This off-season period in the NBA is full of solutions that could influence the championship hierarchy for many years to come.

Will MVP Giannis Antetokunmpo delay the signing of the Supermax expansion agreement with the Milwaukee Bucks? Will the Warriors save the Golden State or will they change the number 2 of the general election in the November draft? Will the Brooklyn networks accept that the third superstar plays with Kevin Durant and Cyril Irving?

We asked our ESPN forecasting panel to give us the top five interseasonal scenarios.

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: Where the real power is held in this low season.

Which path will Jiannis choose?

For most members of our panel, the choice seems clear: Giannis Antetokunmpo has to and will probably wait a year to decide if he has to sign a Supermax contract to stay at Milwaukee Bucks.

Bax set the best record of the NBA in the second regular season, but failed to reach the finals. After their elimination, Antetokunmpo said: I hope that over the years we can build a culture in Milwaukee [and] come here every year to fight for the championship.

But he didn’t say he was willing to sign an extension of $5 million to $20 million.

Is he finally gonna ask New Orleans for an Anthony Davis-style deal? Or do the Baxes get the answer they want? Anyway, we won’t know until 2021.

What should Antetokunmpo do?

What will Antetokunmpo do?

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: How 11 teams can try to land Jiannis .

Do the warriors choose number 2?

The Warriors of the Golden State hope that their lottery round was short, but that it was still crowned by the number 2 choice of design.

We asked the commissioners what the Warriors should do with this valuable choice, and most supported the approach of having the team that has won three of the last six NBA titles now win. It’s also important: Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Dramond Green are 32, 30 and 30 years old respectively.

The vote was far from unanimous, as a significant minority of the group felt that a shift to the right light years from the right would help to prepare a project that would be of great importance for the future. Of course this drawing could be sold together with the Minnesota Warriors of 2021, so the story of the journey from the Golden State to the lottery has yet to be written in several chapters.

What would the warriors do?

  • Drawing of the ball of La Melo (if there is one) with choice number 2 : 3.8%
  • Design another top-tier prospectus (with choice #2 or down trading) : 38.5%
  • Trade election number two to win now: 57.7%

What will the warriors do?

  • Drawing of the ball of La Melo (if there is one) with choice number 2 : 11.5%
  • Design another top-tier prospectus (with choice #2 or down trading) : 30.8%
  • Trade election number two to win now: 57.7%

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: Big decisions await the Warriors .

Is Chris Paul wearing the Thunder uniform next season?

Thunder broke last month with head coach Billy Donovan, which could be the beginning of a full recovery in Oklahoma City. Will all Chris Paul’s stars be the first dominoes to fall?

Our group agrees, but most agree that the OKC should and will move the future Famer room in low season.

Paul’s contract may play a role in why CP3 will remain in Thunder’s uniform for next season, according to some of the other panelists. Paul owes more than $41 million in 2020-21 and more than $44 million in 2021-22, making him one of the strongest players in the league.

What would Thunderbolt do?

  • Switch with Chris Paul: 88.5%
  • Leave Chris Paul alone: 11.5%

What will the thunder do?

  • Switch with Chris Paul: 80.8%
  • Leave Chris Paul alone: 19.2%

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: Which direction is the CMC heading?

IsBrooklyn already the third star on the list?

In a fascinating split, our panel predicts that Brooklyn Networks will win a third star, but that they should instead give their current trio Kevin Durant, Kiry Irving and Caris LeVert a chance.

Because Durant missed the whole season and Achilles was torn apart, the three of them never really went out. Health is expected with Durant and Irving, and with Steve Nash as the new coach, will the networks be on the edge?

Our group suspects this. In his Tuesday column, Kevin Pelton examines why LeVert may not be perfect and which stars may be haunting the web.

What should the networks do?

What are the networks going to do?

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: The reason Networks has a team during the commercial season is .

Does the earthquake in Philadelphia continue in low season?

After the first round of the playoffs in the bubble and the subsequent dismissal of coach Brett Brown, the Philadelphia 76 entered an off-season full of questions. Franchise, one of them responded earlier this month by appointing the new coach of Doc Rivers. Attention is now focused on whether Philadelphia will make major changes in its composition during this off-season.

Our group is pretty much divided on whether 76 people should do it, but most agree that Philadelphia will finally see what Rivers and his star core can safely do during the 2020-21 season.

What were the 76ers supposed to do?

What do the ’76s bring?

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: How Doc Rivers helps the Sixers in the battle for .

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