The old Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey has already found his next challenge.

Morey has agreed to become the new president of basketball operations for Philadelphia 76 following the resignation of the Rockets. At first we didn’t know if Maury would ever want the chance to play basketball, but he clearly chose to stay in the game.

The Syxers are a test for Maury.

Philadelphia is a team in transition. Dr. Rivers takes over as head coach, and there are a lot of questions about some of the most important names in the team. The Six could also line up to make a list, and Maury will lead it.

More priority intervals and more perimeter oriented players in their last seasons responsible for missiles. Meanwhile, the Sixers have a leader who hesitates to shoot Ben Simmons and a center for Joel Ambiad, who is more effective in painting. They also have a limited number of shooters.

Ben Simmons, Joel Ambide, Sixers...

Needless to say, Maury’s got his hands full in Philadelphia. There is no guarantee that he will evaluate the Philadelphia list in the same way as the rockets, especially with Rivers’ more traditional head coach. However, the goal is to take P6 to the next level, and Morey will have to act quickly to decide on the best way to move the team forward.

This process begins with the attempted transfer of the Al Horford contract.

Dead silver

The six surprised the NBA community by removing Horford from the ranks of the Boston Celtics in the last low season.

Philadelphia made an aggressive offer of $109 million over four years ($97 million guaranteed) that proved too profitable for Mr. Horford to refuse. Only that contract made the Six worse.

Last year, a 34-year-old got a decent result. Horford averaged almost 12 points and almost seven rebounds and four assists per match. But he often stayed behind in the attack on Philadelphia and caused complications in Brett Brown’s rotation as he clumsily fitted into the rest of the cast. In the end, this resulted in the removal of Mr Horford from the bank at the end of the year.

Tobias Harris, Joel Ambide, Al Horford, Sixers, Celtics.

In fact, Mr Horford earned the second best PER of his career and the second best VORP since 2014 for basketball. The traditional figures look good, but the proposed measures show how strange Horford fits into Philadelphia’s list.

If Daryl Maury wants to make a small score, he’ll have to find a way to move Horford’s salary. The Sixers have already secured a lot of money in Ambiad, Simmons and Tobias Harris, and they have little financial room for manoeuvre for the future.

By trading with Horford, the Sixers would at least have a little more room to breathe. A change in the contract with Harris would have similar consequences. However, Harris’ ability to bounce back and play a cowardly forward could please Morey for his approach to the set-up. So it’s more likely he’s trying to do business with Horford.

The question is whether Maury can find fans to cover the rest of Horford’s salary.


Daryl Morey’s first call was to the New York Knicks.

Ian Begley of the SNY recently reported that the Knicks are willing to use their contracts to get paid badly. If this suggests that New York is ready to perform for someone like Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook, Horford could be an option here, too.

The Knicks are desperate for a long term leader, and Horford has always been a stable middle back, even though he’s not the best marksman.

Or what exactly happens when Maury tries to monitor the company on the CP3 using Horford’s contract?

Chris Paul, Daryl Mori.

Last year The Seas did business with GM Sam Presti of Oklahoma City Thunder in an exchange with Paul Westbrook. He used the project to come to an agreement. Is it possible that such a scenario plays a role in this low season?

What about the kings of Sacramento? Can Maury Horford do business with Buddy Hild? That would give the Six a legal sniper and a ground version. Hild hinted that he wanted to go to Philadelphia.

Maury is unlikely to determine the future of Philadelphia in his first year. At the same time, he wasn’t afraid to make big deals for players he thought could change the colour of the team.

The sea may have to give up people like Matisse Tybull to trade with Horford, but it could be a necessary loss if he thinks it opens up more opportunities for him in this off-season.

Anyway, Daryl Mori is doing everything he can to try and trade with Horford.

Kyle Kuzma, Rams.

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