The Los Angeles Dodgers won the first world series in 32 years after beating the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their first world series in 32 years by defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 and achieving a 4-2 victory in the best of seven championships.

Corey Seeger led Los Angeles and Mookie Betts scored a homerun in the eighth set to consolidate the win.

Seager was then named as the most valuable player in the series.

The Dodgers’ third baseman, Justin Turner, was shot halfway the game after it was confirmed that he had passed the Covid 19-test.

Thank you to everyone who came forward. Turner said on Twitter that I felt good and had no symptoms. I just went through every emotion imaginable.

I can’t believe I couldn’t be there to party with my boys. I’m so proud of this team and incredibly excited about the city of Los Angeles.

Turner’s departure didn’t allow him to celebrate the Dodgers’ victory, but he returned to the field to take a team photo without a mask.

The Los Angeles Dodgers pose for a team photo after winning the World Series . Justin Turner (who sits in the middle) returned to the field to celebrate with his teammates despite his positive Covid 19 test result.

This is the first positive test for coronavirus in a major league baseball game since the end of the regular season almost two months ago. In the last three rounds of the playoffs, bubbles were played on neutral ground in San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston and Arlington.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the positive test meant a bitter end to the season.

We are happy that it happened, I think it is a great achievement for our players to finish this season, but of course we are concerned if any of our players test positive, he said.

We learned during the game that Justin’s test was positive, he was immediately isolated to prevent it from spreading.

The Dodgers end a long wait

LA Dodgers Fans Celebrate Victory Moment in World Series Approximately 11,000 fans were admitted to the Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas to watch the game.

This is the third World Dodgers Championship in four years. They were defeated by the Houston Astros in 2017 and the Boston Red Sox in 2018.

It’s surreal, the catcher told Austin Barnes. We’ve had so much heartbreak, and this band has worked so hard. There’s a lot of emotion.

The Rays, who wanted to win the World Series for the first time, could not benefit from the dominant performance of starting pitcher Blake Snell, who scored only two goals with nine misses, including two from Betts and Seeger, and didn’t make a run.

Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash, however, chose the Snell in the sixth set because he didn’t want to be threatened for the third time by the dangerous Betts and Seager.

Thanks to a homerun by Randy Arozarena, the lead increased to 1-0 at this stage, but there was a change in momentum when Snell left the team: Barnes scored from the wilderness field and replaced Snell Nick Anderson to even the score in the game.

Seeger then hit the first ground ball and Betts jumped at the chance to beat the field and lead the Dodgers 2-1 with his Homeric victory.

Approximately 11,000 fans were admitted to the 48,000-seat Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, the first neutral location in the World Series after the season was shortened due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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