, has been at the Amex stadium since the contract was signed in Lille in 2018 – and he is now ready to take a step towards European competition.

Butterscotch takes Tony?

Everton has set himself the goal of trying to sign a contract with Brentford striker Ivan Tony, reports Calciomercato.

In recent months, bees have been the target of many Premier League clubs, mainly because they have been unable to reach the elite.

Although Tony was initially off the radar of the Premier League teams, he seems to have shown a real interest in him – just in time for Jaunari’s transfer window.


– Calciomercato reports that Paris Saint-Germain has joined AC Milan to sign a contract with Ozan Cabac. The Schalke 04 centre-back has long been regarded as one of the most interesting defenders of European football. While Milan was the first to sign it, PSG funding can now turn the situation to its advantage.

– Newcastle United is one of the many European clubs competing for a loan agreement with Fikayo Tomori, Goal reports. Since Tomori’s chances in Chelsea’s first team have decreased considerably in recent months, the soldiers think they can offer him a way out, if only for a while. However, it does not appear that the long-term future lies at Stamford Bridge.

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