It’s not low season to make predictions. As Buster Olney and Jeff Pasan have already indicated, there will be significant repayments because of the financial conditions of the sport, because of the shortened season without fans in the stands – and the uncertainty of what will happen in 2021. Former Rocky Mountain general manager Dan O’Dowd told the MLB network that he didn’t expect two-thirds of the teams to be held in a free agency.

We have already seen the reductions start when quality players like Charlie Morton, Brad Hand and Colton Wong (among others) do not have reasonable team play options before 2021 instead of becoming free players. The 2021 deadline for the submission of tenders is 2 years. December, and some interesting names are not expected to be exchanged, so these players will also be sent to a free agency. This means that the market for free agents will be full of players, with teams that don’t want to spend money, so drawing and moving will be very slow – the players’ salaries will be a nostril at some point. All this will also have an impact on the trading market.

It also means that teams can find potential offers there if they want to, if they are willing to spend some money to fill their lists and fill in a few gaps. What will happen? This is where you get brave and have fun thinking about what might happen. We’re going to make predictions for all 30 teams, find a home for most of Kiley McDaniel’s top 50 free agents and even do some business. Then look back at the end of March.

The teams are ranked by division in order of their ranking in 2020, starting with the Los Angeles Dodgers, world champions.

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American League


National League


EN West Los Angeles Dodgers

What they can do: Signor Trevor Bauer, switches to Francisco Lindor (brings Corey Seeger to third base) and wins 120 victories.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Justin Turner and Jock Pederson are re-registering.

The Dodgers have some good free agents who can come back, and although I think they will eventually let Blake Train and Kica Hernandez go, the depression in the free agent market should make them resign from Turner and Pederson. In the case of Hernandez, the Dodgers should open a second base for Gavin Lux, and Chris Taylor could take over as an employee. Pederson scored 36 home runs in one season, and his post-season highlights remind us that a good left run is invaluable when it comes to going deep and maneuvering into the game. Сан-Диего-Падрес

What they can do: The rule is fixed, so add the pitch.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Signor Trevor Bauer and Kieke Hernandez.

Why stop at 50? We have evaluated all free resources available on the off-season market in 2020. Ranking of free agents MLB

Full coating of the interseasonal MLB

If the chaplain has learned anything out of season, this is it: The Dodgers are even better – and there’s never too much starter food. So we turn to Bauer, the most wanted free agent on the market. While Bauer has said in the past that he would only sign a one-year contract, it can be difficult to walk away from a three- or four-year contract for $30 million a year – especially if he comes from a team that has to fight long and play in the city where he wants to play. Such a deal should bring the Padres into play, especially since they know that Bauer is the player they will need to bring down the Dodgers in October. Сан-Франциско Гиганты

What they can do: Roll over the starting blocks on level two.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Sign Rich Hill and Jose Quintana.

The giants have finished the race in 21st place. Place to Major with an ERA spin of 4.99, which, given the original fleet favourable to the launchers, means that the spin was worse than 21. They surprised Kevin Hausmann a bit, but he was the best starter of the team in 2020 with 79 fans in the round 59⅔. (Ask Gaussman to accept the offer.) The president of the baseball opera, Farhan Zaydi, has known Hill since the Dodgers, and although Quintana suffered a late injury in 2020, he has been extremely resilient.

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Nolan Arenado says he doesn’t know if he will stay in the Rocky Mountains for the long term after winning his eighth career with Golden Glove. Colorado Rockies

What they can do: Sign J.T. Realmuto and some liberation fighters and try to win at baseball.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Replace David Dahl and get some signatures from a moderate free agent.

Look, the Rockies could trade with Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story, make an offer in 2021 and start the recovery process, but the trading market for Arenado will be limited, and the historically safe front could be afraid to trade with one of these guys and risk killing the support of their fans. So it will probably be a low season where you can work with Tony Walters’ racket and maybe choose someone as close as Kirby Yates or Blake Training and maybe a beginner like J.I. Happ or Chris Archer. Arizona Diamondbacks

What they can do: Find the middle filling opening, the first jug and the depth of the bull.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Signed Jackie Bradley Jr. and Blake Traynen. The Diamondbacks are in a difficult position if you look at the Dodgers and the Padres and get through this terrible season. But they were over 500 compared to the previous three seasons, and there is reason to buy in 2020, a lost year, especially considering that Madison Bamgarner, Luke Weaver and now fired Robbie Ray have all moved to the 3-17 combination of 6.86 ERA – well below the replacement level. Bradley matches the defensive focus of the team and Archie Bradley can train as close to Bradley as possible.

EN Central Chicago Cubs

What they can do: Keep the top five (Anthony Rizzo, Chris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Javier Baeze, Wilson Contreras) and make one last push with this group before Rizzo, Bryant, Schwarber and Baeze reach the free desk after the 2021 season.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Switch two of the first five.

It’s easy to forget that the Cubs actually won the division in 2020 and finished fourth in the National League. It is also easy to forget that they attribute it more to the strength of their caster set-up (third place according to the number of legs allowed in the Netherlands) than to the strength of their set-up (10th place according to the number of jogs performed). Especially Bryant and Baez were in bad shape. It’s probably being sold: Bryant and Contreras, with the Cubs looking for young jugs in exchange for free agents John Lester, Tyler Chatwood and Joseph Quintana. St. Louis Cardinals

What they can do: Sign George Springer, DJ LeMahieu and Nelson Cruz (if universally DH is approved)

Where’s Trevor Bauer going to sign? Will the Mets spend a lot of money? This can be done before the opening day. Jeff Pasan

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Re-sign Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina and sign Jonathan Shoop.

Yes, sorry for the banter, Cardinals… that’s not going to happen. The Cardinals came last on a big home run (and last on a home run, so not just in the seven-inch doubles), and they really need energy. However, I wonder if this will be some kind of recovery, since Matt Carpenter, Dexter Fowler, Andrew Miller and Carlos Martínez might not be on the books after 2021 (these four will make a total of 58.7 million dollars in 2021). The rejection of Colton Wong’s squad is likely a sign of Kopeken’s off-season, when two franchise icons returned for a one-year contract and Schoop agreed to replace Wong at second base. Cincinnati Reds

What they can do: Find killers who want to do anything but make home runs, run away or go on strike. Oh, it’d be nice to have Trevor Bauer back, too.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Designed by Didi Gregory and Tyler Chatwood.

Last winter the Reds made a rare leap into a free desk – they spent more money than in the previous ten years – and it didn’t pay off. Mike Mustakas, Nick Castellanos and Shogo Akiyama decided that Fell and Wade Miley would only serve 14 rounds. The team only entered the .212 and the comfortable training park helped to blow up the Cincinnati home run. Either way,mr.Bauer will move to greener pastures,and contact criminals like michael brantley and tommy la stella go well with the red ones,but will sign elsewhere. All you have to do is find a short stop to replace Freddy Galvis, where Chatwood fills the rotation hole of the pawn (but not its value). Milwaukee Brewers

What they can do: Bringing a couple of big bats in the attack that ended in 27th place in the big races.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Buy Josh Bell from the Pirates, sign Tommy La Stella’s resignation, Ryan Brown.

The last seasons the breweries have brought their salaries up to the highest level, and there is a chance (possibility?) that the team will take a step back in 2021… which could mean trading with Josh Hader. However, downtown Los Angeles is wide open and the return of Lorenzo Cain and Christian Elijah to the expected level will help. Let’s add a few assassins who don’t want to blow up the bank. The clock comes from a bad season with Pittsburgh and makes about $6 million; it fills a hole at first base. The Stella may be cool for breweries, but he is perfect as a person who can bottle DH and the first, second or third. As soon as Mr Brown renounces his option, the breweries will rehire him for a year. Pittsburgh Pirates

What they can do: Well, I mean …., let’s not even go there.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: To shed sad tears.

The simplest challenge is that the pirates don’t spend money during the off-season when they leave the 19-41 campaign. Josh Bell has two more years in charge, and the pirates won’t win in 2021 or 2022, so why not take action? (Of course, it is also wise to see if it can find its first half in 2019 and increase its trading value). Joe Musgrove and Adam Fraser are the other two you might have to deal with.

EN East Atlanta Braves

What they can do: Re-sign Marcell Ozuna, sign or trade with the starting pitcher.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Go to Chris Bryant, sign Mike Minor.

Over the past two seasons, the Braves have done a good job attracting experienced players for a one-year contract: Josh Donaldson and Dallas Cachell in 2019 and Ozuna in 2020 (although Cole Hamels failed because he only had one gig). Find a similar calendar for 2021, which means that Ozuna will probably continue, just as important as it was on the road. Bryant would be as determined as Donaldson, a former MVP who came out of season with injuries. The brave have a young jug, what the Kaba are looking for in the trade. The little one had his first success with the brave, and although his ERA had fallen in 2020 compared to the exceptional 2019, he had similar margins. Miami Marlins

What they can do: Signed George Springer and DJ LeMaye.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Sign Pedro Baez and Mike Zunino.

The Marlins brought in some young debutants, including rising star Sixto Sanchez and a veteran bull in second place, to unexpectedly appear for the play-offs and upset the Cubs in the wildcard round. There are no sticks in the attack, but let’s face it: You’re not in the game of the Knights or LeMahieu. You have to try to strengthen the Bulpen, which is ripe for a rebound, maybe add a pitcher and let Zunino challenge the ever-disappointing Jorge Alfaro on home plate.

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Mark Teixeira and Tim Kurkjyan state that Phyllis will participate in J.T.’s dismissal. Real car in low season. Philadelphia Phillies

What they can do: Besides the introduction of a new storage cell? J.T.’s resignation. Realmuto is mandatory.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Sign Realmuto, Liam Hendricks and Andrelton Simmons.

I estimate a 50/50 chance Realmuto will return to Philadelphia. Although he likes to play when a top talent like Realmuto arrives in a free desk, the player almost always signs a contract with a new team. The factor is that the Mets and the Yankees can chase him and he is one of the players who can get a contract for the VIDOC. On the other hand, Phyllis will probably continue with this group Bryce Harper / Aaron Nola / Zack Wheeler in full force, so I will go to their Realmuto return, strengthening the paddock with the available spikes and improving the defense with Simmons (while Didi Gregory). Нью-Йорк Метс

What they can do: Signed J.T. Realmuto, George Springer and Trevor Bauer.

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What we plan to do, they’ll do: Draw Springer, James McCann, John Lester, rewrite Marcus Stroman and continue with Francisco Lindor.

Mets fans dream that the new owner, Steve Cohen, will empty his checkbook, and that may happen – but don’t expect the Mets to sign more than one of the top three free agents. So let’s get the money in order. You see, the attack doesn’t really need much help, but the Mets have been in midfield for about five years. The rider takes over this position and brings a big part in the lineup (and can get them to buy a Brandon Nimmo or Dom Smith to help throw them). McKenna will replace Wilson Ramos as a good defensive upgrade, Lester will be back and Stroman can eventually accept the qualifying bid from the Mets. What about Nimmo or Smith? One of them goes to Cleveland to trade with Amed Rosario or Andres Gimenez for Lindor. Washington Nationals

What they can do: give up 2020 and start over.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Sign Carlos Santana, Josh Reddick, Garrett Richards and Shane Green.

The difficult Free Agent market should play in favor of the Nationals, as they have holes to fill at first base (Eric Thames), right field (Adam Eaton), starting pitcher (Anibal Sanchez) and center (Sean Doolittle), as well as the history of Free Agent numbers to complete the list. Then let’s give them four veterans to fill those positions. What they obviously need most is for Stephen to restore Strasbourg and for Victor Robles and Carter Kibum to commit some kind of crime.

AL-WEST Oakland Athletics

What they can do: Finding a way to replace Marcus Semion and Liam Hendricks

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Draw Ha Seong-Kim and Kolten Wong (and maybe a little relief).

And they’ll probably lose two key players to stop and get closer (by the way, Joachim Soria and Yusmeiro Petit are also free players, so they’re the three main liberators of the best replacement bubble of the regular season). They have no internal replacement for midfielders, so Billy Beane could be creative and sign Kim, who came in the .308 with 30 home runs and 23 flights in the BWC. Some people are not sure if he can keep the short stop, but it could keep him in the Auckland price range. Wong, whose team option was rejected by the Cardinals, is the ideal player for A for a year and fills a void at second base with his defensive advantage and solid OBP. Houston Astros

What they can do: Find out how you can manage without Justin Werlander, George Springer and Michael Brantley.

What we think they’re gonna do: Signed by Marcell Ozuna and Kirby Yates

After a regular season match, the Astros came to one of the 29-31 World Series games, mainly because the attack failed – and now they are likely to lose to Springer and Brantley, their two best goals of 2020. Maybe they want to trade Carlos Correa, a free agent after 2021, but in a weak division they have to go for it. So why don’t you help Ozuna to replace Springer/Brantley (and don’t forget they’re bringing back Jordan Alvarez). Yates fell out of injury, but he was probably the best goalkeeper at the big tournament of 2018-19. Seattle Mariners

What they can do: Add a pair of hands.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Add a pair of hands.

Is your team out of MLB season? He’s on the off-season to-do list. American League



Sailors in… I don’t think that’s an interesting word. Strange position. They are more advanced in the recovery cycle than, for example, tigers or oxen, but they are not very good yet. They finished the race in 23rd place. Place, in the WOBA on the 28th and in the ERA on the 5.92. They have eight different players on the left field and eight on the right field, so the main perspective will help Jarred Kelenisch, and Mitch Haniger should be ready for spring training after missing all of 2020 and recovering from a hernia. General Manager Jerry Dipoto said the club would try to sign three or four veteran waivers, although it is unclear whether this would be a high-end veteran waiver or a cheap veteran waiver. Probably the last of Sergio Romo/Brendon Warkman/Jeremy Jeffress’s group. The recording of another attacker, like Adam Eaton, also makes sense. Ангелы Лос-Анджелеса

What they can do: Find better friends for Mike Trout.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Signed Marcus Semien, James Paxton, Rick Porcello and Brad Hand.

The Angels haven’t hired a general manager yet, but whoever gets the job will have the difficult task of running a franchise that has seen five consecutive seasons of defeats – and in 2020 has surpassed 26-34, despite having two of the top ten players in the game. While salaries are already high, the Angels manage to take out Albert Pujols ($30 million) after 2021 and Justin Upton ($51 million over the next two seasons) after 2022. However, since the two most important points are trout and destruction, I don’t expect the Angels to play on the farmers’ or car market. The midfielder would have replaced the late Andrelton Simmons (David Fletcher could have played there, but he fits best at second base), the hand would have met the need at close range, Porcello would have provided the power, and Paxton would have taken first place. Texas Rangers

What they can do: Spend money on whiskey, women and cards, like a California gold digger in the 1850s.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Lance Lynn.

The Rangers tried to win in 2020 and the boy failed, a kind of awful combination of New Coke and Crystal Pepsi. They served badly and got bad (Joey Gallo and Issia Kiner-Falefa still won the Golden Towels). Four of the top five players paid in 2021 are Elvis Andrus, Ragned Odor, Kyle Gibson and Jordan Liles, who produced a negative WAR in 2020. The fifth is Lynn, who’s very good, but she’s only got a year left. With a poor free agent market for beginners, Lynn can be a decoy for trading (even if the Rangers refuse to trade in time).

AL Central unit Minnesota Twins

What they can do: You mean besides winning the playoffs?

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Sign Nelson Cruz again, sign Cory Cluber.

After that record home run in 2021, the attack somehow collapsed, so the return of Cruz – even at the age of 40 – seems to have priority. Otherwise, the twins are likely to make only small movements at the edges, and Kluber is in their recent program of betting on some of the injured veterans (Rich Hill, Homer Bailey) who may or may not work. Jake Arrieta also fits that description, while Jake Odorizzi may return to Minnesota. They have Michael Pineda for the whole season after his suspension by the PED. Chicago White Sox

What they can do: Add a jug or DH, replace the frying agent closer to Alex Kolom.

Of course, the 2020 season has only just ended. No, we have no idea how it’s gonna go out of season. We always play against all 30 teams.
To an early performance appraisal

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Hire A.J. Hinch and sign the resignations of Michael Brantley and Colum.

The White Sox are in a very good mood, maybe even in a bad mood when they think that Michael Kopecz is finally back and that they believe in Dylan the Ultimate and Danning to join Lucas Jolito and Dallas Koichel. Brantley is the ideal successor to Edwin Encarnación in DH. First of all, he’s left-handed, which is what the Sox need (they have Yasmani Grandal and Ioan Monkada switches, but Nomar Mazara was their only constant left-handed, and he was terrible). Secondly, he is a contact baseball player, which gives the White Sox a completely different look for the identification that lies at the feet of the majors in the K. Colome isn’t sexy when you throw scissors at 60 miles an hour, but it usually works. Cleveland Indians

What they can do: Find the field players who can strike.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Refuse Brad’s hand, give up options on Carlos Santana and Dominic Santana… and deal with Francisco Lindor.

We did it! At least the first part. The big question, of course, is whether they’re going to trade with Lyndor. He estimates that he will earn 22 million dollars in 2021, more than a quarter of the team’s current salary. They shortened the list of almost all players before the game, but they had to improve the pitch, which happened to the .196/.270/.304 team in 2020. Unfortunately, the exchange of Lindor seems inevitable at the moment, but in reality it is difficult to find a reasonable business partner because most of the best teams already have a quality short stop. As mentioned before, the Mets can be a match, and the breakthrough of Don Smith 2020 (.316/.377/.616) means that they can be used on both left field and first base to replace Santana. Канзас-Сити Роялс

What they can do: Add some big sticks.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Sign Yurikson Profar and Robbie Grossman

If you squint, Kansas City’s long shots could see a contender in the playoffs, especially if young debutants Brady Singer and Chris Bubich make a big leap forward in 2021. Since Eric Hosmer’s departure, the royal troops have been struggling to occupy the first base, although it seems that Hunter Dozier will soon be moving there. The teacher adjusts to left field or even second base when he gets tired of Nicky Lopez’ anemic bat. Grossman will bring extra depth by allowing Whit Merrifield to play in midfield if necessary, or in DH if Jorge Solar makes an offer. Detroit Tigers

What they can do: Hire a new director.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

As little activity was expected during this off-season period, the biggest step would be to re-engage A.J. Hinch from the seasonal suspension. The Tigers should be glad Hinch fell to his knees after the White Sox hired Tony La Russ in his place. Hinch helped find Houston’s young team, although he inherited a list that already included José Altuv, George Springer and Dallas Koichel and Carlos Correa as minors. The Tigers don’t have that level of talent, especially in attack, so they have to hope for prospects like world No. 1 in 2020 that Spencer Torkelson and outfielder Riley Green develop and eventually become Detroit’s version of Altuve and Springer.

AL-East Tampa Bay Operations

What they can do: Nothing… …but robberies never do anything.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Register Charlie Morton again and trade him for Wilson Contreras.

The Rays have given up Morton’s 15 million option, but the clear hope is to give him back his lower salary. (Morton lives in the Tampa area.) The flights have given up Mike Zunino’s $4.5 million option and Michael Perez’s option, so they have no control over the 40-person list at this time. The salary of Contreras is estimated at $5.5 million, not much more than that of Zunino, but Contreras can really get it, and the World Series has shown us that the top divisions are really one or two clubs short. With guys like Shane McClanahan, Shane Baze and Joe Ryan they have a young pitcher who wants the Cubs. Нью-Йорк Янкиз

What they can do: Exchange for Francisco Lindor, signed by Trevor Bauer and JT Realmuto.

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Signing of DJ LeMahieu, Masahiro Tanaka and Brett Gardner, signing of Trevor May.

Behind the single season 2020 it’s time to focus on the hot oven season. Free agency, trade talks, off-season news.

Everybody’s talking about Bauer, but think about this: When the Yankees lost the 2017 American Championship to Astros, they beat 0.205 and achieved an average of 3.1 runs per game. When they lost the Red Sox play-offs in 2018, they hit 0.214 and scored 3.5 points per game. In 2019, they entered the CSAA in .214 and scored 21 points in six games. They reached 0,243 and scored 4,8 points per game (but lost 2-1 in the decisive 5th game). The attack injured the Yankees in these post-season victories and also on the field. When they take Tanaka with them, they have a rotation with him, Gerrit Cole, Jordan Montgomery, Luis Severino (hopefully back from Tommy John’s operation) and Domingo Herman (back from a domestic violence suspension) as well as Davy Garcia, Clark Schmidt and Michael King. Of course, Bauer would love to, but I think they’re gonna bring back LeMachier and Tanaka, and Gardner’s still getting old. May gave her right hand in the stable to go with the left Aroldis Chapman and Zack Britton. Toronto Blue Jace

What they can do: They spend a lot of money… …but will they?

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Get Lance Lynn from the Rangers, sign Mark Melanson, sign Matt Schumaker again.

Jays has a lot of room on his payroll – his current luxury tax projections are about $42 million below the 2020 figures – only three players (Hyun-Jin Ryu, Tanner Roark and Randal Grichuk) are responsible for more than $5 million. So they have the flexibility and the holes for the rotation and the paddock, but before signing Ryu last off-season, they hadn’t spent more than $10 million per free agency player since Kendris Morales in the 2016-17 off-season. Over the decade, his two largest contracts were $36 million for J.A. Happ and $82 million for Russell Martin. This is not a franchise historically owned by an independent agency. I wonder if they’re going to overestimate an offensive that hit Buffalo very well and is not so good on the road. Anyway, Lynn is better than any starter with a free agent, except Trevor Bauer, and would be part of a good double suit with Ryu (and maybe 1-2-3 with Nate Pearson). Melanson doesn’t overload, but picks up the balls and limits the long ball. Baltimore Orioles

What they can do: Keep resting. What, did you want something more exciting?

What we expect of them: Signed Taijuan Walker, Drew Smiley and Trevor Rosenthal.

The Orioles have improved considerably in 2020, from 11th to 8th place in AL and from 15th (last) to 9th place in AL. They will probably give young players more opportunities to prove themselves, but they may need help on the field. The walker came back from Tommy John’s operation and looked like a good beginner, while Smyly inflated for the Giants 42 with nine gears on 26⅓. Both pose health risks, but the risk is worth it. Rosenthal could play a smaller role if he watched Baltimore spin them through time. Boston Red Sox

What they can do: Anything? Anything? Anything?

What we plan to do, they’ll do: Signed by Jake Odorizzi, Robbie Ray, Cesar Hernandez, Jake McGee and Keene Kela.

I have no idea what the Red Sox are gonna do. They don’t want to be as bad as last year, but the salary is already high (about $35 million before the introduction of the luxury tax), and they have a lot to do to make the pitching respectable again. Given the market, look for people with good reviews for annual contracts. If they’re part of this group and they launch the Red Sox, we’ll be fine. If they attack them and the team is still not competitive, they may be looking for an opportunity to confront them in time with the necessary depth of perspective.

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